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Why do I have a feeling that you guys are gonna be swamped with questions about the inflation of junk items? I AM GIVING YOU ALL MY BEST WISHES THAT YOU ONLY GET A FEW. ~shootingstar_23
Wish harder. :( (At least it was less than forty?)

Hey, TNT! Could you please do something about the inflation of certain items in this spaceship event? It's getting super ridiculous that items from Grave Danger and the Discarded Grundo Plushie are reaching unbuyable prices and many of us can't afford to do this event anymore. Oh, and please leave out my username. ~username removed
It seems our item sink got a bit of a clog! We're tweaking the system and keeping an eye on it. The list of eligible items should now refresh much more often (meaning anything that moves out of junk status will be removed very quickly). We intended for the prices to go up a little bit so junk wasn't so worthless anymore, but eep, not to that extreme.

Are you going to bring back Trick or Treating this year? We did not have it last year and it was a depressing disaster. Collectors look forward to those baskets. Please say it's coming back this year. ~scooby1130
We're still transitioning, so it's hard to say exactly what we'll be doing later this year. However, we certainly will be doing something for Halloween, but at what scale we don't know yet. We got a massive amount of feedback last year and we've noted your concerns!

The dinosaurs on the dashboard of The Coincidence gave me warm fuzzy feelings. Thank you for the continued tributes to amazing series from the past! :* ~ospreypatronus
*whistles innocently*

TNT, in light of the results of the current event step (at the time of this writing, massive inflation of junk items, sometimes up to unbuyable level), could we get clarification on what is considered false inflation and what isn't? It's been stated previously that false inflation is defined as groups of players working together to drive prices up, which is against the rules. However, what if multiple people are acting independently and buying masses of items to the same end, just working on their own? Is someone hoarding thousands of the same item and then claiming, "Okay, I have them ALL now, so I say they're worth 90,000 NP!" seriously within the rules just because it's not a group? Furthermore, is this sort of scheming behind the massive inflation of this week, or was it regular supply / demand mechanics? Please remove my username. ~username removed
The inflation issue was our fault. We've adjusted some things to hopefully reduce the chances of that happening. Players that were acting alone (and thus playing fairly) in cornering the market found a way to play the economy to make Neopoints, and that's a perfectly legitimate way to play. If the items are actually selling to players for that amount, then it's inflation caused by supply and demand.

It has come to my attention that the ads on the web site have changed. Is that because Neopets is owned by JumpStart now? ~flowergirl07ea9
Wow, good eye! Yes, we've switched over from Viacom's ad serving account to the one controlled by JumpStart. So, basically, we're starting fresh with these ads. If you see any that you think shouldn't be on Neopets, then please create a support ticket under the "Bad Advertisements" type with a note about what company / product that ad was for so we can find it in the system. If you're technically inclined, giving us the source code of the ad on our page would be awesome, too. :)

Hello! I had a question about your new shrubbery items. In the last Editorial you stated that the shrubberies occupied the same zone and couldn't be worn at the same time. However, while I was testing them out I found that the old shrubbery occupies the foreground while the three new ones occupy the lower foreground. They can be used at the same time; it's just that the new ones are covered. I guess my question is: was this a mistake and are you going to change it? I know I was looking forward to using the shrubberies in the foreground zone. ;-) Thanks! ~age_of_aqua
D'oh! Yes, well they should all be on the foreground zone like the original Shrubbery. We'll set the new ones to the correct zone. Thanks for the heads up!

Hey, TNT! Some people on the boards were talking about old plots and it occurred to me just how much I wanted to try playing through The Temple of 1,000 Tombs again. Would it be possible to put some parts of the old plots up so that people could play through them again? There wouldn't have to be points involved or anything, just fun. :D ~_stars_of_chaos_
There are several reasons we avoid resurrecting old plots such as the Lost Desert plot. Mainly, a lot of the activities connect to a larger back-end system that's needed to save your progress and other data. To make them playable outside of the event, we'd need to copy and set up a new separate back-end to make it a stand-alone game. Basically, we can't just slap The Temple of 1,000 Tombs back up as it is, as it was never intended it to exist beyond its time. We also prefer plots to be special and would rather work on new content for players to enjoy.

We complain a lot, but that just means we love ya. ^O^ ~dizziedino
Wow, you guys must absolutely adore us! ;D

Dear TNT,
I would just like to say thank you for the poll that you made this week. I felt that it was a great way for the Neopian public to express its opinions. I would also like to thank you for taking our opinions into consideration. Again, thank you so much for all that you have done, and I hope you guys thrive and prosper with the help of JumpStart. ~drrussell

We've always taken your opinions into consideration! We record and pass on pages and pages of player comments every day. We've wanted to do a survey for a while, and JumpStart helped us make that happen. :) We hope we can do more in the future!

Once we sort through this survey, that is.

Hey, TNT. Since Gadgadsbogen was late this year, was the avatar just not obtainable? ~ichigoaway'
The Gadgadsbogen avatar is available every year, but do keep in mind that the day we celebrate Gadgadsbogen in New Features is not necessarily the time to get the avatar. ;)

I have been using the Sky Full of Stars background on one of my 'pets with the Cobbled Magma Path. When I logged on this morning, the Sky Full of Stars and Cobbled Magma Path (or Maracite path) will no longer work together! I checked the zones they cover and Sky Full of Stars is now suddenly a background item instead of a background. This makes me sad because it ruined my customization. What happened? Can the Sky Full of Stars be a background again? ~pippin_rose
The Sky Full of Stars was originally supposed to be a background item, though it ended up being uploaded as a background. We then corrected it. However, we welcome you guys to provide feedback about the change, as the Content Department is open to further discussion on the matter.

