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Oh, TNT... I love you dearly, but I must severely protest the giving away of retired and rare avatars as part of the new daily. I understand that you want to help new players, but it shouldn't come at the cost of alienating your older players. They worked hard for these avatars, spending years of their time, effort, and Neopoints trying to obtain them, only for someone to get one by trading in a few junk items. That isn't fair at all, and I know I'm not the only one absolutely furious about the whole thing. The only thing I can ask is, why? ~username removed


I am an old time Neopian who is really frustrated by the boards being clogged up with complaints. I AGREE with avatars being released in the new daily if they are RARE. I applaud you. It would be hard for you guys to attract new players if everything were impossible to achieve because of it being retired or out of reach due to false inflation by the rich old timers on the site. You need to keep newcomers interested in the site by making it achievable in some way. Please don't throw this away due to a few complainers. ~username removed
The Random Event machine was supposed to give out avatars rarely, but something didn't go quite right and it was giving them out far more frequently than intended, including some that it shouldn't have been granting at all. It's been taken down for now while we work on it.

Regarding your concerns, as you can see, there are two sides to the issue and we can sympathise with both. There are players who have worked extraordinarily hard to earn their avatars, and then there are others who come to the site and realise that (even with a huge amount of effort) some goals are impossible, which may discourage them from even trying to join the fun here in Neopia. We'd love to find a perfect balance between honouring our old players and welcoming new ones, but there's no perfect solution.

That said, you've sent us plenty of feedback, which we are still reviewing and compiling for discussion. We'll keep your thoughts in mind while we look into the avatar Random Event and attempt to do our best on figuring out a balance.

Since the Random Events have changed, is buying Lutari beads from other users the only way to get them? Please remove my username. ~username removed
The Random Event that grants Lutari beads is currently unavailable for now.

Greetings. Now that a lucky few have obtained the unreleased Godori avatar from The Coincidence, could the avatar be officially released? ~daemonschile
Inactive avatars cannot be used, so it's not exactly released in the traditional sense. Whether the avatar will be "officially" released in the future is still unknown.

Hi, TNT! I recently cross-painted my Shoyru stealthy and the clothes are lovely! When a Shoyru is wearing its stealthy mask, however, it can't wear contacts, too. All other stealthy 'pets can wear contacts while wearing their masks. Could you please fix it so that Shoyrus can wear contacts under their masks? Thank you! ~the_english_muffin
Oh, thanks for letting us know! Shoyrus should now be able to wear contacts under their stealthy masks!

Shoryu power!

I was late to repair the Random Events machine / collect the console prizes and didn't get the Aboard The Coincidence avatar. Please say it isn't retired. ~vasama
We know you told us not to say it, but uhh... it is retired. :X That's what the countdown clock was indicating.

Wow, TNT! Doubtless you have noticed many people are not happy with this new daily, but I for one love it! I am curious, though: will Random Events continue to pop up throughout the site, or are they only available from the machine now? Does this mean that we are safe from Boochi / other color-changing events? What will happen to Faerie Quests? ~apr312
Random Events will still happen randomly. (Otherwise they wouldn't be Random Events, now would they?) Jacko will still be handing out paint brushes and the Pant Devil will continue to try to steal your pants and other items.

I remember way, way, way back when you had the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot / war. You also had the Guildmaster's puzzle, which was canceled. I do, however, remember there being a handful of unreleased avatars for it that you COULD use for the Coincidence avatar event. It would basically be a win win: you release unreleased stuff and it's a happy medium for the event. Also, MOAR AVATARS. Would this be possible? ~pigfish99
This isn't something we were considering doing. We can toss the idea into the discussion, but we feel it is unlikely.

Hello, TNT! *gives TNT a Weewoo* Anyway, in last week's Editorial, you said that players who were buying up everything by themselves to inflate the prices were, in fact, playing by the rules -- or, at least, that's what I understood. Is that correct? ~hereicomenow
Correct. Sometimes players may do things that irritate or downright enrage you (like charging a ton for quest items or converting UCs), but they are not breaking any rules. Only when someone is attempting to maliciously trick you does it become scamming and therefore punishable.

TNT, would you do everyone a GINORMOUS favor and please make a refuse button for the Coincidence quests? It could take us back to the timer and we can't try again until the next day, but I don't want to be stuck with quest items that are at least 20k each (and I literally can't afford to buy all of them). You would make a ton of people happy if you did this. Please remove my username. ~username removed
YES. Plenty of our staff members requested this, too! We are currently working on implementing a cancel option that we hope to release next week. :D

Hi, TNT! First off, no matter what anyone says, the new site event is great! I am curious, though: why are there Churros pictured in the avatar? Thanks! ~johnnydeppluver1222
The Churros represent an item granted by a Random Event. As to why it is specifically a Churro? It was one of those late-night decision kinda things...

And Churros are delicious.

TNT, I know the Pound stuff was for April Fool's, but thank you for putting Rosie in there. It was nice to see her again. She is my favorite Grarrl! P.S.: the rest of the prank was awesome, too! ~paint_my_sky_blue

My inner Whovian was doing backflips when I saw the Scorchio on last week's Editorial page, and I just wanted to thank the staff for all of your fandom references around the site. You guys understand our madness! ~yinyangpinyin

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