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You weren't followed?
Of course not. What am I, an amateur? Let's start sifting through these piles. There's bound to be serious intel here.
The Sway need information, yes, but let's not leave any trace of our presence.
Ah, here's something of interest.

Thank you for all you have been doing to fix Neo up! Here, have a cookie or two! *passes a plate of homemade, gooey chocolate chip cookies to staff* I am consumed with worry and only you smart people can save me! Scary people lurking in the dark shadows around Neopia have been whispering that the Altador Cup is being cancelled forever! Please! Please tell me that they are wrong, that there will be an Altador Cup this year! ~keeper_of_the_dunes

They... want to know the future? What powers do they think the staff has?
*sneers* Only we can control the future to that extent, dear Neopian, and the Sway reveal nothing before the appointed time.

Happy holidays, TNT! Okay, so I know the Neopian holidays are over, but my Premium dailies bar disagrees. I haven't been able to delete the Advent Calendar link and I'm not the only one having this problem. Could you add the Advent Calendar back to the possible dailies just so we can delete it (or, for people who want to add it right now and wait almost a year to use it... I don't judge)? ~loba_negra
Bah, the Advent Calendar. Such frippery begets sloppiness. When you can just hand your agents their mission objectives in broad daylight...

Silence! You speak of secret things. The Neopian has a point, however. I'll forward it to the staff members in charge of such things, as a courtesy.

Why does the Key Quest tab say "Pet Games" now? So many people have been waiting patiently for it to be back up and I've spent more money on KQ than anything else on the site. I'd be very sad to see it gone forever. ~vinylvixen

Oh, bother. This is the Meepits' doing, isn't it? Key Quest is likely returning, as soon as certain parties have rewritten all the spellbooks that were chewed through.
"Pet Games," though? Intriguing. Perhaps the staff intends to encourage new players to visit the world of Neopia? We will have to monitor this, Agent.

I've been wondering for a while: does Neopia experience seasons in the same way we do on Earth? Specifically, when it's winter in Terror Mountain to the north and everyone's celebrating in the snow, does that make it summer and sunny in southern Altador (even more so than otherwise, anyway)? Would that make Yooyuball a winter sport? These are the questions that vex me. ~calicowithapeonet

Ahh. A fair question, from someone who lives in a boring world without magic. Would you care to explain, Agent?
I would not. I'm reading.
Fine, then... I will. Seasons do not necessarily follow the logic of each hemisphere here in Neopia. They depend upon certain scientific processes, magical factors, and the will of the people. Also, some lands decided they weren't fond of winter and banned it entirely.

*throws apples* What happened to Apple Bobbing Bart? One day he was offering apple bobbing in Neovia and the next he was gone. Did he get run out of town? If so, where did he go? Am I the only one who has noticed he is missing? My 'pets are really missing their opportunity to get Blurred Vision (they enjoy it for some reason; what can I say, they're a bit crazy). Please, let us know what happened. ~mariquita225
Egad, where's he gone off to? I thought we had agents surveilling him at all times. I'll make a note to look into this at once. In the meantime, you can look for him here.

Something has been bugging me for a while now. Currently, the description of the Handmade Professor Lambert Plushie is, "The leader of the Seekers in cuddly plush form, for later" Considering the lack of a period and the fact that the sentence doesn't really make sense the way it is now, I have come to the conclusion that it has been accidentally cut off. So, I am quite curious to find out what the Handmade Professor Lambert Plushie is supposed to be used for later. I seek to know the ending to that sentence! ;) ~tudorrose1558

Which agent was responsible for that little bit of sabotage? Seems petty to me.
I do not believe that agent is still breathing, due to other... transgressions. It's possible the Awakened have recruited him now. *sigh* I'll put a note to staff to have the text repaired.

Hi, TNT! I would just like to point out that the item "Almond Slushie" is categorized in the "Gift" section of the Safety Deposit Box, despite being clearly labeled as a slushie and being capable of being used as such. Is that silly or what? Who gives a slushie as a gift? :P ~mopsihog
What?!? This is absurd! I sent one to my aunt for the holidays. Of course it's a gift! It says so on the package!

*eyeroll* Right, I'll have that corrected. Really, Agent, contain yourself. Are we done?
*sputters* I... I suppose. For now. The Sway will return, though! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

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