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Hey, TNT! I just wanted to say I love Grave Danger! My Petpets get into all sorts of trouble in the catacombs. However, I've noticed that it doesn't seem to have an entrance on the Neovia map. Is there a secret way in that I'm missing, or is it just not there? ~nbbug132
The entrance is so secret that it's not currently on the map! *mysterious music*

I was happy to see the new blue Neopoint wings in the news yesterday, and even happier to see that they were modeled on the Gnorbu, a quadruped, and that the pose looked better than the old Brightvale Glazier Wings. I was surprised that they were activated so quickly and managed to get a pair today. I tried them on my 'pets and gave them to some friends to try on theirs to see how they looked, and we were disappointed with the results. The new folded pose is only on the Gnorbu, while other quadrupeds get the old open pose, which doesn't look right. Even worse, while the Brightvale Glazier Wings replace the wings on species like the Korbat, Draik, and Shoyru, the new ones do not, and both sets of wings show up. Are these problems oversights, or are we stuck with them? ~purplebin
The way wings are set on any particular Neopet is a judgement call by our artists. While you may like them one way, someone else may prefer them posed differently. We tend to abide by the decision of our artists unless something is appearing in an unintended manner. As for the winged species that have two sets when wearing the wings, that isn't intended and will be fixed. :)

Hi. As many restockers know, the Almost Abandoned Attic has been restocking at irregular intervals lately. Originally, it had a chance of restocking every 7 minutes at the 53rd second after the minute, but I've noticed that now it almost never restocks at the original time. It is harder to fairly restock good items from the attic now because the times are unexpected, and while people are trying to predict the times they miss a restock in one of the main Neopian shops that they're also restocking in. Jellyneo took down their attic times list because the attic was restocking irregularly. Could you please return the restocking pattern to how it was beforehand? Thanks. ~_brainchild_
The Almost Abandoned Attic restocking at predictable intervals was actually a glitch. It is now working as intended.

Hey, guys! I went on a hiatus for three months and came back today. I feel like I missed a bucketload of stuff. Could you please explain to me in under 30 words what happened during the past three months? ~fire_dragon_342
The Advent Calendar, the Neopies, plus the tail end of the Spooky Food Eating Contest event and Games Master Challenge. We also released a new daily called Grave Danger.

(It's 29 words to spare you the counting.)
Not that you guys would double-check and write
in to the Editorial next week, letting us know if
we went over 30 words or anything.

Hello, I was just wondering why the so-called hand held plushies that are available in the NC Mall aren't wearable by baby 'pets when the quadrupets that aren't painted baby get them sitting in front of their front legs rather than actually held in their hands... couldn't and shouldn't the same principle reasonably apply to baby Neopets? I mean, don't you just think they'd look positively adorable next to the plushies? ~ravensley
Unlike trinkets / backgrounds / foregrounds, which only have one image uploaded to be used for all Neopets, things (like handhelds) that display differently on different species must have the image uploaded for each individual species. (Basically, it needs to be adjusted and uploaded 54 times to make sure it works with each Neopet.) This means that, if we wanted to make them wearable for babies / mutants / fruit Chias / unconverted Neopets / Maraquans it would quadruple the workload for each wearable item, which would be no small task! We hope that clears things up for you. :)

Sometimes, while playing Neopets, I'll have an epiphany for a really good way to improve the site. Usually when this happens I make a "Comments & Feedback" ticket to share this awesome knowledge with you. However, I kind of wonder if this is the best way to go with your choked ticketing system. ~dreadknight
Yep, it'll get through to us! :) We have regular meetings with our Support staff where they give us all the latest ideas and suggestion submissions in a big spreadsheet so we can look through them. :D

Hello there! I've seen that, for obvious reasons, plagiarized stories and such are totally rejected and disapproved. I therefore wanted to ask: does that include references? Strong references or such, because I would like to write, but if I want to make a joke or reference, I now have that doubt! Thank you very much! ~dsnahu
Real world references are frowned upon. You can make oblique references in passing, but making the point of a comic, say, be a meme for the murky waters of the far Internets sort of takes us out of Neopia. There are plenty of other places besides Neopets for that.

Hey, TNT. Can we expect the Daily Dare in March this year? ~weaponstar
AAA is still pretty exhausted from the Games Master Challenge and is taking a bit of a break. However, we will have other content to keep you guys entertained. :)

To your knowledge, what is the longest someone has waited for a certain Neopet / color combination? Just for reference, next month will be the 10 year anniversary of when I first wanted to paint a Pteri sketch. I'm still waiting. ~liktra
To our knowledge we think you win, though we're sure to get quite a few comments to the Editorial stating otherwise. We have let the Content Department know of your long-desired colour combo.

Is there any particular reason why the spotted Lupe markings are so very different from those of all the other spotted Neopets? Don't get me wrong, I think the markings for the spotted Lupe are the cat's meow and I have a spotted Lupe of my own. I've just been curious about the difference between the spotted Lupe and all the rest for a while now. Thanks! ~rootbeerruler
A few spotted Neopets are based off of existing animals, just because either the artist was inspired or the Content Department requested something specific or non-standard for that particular Neopet / colour combination.

Why is a Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer only one pound? That doesn't seem very heavy to me. ~me_purple_rose
That's the standard weight of an item unless we manually change it, and we totally agree with you. The Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer now weighs the ridiculous amount of 400 lbs.

Hi, so a couple of weeks ago you answered my sister's question and have never answered mine. Now we have a sibling rivalry, which we have never experienced. You can, however, solve this issue if you could end this Editorial with AAA and Abigail appearing to get along. Pretty, pretty please! Thank you!!! ~neosis1990
It does happen occasionally, so here's a (brief) moment of AAA and Abigail getting along.

Look quick. It won't last long.


Hi, TNT. So, I've been here for almost 14 years (I actually sent in the parental permission form when I was eight! Thanks, mom and dad!). I just want to say thank you so much. I always knew that I could turn to Neopets, and very recently, some very kind Neopians did their best to brighten my day during what has been a very difficult time. I just want you to know that I sincerely appreciate everything and everyone in Neopia. As a grad student 2,000 miles from home, it makes me happy to have somewhere to go back to that feels like home. Had it not been for Neopets, I never would have taught myself HTML or Photoshop (which helped me make my friend's course web site; he's teaching calc 2!), I never would have found my passion for writing (one of my bachelor's is in English), and I just wouldn't be where I am today. Neopets helped me create myself exactly how I wanted. It's so much more than just a web site to me. It's a very, very real part of who I am today. Thanks for everything. *heart* ~cutiegirl123
Who's splashing water on our faces?!

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