So, I'm an oldie who bought the game The Darkest Faerie back when it was first released, and I was wondering if any of the game (Tor, Roberta, and such) will ever really show up in Neopia, here. I ask because I adored the game (still do, actually) and I really wish places from the game were places in Neopia, like the Cogham Steppes. ~goldentail__
We consider those places from the game as canon, so even though we can't see them, they're part of Neopia. As for them actually showing up on the maps, it's possible, but we don't currently have any plans for that.

TNT, did someone's toast actually catch on fire? ~meadows_lark
We're not sure as to the degree of combustion, but let's just say we had to replace the toaster oven.

Hey, TNT! How you doin'? Good? I hope you're good. I was reading up on the JumpStart takeover and I saw it mentioned that they were interested in Neopets because of its "older audience." Does this mean we'll be allowed at some point to use saltier language? Words like... *whispers* heck? Oh, and a username removal would be top-notch, thanks! ~username removed
We still have players of all ages and will remain family-friendly with the language allowed on the Neoboards. However, we're still working on a rule revamp to lighten up some things. If new rules do go into effect, then we'll let you guys know. Until then, please follow the current rules.

I recently got a new computer with a higher screen resolution than my previous one, so I like to view Neopets pages zoomed in slightly so that I can see them better. I've noticed that, when I explore the shops or the various lands, sometimes they don't zoom in with the rest of the page and sometimes they do. I'm confused... can it be fixed? ~burning_shadows_79
It's hard to teach an old Flash file new tricks, and a few of them don't know how to zoom in. That can't be fixed unless we completely rebuild it, so it's likely to remain than way unless a particular piece of content gets a revamp.

So, who's the person that now needs to be monitored while making toast? ~brynchilla
Well, we don't want to NAME NAMES, but... let's just say that her name means she's in a better health condition than a certain moon-shaped fully operational space station.

Okay, I have two questions. 1.) Now that Neopets is run by JumpStart, do you plan on restarting the Neocam? 2.) Do you guys plan on giving any of the islands "makeovers" or opening Lutari Island? ~robbie_404
1.) Once we move to our new office, we'd like to put one up.
2.) As we stated up there ^ somewhere, it's hard to say what our scheduling will look like as we're still transitioning. Your interest has been noted, though. :)

Hi, TNT. :) I'm just a little bit curious and wanted to ask: aside from the USA, where do most of the users come from? ~andy_side
We don't have demographics handy, but we do know that English-speaking countries top our list, and the next highest language is Portuguese.

Hello! So, I'm going to open up a gallery on my side account dedicated to all things Frozen. The movie, I mean. Is this allowed? I don't know if there are copyright issues or somethin'. Also, if it is allowed, can I enter it in the spotlight? ~jrayeb3
*pokes the copyright issues with a 10-foot pole* We can only spotlight Neopets-themed galleries, and cannot consider entries that contain copyrighted material.

Hi, TNT. I am really excited about the JumpStart acquisition. My son plays on their web site and loves it. My question is this: can we link to the JumpStart site on the boards, or would this be leading offsite? ~kcoey18
Please hold off for now, as our system isn't set up to okay those links and JumpStart has a lot of great web sites with various names that our monitors may not be familiar with just yet. :)

Dear TNT,
Is there any chance that you are explaining with this Dr. Landelbrot event what the eternally-orbiting-Neopia white ship / satellite is that's been on the Map of Neopia page for years now??? =D ~arkalon

Either way we answer this--



I'd just like to say that I've never had a favorite staff member, but El Pickelsaur's mention of the Nebraska Cornhuskers just sent him flying to the top of the list. Go Big Red! (The Mets, though? Really? Go Braves!) Anyway, have a great week and thanks for all that you do! ~autumnfling

I just wanted to give a giant warm welcome to JumpStart! I remember that, when I was in third grade, we had an hour every Wednesday for "computer time" and all of us were SO excited to go play JumpStart games! It's one of my fondest memories. Welcome to our Neo-family! Also, I want to give a tearful goodbye to Nickelodeon; they were a huge part of my childhood, as well, and I'm a bit sad to see them go. ~x_peppet_x

Hi, TNT! Oh, I've played for only ELEVEN MONTHS and I've loved Neopets all that time! Thank you so, so, so, SO much for the attention you give us all the time! I definitely acknowledge you guys for the encouragement you give me to kill time! Also the games, friends, and chatting! I hope you keep this site the way it is. ^_^ ~icygirl2005

Hey, JumpStart! I remember that, back in the day, I played your learning games, which were very fun and enjoyable (They still are!). I just want to say I am extremely happy that you bought Neopets. I've been a member of Neopets for eight years and my brother has been a member for 14! I am looking forward to seeing new content and I know you'll do well. Thank you again. :) ~peterzezima


Hey man, I totally sympathise with the toaster thing. All through school and university, there'd be someone who toasted bread twice because it wasn't toasted enough the first time since the burniness button on the toaster lied (it made 2-burniness toast when it was set to 3-burniness toast), and then there was smoke, and then there were some panicked firemen, and then everyone who ran the school was angry. I totes feel ya. ~marzipan
See, Comastar? You're not the only one!

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