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Hi, TNT. If you enter the Site Spotlight and win on your side account, can the trophy be transferred to your main account? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Yes, that is possible, though we'd prefer you make a note of the account you wish to be credited to during your initial submission.

I'm very excited about the new Handheld Usuki Rogue Plushie, but as a thought, should it not be sold at either the Plushie Palace or Usukiland? Also, as such, shouldn't it be a toy and not a gift? The gift shop is rather full. ~panic57
We agree, which is why we've updated the item type and we'll move it to Usukiland. :)

I was reading through New Features for the 27th of August and discovered that "Neucloop people guessed correctly, earning them 2,376 NP each." Is Neucloop a new number coined by TNT? ~bbninjas
Yes, it's a word for a number that is approximately 841, but we later updated the news text for people who aren't as savvy as us when it comes to word numbers. *coughs*

Hi, TNT! ^_____^ Are the people who translate Neopets into other languages part of TNT or are they something separate? I ask because I'm considering whether to become a translator after college (I'm a senior in high school right now) and it would be so cool to be part of TNT! ~melody5697
Yep! The staff members who translate Neopets are part of our Localisation Team.

Hey, guys! I just saw the Kyrii Day banner. It was beautiful! It made me want to write a story, but would dancing be too romantic for The Neopian Times? Please remove my username, and thank you! ~username removed
It depends on what you write! We've got a series about dancing right now in the NT that's not romantic at all. :)

Hi, TNT! I have an interesting question. I'm at a gaming convention this weekend where I will be getting some codes that can be redeemed to unlock a cosmetic on another game, and I will have plenty of extra. Rather than trying to sell the codes or give them to random people, I'm hoping to give them to my friends on Neopets who also play the game. :) Would it be against the rules in any way for me to Neomail my friends a code? No personal information would be given from me, and I would not ask to receive any personal information. I wouldn't even give out my username or ask for anyone else to give me theirs, so there's no way I could later contact users on the other game. Also, is there gonna be anyone from TNT or Jumpstart at this gaming convention??? ~plasma_lemon
Since they're basically rare item codes, as long as you're just giving them away for free (and not requesting Neopoints / scamming / using them in a contest, etc.) then go for it!

Hiya there, TNT. I have a quick question about the Random Event I got the other day. Boochi tried to zap my Xweetok baby (thankfully he missed) but my Xweetok was not my active Neopet! Is that not how it works anymore? Are my non-active 'pets no longer safe from these events? :( ~unfreeze_or_liron
Boochi failed to go to his annual eye exam and doesn't realise he needs glasses, which is why he always misses now.

Could you make a book called Big Smiles? Thanks. ~shadomir
Doing so would put a big smile on our faces. :D

In a slightly less terrifying
manner than this, we hope.

Hello, TNT! I was re-reading The Faeries' Ruin and had a question about the runes on Brynn's sword. She only appears to have the runes from Chapter 7 onward, and I would like to know how they got there. Was it dark magic, or were they there previously and just not visible? ~usulblue444
The blade glows runes when wraiths are near. (Okay, or not... but we bet we know whose voice you read that in!)

Does Neopets have a Twitter account? Thanks! :) ~americangirl_91157
Yes, but we don't talk about Twitter here. What happens on Twitter stays on Twitter.

As a huge fan of Mystery Island (who will take the Cup next year), I wanted to get my own Mini-Me version of Volgoth. I bought an Island Mynci Morphing Potion to use on my Mynci, since it's far cheaper than the paint brush. However, there is no option to "Use on PET NAME HERE." I'm pretty sure this is a glitch with the item. Would you kindly fix this soon? Thanks in advance. ~anti_guy
Whoops, that's no good. It should be working properly now.

Can there be an avatar for having one million Neopoints in one's Shop Till? Thanks! ~indulgences
While a neat idea in concept, we think that would encourage people to beg others to buy from their shops -- or worse, to say that they'll send the NP back and then not do it. There's just too much room for scamming people out of a lot of Neopoints. While the same argument could be used for item-based avatars, we just feel this would result in entirely too much trouble for everyone.

Hello, TNT. I've come to realize that there aren't really any lab-related Neopets smilies available. It would really be spiffy if we could throw a lightning zap, a lab ray, a mad scientist, or something equally fun on the Neoboards, especially when posting for one of my lab-centric guilds (Go ZYDP!). Thank you for reading! ~lady_brasa_lab
That sounds fun! We'll make the request to our Content Department. :)

Hello! I am currently playing through NeoQuest for my silver trophy, and upon shuffling through the Two Rings Palace and coming face to face with one, I have to ask -- what IS a palace majordomo? I'd never heard of the word / name before, is all. :D Thanks! ~schoolwars
A majordomo is basically a high ranking staff member who often makes arrangements and is responsible for managing a large household. You may recall a certain blue hornbill from a popular animated movie with lions who was also a majordomo.

Hey, TNT! When the "Aboard The Coincidence" daily was initially released it was possible to receive retired avatars. Is this still a possibility or was this feature taken away? ~kauldron
It was bugged and is currently removed.

Hi, TNT! I know that the COPPA law is, indeed, a U.S. law, but I was wondering if you allow users outside of the U.S. to access the Neoboards, Neofriends, etc. if they are under 13. ALSO, is the restriction on gambling-type games part of the COPPA rules or just your policy? Thanks! *hands cookies* (Also, please hide my username.) ~username removed
We're in the U.S. so we obey U.S. law (with regard to COPPA) for every player. As for other age restrictions, it depends on the country and the restriction.

Who's the older brother between Skarl and Hagan? ~mecha_fang
Hagan is the elder brother.

Did you forget to retire the Usukicon Y15 Goodie Bag? Also, could you please make Plushie Pyguis a reality? The image is right there waiting to be announced and activated. How could you deny that cuteness? ~devin1211111
Er, yes. Yes, we did. It seems some were, uh... still stashed away from the last convention, but they're all gone now. As far as the unreleased Pygui colours, we've asked the Content Department to look into that and see if they can get them released. :)



I have one thing to say about that there Desert Diplomacy event... *claps hands together like a child* do it again! Do it again!!! ~tatataffiny

Wow, these Desert Diplomacy prizes are lovely! Some so-stylish NP wearables, a nice range of items, and all of them thoughtfully designed and shiny. :D ~agallis

Dear TNT,
Today (Thursday the 28th) marks my 10th anniversary since joining Neopets. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has worked so hard to make this site great. As a 21 year old college student, I have spent nearly half of my life as a member of this wonderful community, and I can’t imagine ever truly leaving. Yes, I’ve taken the occasional 3-4 month long vacation from Neo, but I eventually always return. There is something inexplicable and truly magical about the virtual world you all have created and continuously molded over the years. Neopia has changed a lot since I was a youngster *insert stereotypical fist-shaking elder here: "Now, back in mah day..."*, but it has always felt like a home. Thanks for all of the memories and the good times, TNT, and I hope that the next ten years are just as memorable. ~kfn101


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