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Hi, TNT! I love my unconverted Neopet, but when I was customizing her the other day I wondered why she can't hold handheld items. With many four-legged Neopets, handheld items are placed off to the side instead of on the 'pet itself. I would love to be able to customize unconverted Neopets in the same way. Is this feasible, and have you considered it before? Thank you! ~horsefaith6725
While possible with additional time and effort from our artists, UC Neopets are considered retired / no longer technically supported. This means that we do not take them into consideration when creating content and extra art hours are not set aside for them. This includes any wearable items that would require the artist to make special uploads for UCs.

Hi. I recently saw a board where someone claimed that they got a Random Event in which the Pant Devil stole something out of his Safety Deposit Box. There is no mention of this Random Event on Jellyneo. Is this a real Random Event or just someone pulling a prank? I find it hard to believe. Thanks. ~_brainchild_
NO Random Event can take items from your SDB / shop / gallery. We're calling shenanigans on this rumour.

How come there is clothing that is "unwearable"? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Many years ago, Neopets weren't customisable and couldn't wear clothing. There was a clothing shop back then, but the items were gift shop-type items that didn't have any use aside from collecting. Although we've gone back and retroactively made some of these older items wearable, most still only function as gallery items.

Why isn't Jazan at the diplomatic meeting? Did he send Nabile alone? ~racerfishy
Let's just say Amira and Nabile are on better terms than Amira and Jazan.

Hey, Neo! Remember the "socially awkward Meepit"? I loved coming up with awkward Neopian moments to caption, so I thought that, with all of the Neoconspiracies and great Neo questions, we could have a philosoGrarrl? You rock, TNT! ~faultfind
Well, since you asked so nicely...

Here's the template.

Is the Neolodge considered a Neopoint sink? ~jrayeb3
Technically, we suppose so. The main reason for it is to keep Neopets fed so that players don't need to worry about their Neopets if they're away for a bit, or share account information with someone offering to "Neosit" their Neopets (a common scam back in the day).

Howdy, Neopets Team! While many are still working on accepting that the current state of the Battledome is here to stay for a while, can we at least have some activity within The Hidden Tower and The Smugglers Cove? It's been a while since either has had new items added to it. While it still takes work to do, it's nothing like the Battledome project and it would still make many happy. Thank you! ~_mariokart_
Sure thing! Our content team is already on it. :D

How come some users have five Neopets on their User Lookups? I thought you could only have four. ~perfect_shade_blue
Have you ever wanted to breeze through Neopian life, enjoying the company of a fifth Neopet, access to the Super Shop Wizard, and have amazing hair?*

Then the Neopets Premium service is just what you need! For the low, low price of only $5.83 a month (when you subscribe for a year), you can sashay down the streets of Neopia Central with confidence! No more walking face-first into mysteriously appearing billboard ads for you!

Even the Space Faerie herself with fly down and give you an epic high five as she presents you with a weekly scratchcard.

You're awesome just the way you are, but act now and, for as low as $5.83 a month, you can feel slightly more awesome... and have great hair.*

*Great hair not guaranteed.

Neovia seems to be located near both mountains and a swamp; does it also have docks of some sort that lead to the ocean, or is it too far inland? ~ghoti
There's a canal through the middle of town that eventually leads down to the sea, but there's a lot of spooky woods to cross before you get there. It's recommended that you travel only with an experienced guide.

Hey, TNT! So, I recently wrote my first story for The Neopian Times and I'm considering trying again. I'd really like to write in the genre of a faerie tale. It occurs to me that, in most real-life fairy tales, the main character finds his / her true love and they live happily ever after. To what extent could I include that in a story for The Neopian Times? I could find some alternate happy ending (which would not be a bad thing), but I feel I could be more true to the genre if the princess finds her "true love." So, I'm just wondering: what is your stance on that? ~reiqua
We'd strongly prefer an alternate ending. See what you can come up with!

Having seen some of the pictures floating around, I can't help but ask: does TNT have different groups of friends that go out and watch movies together and go out for lunch? Is it like high school but without all the drama? ~travis630977
Oh, there's still drama.

No one does drama like
the Neopets Team!


*hugs the life out of TNT* I screamed and scared my dog when I saw Nabile in the new event. Even if it's just to see her face, it made me so happy because I missed her so much. I got super nostalgic for the Lost Desert plot and, unlike then, I'm going to do my best on this one. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! ~thesunfloweramazon

I was going through the Jellyneo item database the other day and thinking how awesome it would be to re-release all of those scrolls used years ago in the other Lost Desert plot that only TNT members had, and then I wake up today and... they are being given out as prizes! So happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!~xiaolin10413

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