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Hey, guys! Just wondering: how can the Maraquan Grackle Bug be a desert Petpet if it's Maraquan? That seems... out of character. ~jellybeanpony
Petpet types are classified by the original colour of the Pepet. Since Grackle Bugs originate from the Lost Desert, all of them will be considered a desert Petpet.

I have read in several Editorials that item lending was only "frowned upon." Say someone needs a quick pure lend from a trusted friend to bid on an auction. They then make a deal and agree to pay on a set date. Let's say the user that asked for the lend did not have enough to pay the lender back on the set date and tells the lender so, and the lender says they are fine with waiting more, as they trust the person they lent. My question, then, would be: is what I just explained against the rules? I would like this cleared up, as I see it happen all the time. Thank you. ~maz1ng
How much you trust a particular fellow Neopian is entirely up to you. Completely grey areas like this are why we frown upon lending, as there's no way for us to make rules regarding every possible situation. This is why we consider lending unsupported transactions. We cannot act as mediators between the countless item lends or Neopet trades that occur on the site daily. This means that it is up to you to report at what point you feel you have been scammed by another player. If that player is found to be scamming then they will be frozen, but we cannot guarantee items or Neopets will be returned.

According to his Neopedia article, "Captain Rourke once trusted a pirate to share a pile of buried treasure with him, only to be betrayed and marooned on a deserted island." How did he get off said island? ~pennycents_
He plucked his fur out, braided the strands into rope, and then lashed two Maraquan Shoyrus together and rode them to the mainland.

Can you give us any updates on the Beta status of the new Battledome? The constant complaining on the Battledome Chat is getting in the way of our usual bickering. Thanks? ~stoicjohn
We have a list of updates we'd like to do, including a version of HP increase. However, these are not simple updates so we do not have an estimated timeframe for them.

Hey, TNT! So, my cousin and I recently replayed The Darkest Faerie all the way through, and we realized that we really missed the game (as it came out in 2005, if I recall), but were also tired of the same storyline for the four playthroughs we've done over the years. Are there any plans to release another Neopets video game with another beautiful plot and gorgeous graphics (on a preferably accessible console)? :) Thanks much! ~jadexwee
You know, we still get pretty consistent compliments on that game, even this many years later. That does make us smile. :) If a company that makes console games contacted us with an interest in licensing Neopets then that could happen, but for now there are no plans for another video game or sequel to The Darkest Faerie.

Tor: "I'm afraid we were a one-hit wonder, Roberta."

Why does everybody toss things or hold them out on a plate? Has anybody ever actually HANDED something to you, TNT? Are we to assume you're behind bars, tied up like Hannibal Lecter, and even when you could take things from a plate no Neopian would dare offer their hand to you? *holds out doughnutfruit* ~ximenes9419
As the pizza guys have discovered, it's much safer to simply throw the food at us and run. We can be a voracious bunch.

So, remember how you gave out ''Christmas Goys'' in the Advent Calendar? Well, I went to the Petpet Puddle to look for a color with which to repaint it, and the Goy didn't show up on the list of Petpet species. Why's that? P.S.: Is there any Petpet besides a Goy that a Grundo won't be scared of? I've wasted a lot of Neopoints on GS_Zoe trying to find her a Petpet... ~zeegirl5
Goys do not have any paintable colours aside from their original base colour, so they are not displayed at the Rainbow Pool. Christmas Goys are special items, so you cannot, say, paint a standard Goy into a Christmas one. As for your own Petpet issue, try selecting a Petpet whose species / colour name has more or less than six letters.

I was going through old news and learned that the current site layout is the 5th one Neopets has ever had. Because it's been around since conversion happened in 2007 (wow, it's been 7 years!), do you guys have any plans / desire to revamp the site once more in the foreseeable future? Thanks! ~ammyx3
Over the years we've had many designs in the works, but have not gone through with them for various reasons. Our latest one floating around is certainly our favourite yet, but we're quite fickle so we don't want to share any specifics in case we don't go with that design. :)

Hi, TNT! *throws pastel paint tubes* I was wondering: will all pastel Neopets be green and pink? The paint brush itself shows several different colors, and I think some blue and yellow pastels would look lovely! ~dragonquestvi
Pastel Neopets will come in a wide variety of pastel colours and combinations. :)

Hey, TNT! I just wanted to thank you guys for finally making the Royal Dofrey available! Now I can have my very own Dofrey Baratheon. ~jbaptista
*collectively spit coffee all over screens and fall over laughing*

Hullo, TNT. In the news this Monday, there was a lovely pic of Mirsha shown for the Gnorbu Day Art Gallery. However, when I entered the gallery to view the picture in a larger resolution, it did not appear to be there. I searched for a while on several pages. :( Could you tell me where this lovely pic is located onsite and how I might view it? :) ~ospreypatronus
The second Art Gallery page wasn't processed, and the error wasn't discovered until the next day. Both pages of Gnorbu art are displayed and the artists were awarded. :)

So, today I won a Skree Petpet from the Wheel of Monotony (totally worth the wait) and fell in love; they're simply gorgeous! However, all I could think about was how fine they'd be painted green, but when I checked the Petpet Puddle, they're only available in water. Further research shows that they were released all the way back in 2003! Could we maybe get some well-deserved love for our ferocious, fair, feathered friends? ~_frodo
We quite agree. Your request has been forwarded to our Content Department! :)

Would you consider going through over fifty dozen Editorials to edit in correct answers wherever they are outdated (a la the Kadoatery question addressed last week), or does the thought incur the wrath of whoever would be responsible for it? ~neo_coaster363
The Editorial is not intended to be used that way. As the Editorial is part of The Neopian Times, please view it like you would a newspaper article. If you want current information, please read the more recent issues. A newspaper article from 2002 is unlikely to contain the most accurate information.

Can we see a picture of DJ Skellington's tattoos? Specifically his one of Schnelly; it seems really sweet. ~hi_hello_hi_3
We asked DJ Skellington and he was happy to share! Here's a picture of his tattoo of his beloved late cat, Schnelly, the cross-eyed kitty that inspired the Petpet.

Can birthday Petpets be painted other colours like regular Petpets? I want to get a Faerie Kadoatie, but the birthday ones seem to be about 2 million Neopoints cheaper than the regular ones, so I was wondering: could I get a birthday Kad and paint it faerie? Thanks. :D ~_starryeyedsurprise_
Special or unique Petpets such as the ones that are given out through the Advent Calendar cannot be painted. The exception to this is if the Petpet is a new species, and it is the original colour that is being released.

What does it mean when, on a Neopet's statistics, it says Owner: Travelling...? ~27thbigkid
It means that the Neopet is currently in transit between two accounts via the Pound transfer service.

Hey, TNT! Could you guys end the Editoral with the funniest picture? Thanks! ~icygirl2005
We'll see what we can do.

It may not be THE funniest
but we hope it puts a smile on your face!


Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate the latest Neopedia article -- how much I appreciate all of them, in fact. You guys have this huge, amazing canon, and the Neopedia is great at pulling all this information together, as well as giving us some new info. Let's see how long it takes Captain Rourke to get some new user-created content now that you've added him to the Neopedia, eh? ~june_scarlet

Oh, please do more of the Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Backgrounds. The artist or department that came up with the idea gets a big "that-a-girl" or boy from me. I love them. No, you do not understand. I LOVE THEM. I hope there will be more in the future for other holidays (like Valentines Day... HINT HINT). ~roxielady

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