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Hi Country Queen! I noticed a couple differences with the new Charity Corner. There is not a "Most Generous Neopians" list that shows who donated the most. Are you keeping track of top donations this year or decided against it? Last years event also had an "Adopt a Neopian" section, which awarded an avatar at the end. Are you planning on having this at some point in the event or no? Thanks! ~ m0rbid_kitt3n
Hello! We're always trying to improve the site and the user experience, and a big way we do that is through user feedback! So after looking through feedback on last year's event, we knew there were some changes we wanted to make. The Most Generous Neopians list made things really competitive, and this is charity folks! Plus it's definitely hard to give a prize worthy of that, so instead, we eliminated the list (although we are tracking how much you donate) and changed the prizing! At the end of this year's event, you'll get either a participation medal, a bronze, silver or gold trophy, and maybe a few other exclusive goodies depending on how much you donate. :) We heard the Adopt a Neopian section also stirred up some trouble, so instead you'll earn a brand new avatar for the School Tools, but that's all I'll say! Good luck!

How long is Charity Corner going to last this year? I don't want to buy up a ton of stuff and procrastinate donating it one day in order to find out Charity Corner has already ended like this last winter. ;P ~ morganjoisle
As stated in the FAQ, the year's Charity Corner will last until October 8th! This should be plenty of time to– er… do everything you need to do.

Hi CQ! I am wondering in your opinion, which contest is the easiest and hardest to get your submission accepted? ~ ryanjiau
Hi! Hmm what a question… It all really depends on what you're best at! I'd say spotlights that only feature one user per week, like Gallery or User Lookup, are pretty hard. If you're creative, I'd recommend ones that accept quite a few, like the Poetry Contest (or the Neopian Times, but that's not really a contest). Mystery Pic can be tough to solve, but if you get it right, everyone gets at least some NP, so that's easy to get into as well!

WHAT DOES THE NCC WANT? GIFT BOX CUBES! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? YESTERDAY! I've seen a lot of people on the NC Mall board complaining about the lateness of September's GBC. Then I see posts about why you don't sell individual boxes in the Mall (my suggested price would be 25 or 50 NC) and sell the GBCs, that have buyables and could give more boxes, near the end of each month as you normally would of done. That makes sense to me but I don't know why you guys wouldn't do this? ~perduco
WHEN ARE YOU GETTING THEM? THEY'RE ALREADY THERE! *moves out of way of stampede heading for NC Mall*

Hi CQ! There are a couple of problems with stamps that I was hoping you could ... er... stamp out! On May 9th there were 2 new stamps released, featuring a biking 'bunny (nawww) and a Usuki doll, and on May 12th a Tyrannian Victory Day Stamp was released. Sadly none of these have been sighted in Neopia yet. Perhaps the missing items are stuck to the back of one of those paper planes whizzing around the office? Or under someone's shoe?! My fellow stamp collectors and I would be, well, as excited as philatelists get if you could get this problem licked. And Usuki collectors everywhere would be grinning like a bunch of Collectable Usuki Enthusiast Usukis. Which is, quite frankly, disturbing!. P.S. To NT staff: Thanks for all the good "Times", and congrats on reaching your 700th issue! *clap* ~ kimj85
Hi! We've found where those sticky items have disappeared to, and they should have safely arrived at the post office by now! We also fixed the glue on the backs of some Ghoul Catchers Amulets and seashells, so your albums should be filling up like crazy this week! The Tyrannian Victory one isn't quite in circulation yet though, because there is still one OTHER thing we have TO do, if you catch my drift ;)
PS… Sweet pun.

Hi TNT! Could you clarify the main and side accounts rules for us? Thanks! And please remove my username! ~ username removed
Sure! Please only earn Neopoints on one account. You can have up to 5 accounts to collect pets (please remember to feed them of course!) or to display collections in galleries. But we ask that you only do dailies, play games, have a shop, and earn Neopoints on your main account. If you do experience a random event or two on a side, that's totally fine! Hopefully it's a good one! And you can always transfer items among the accounts (for example, food, training supplies, and clothing) to take care of your pets.

Hi, can you please end the editorial with mr.coconut, who used to be featured in the editorial all the time a few years back. It would make me very happy! ~ sweetdude2000


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