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Hiya, TNT! On the submission page for the Neopian Times, everyone's favourite paper, it says the maximum for articles and parts of series is 50,000, as long as some novels! Surely that's a mistake? ~ diamondsableye_8
Nope! That is the limit because of the submission size our system could handle, so you could theoretically send in a piece that long! However, that is a novel, so you might want to take it down ten thousand or two before it will be published :)

Hi TNT! I think this is the first editorial I've sent for all of the nine years I've been on Neopets :o My question is about people at my university all playing Neopets. Since I play, I convinced them all to play too, and they all created accounts at around the same time in the same place (we all live in the same dorm). We all do our dailies and play games. I was wondering if this looks suspicious, since we're all playing from the same building on the same wifi? There's really nothing we can do about it and I don't want my account, which is pretty old, to get iced for something like this. Thank you! ` trash_is_telekinetic
Hi! Generally speaking no, this shouldn't be an issue. As long as everyone has their own accounts with separate e-mail addresses and information, we can usually tell that they belong to separate individuals. Enjoying the site within the rules will usually not trigger any alarms, but if there is suspicious activity (evidence of cheating or harassment for example) from one account, it could affect others, but generally speaking you should be okay!

Firstly thankyou for releasing a bd weapon and addressing a battledome related question. It means a lot to a community that feels forgotten. And I know you guys are just starting to poke around about DON, but in the meantime can we have a new hidden tower weapon to tide us over? Pretty please?~ deltamorious
Happy to hear it! We definitely don't want any part of our community to feel unwelcomed or forgotten! I'll pass on a note to the content team as well to see what they can do!

Is there any chance that Punchbag Sid can put in an appearance? TNT, the old team, used to have him show up every year or so. Would be nice to be able to get that rare avatar on this account... Sends the Neopian staff bags of popcorn... to eat or to string for Christmas decorations ~ platdragon
Yay! *starts to string along popcorn for decoration, gets bored and eats the popcorn instead* Hmm, we haven't been in touch with old Sid in a long time. He's not too good at returning phone calls, ya see, with the being a punchbag and all. Maybe the new year will inspire him to come out of hiding.

Thanks for this year's Games Master Challenge, TNT! It was a lot of fun! That said, I thought I would point out that some of the games on Neopets run ridiculously fast nowadays, since everyone has better computers compared to 10 years ago. Many of the games you designed years ago are now virtually unplayable. (8 years ago, I scored 13k in Ice Cream Machine on my old computer without even trying, and now can't score more than 10k using my new computer.) Do you have any plans to revamp the games so that they, well, slow down? People are resorting to using (disallowed) tricks, like having Ghoulcatchers and Facebook games open in other tabs, which end up slowing down the Flash games. Thanks so much for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
We're glad you enjoyed it! That's good feedback. We don't have any plans for this right now, but as we start to plan for the future of Neopets and potentially converting features away from flash, we'll keep this in mind!

Why do you only have until the 7th to buy the tickets? Why can't they be available all month? ~ brynchilla
Hi! You can still buy stockings in the mall in packs of 10, 5 or 1. The only ones we stop selling right away are the 25 packs, since you can only fill out all 25 days before the event has started and we don't want you to accidentally purchase stockings you can't use! That wouldn't be very good holiday spirit at all, now would it?

Hi *Brings you an Icicle Crown*; wear that in case of emergency - aka jam packed malls and finding just that right gift. I believe my questions are a bit unusual but I really wish they could be at least explored in future plans. Are there any plans on linking main and side accounts? or allowing more then 1 transfer to 1 player per month? Finally, and I came up with this one alone, like a big..erm.. smart girl that I am. It would be wonderful to put facial expressions on our pets. It's horrible to have to let a pet go hungry to get the sad look one might looking for in creating a sad but Royal pet, for example? :) Have a Merry Holidays and a Sunny New Year! (I may have that wrong) ~ jerrycool1992
Oooh yay, shiny! The facial expressions one is something we haven't thought about, as you could accomplish this as you said, by letting the pet go hungry, and creating an item that does this is easier said than done, but you never know what we could create in the future. As for the side accounts one, we have talked a bit about if there is a better way to approach side accounts and having more pets and all that, so making some changes in that regard isn't off the table.

Since I know you guys hear things like that a lot in the editorial, I'll give you a little Christmas bonus - insider info! So right now, we're at a point where our developers are really focused on 2 things - working on events and new content for y'all to enjoy, and fixing issues/working on things in the back end to keep improving site performance. So, while they work on those things, we're also looking ahead to what other things do we want to do, both in terms of fixing old content, creating new features and changing things that aren't done as efficiently or modern as they could be. We've got a bit of a list going of what we want to tackle when our developers are able to take them on. So, when you hear us say things like we're looking into it or talking about it, they are usually on that list!

Do you think you'd ever have something like a live stream Q&A? I think it'd be pretty helpful on some aspects, and more questions would be answered that people are dying to know! ~ cardinally
Hi! It's not something we've really talked about, but it's also not something we're against doing. To some degree though, this is your avenue to do that! Sometimes it definitely seems like I get more questions that are either sassy rants (I'm not against some sass, hello, I am the queen of country, but if it's not useful or constructive, it won't be answered here), asking for support help (I swear I can't unfreeze your account), or asking me why I don't answer more/better questions, than I do actual questions. So, Neopians, ask me anything!

*Happy Thoughts*

You all hit a home run with the white Christmas side tree. It's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see what's next! Jinjah cookies for everybody!

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the BIG improvement of artwork the past weeks! Not only are the new items looking awesome (love today's plushies and the slushie from yesterday!) but the advent is fantastic so far!! The Music is really good in the animations and sound effects have been entertaining. I loved the meepit throwing a snowball The art is crisper and really good so well done TNT! If I complain if things are not good then I should say well done when they are good! Meepit cookies for EVERYONE! *CharterHugs :* ~ twtkodiak

Thanks so much to everybody at JumpStart for keeping the site running! I know it's been pretty hectic with the transition and ironing out technical difficulties, so it really means a lot to me that you guys have kept up site events like the Altador Cup, the Advent Calendar, and even Daily Dare. It tells me that even with technical fixes currently taking priority, you care about keeping the site a fun and engaging place. You rock! I'm excited to see what sort of creative things you have in store for the future! ~ cosmicfire918

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