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Is the important word in Window with Twinkling Lights Background window or background? Right now it's an awesome background item that allows one to get creative with thousands of backgrounds, but several people have warned me that the wonderful effect is going to be ruined because you'll rezone it background. Please answer this question before the item is retired! Thanks in advance! ~kissy_08
It's a background item. We've renamed it to clear up any confusion, so please enjoy combining it with backgrounds.

Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item
The sky's the limit... well, the horizon anyway.

Hey, TNT. I usually try to participate in all of the site events, even if it means I need to spend more Neopoints than I would like. However, today (for example) I need to spend more than 200,000 Neopoints for a Space Faerie Pencil Case... there is just no way. Also, the Space Faerie Pencil Case came from Premium Scratchcards, so was this Charity Corner event aimed at Premium Members? I ask because those of us who don't pay have no way to get the case unless we buy them from the premium members. I can't spend 250,000 NP for 15 days just to get a "special prize." I don't have the funds and I'm sure that there are many other Neopians who don't have the funds, either. ~guildlyite
We admit that the Space Faerie Pencil Case was not common enough for a donation item. Our apologies, guys! To make the Adopt A Neopian portion easier, we've made the requirement for that special prize at the end only eight days instead of 15.

Sooo... there are eight rows worth of items in the Magical Bookshop. Is it supposed to do that? :/ ~dafinsrock
Yup! Shops now stock 40 items at a time instead of 23. We may also have a few more adjustments in store.

To get the special prize, do we have to be on the Generous Neopians table at the end or just hit it once? I hope that makes some sense. ~pippin_rose
You will need to be on the Generous Neopians table at the end of the Charity Corner event. Good luck!

TNT, I saw that 15 winners of the Dream Neopet giveaway will be those who chose Vandagyres. However, there are only four basic colors available for it and it is not limited edition, so anyone could make one of these 'pets at any time. What was the reasoning behind this? ~dannyskye
Not everyone has room for new Neopets, and morphing potions can get expensive. This way 15 winners can have Vandagyres without having to abandon any of their beloved Neopets that they already own.

Hello, TNT. Is the Godori avatar activated? ~witfer
Nope, we never released it officially. We may do so someday, but in the meantime, Godori is best enjoyed for that sparkling wit your Neopet displays every time he or she beats you in a game.

Will you guys be updating the calendar with Vandagyre Day next year? ~silly_mistake
Yup! In the meantime, please note that Vandagyre Day will officially be on November 12th.

Hi there, TNT! I was just wondering: would it be against the rules to host a guild-wide Secret Santa? Of course sign ups would be voluntary and there wouldn't be any item pooling if the gifter sent the item to the giftee directly... it seems like it could be allowed, but I know there are a lot of rules about items and it might be considered a giveaway. Please remove my username! ~username removed
It's not so much the idea of a giveaway as the possibility of something going wrong for some of the players. We ask that, for now, you keep it to individual giving rather than an organised Secret Santa party.

I was wondering if a Neopet could be painted if it was changed by the holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway because some people might want a new color a few months later or want paint brush wearables for colors like pirate and royal and it would be impossible to get them after the giveaway if you won. ~catman1rules
It's fine to repaint a winning Neopet later on. There's no rule against it!

The Advent Calendar image of the fourteenth depicts a 'pet putting candles on a book tree. Is it really appropriate to have naked flame so close to material like paper? I'm more than a bit worried for their safety! ~forever_future
The Yurble Librarian wholeheartedly agrees with you.

Angry Yurble Librarian
Only you have the power to prevent library fires!

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