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*shares my Thoughtful Darigan Chocolates with you* Thanks for another great Advent Calendar of gifts and animations. My favorite was the continuation of the Quiggle and Darigan story from last year. It really shows the Quiggle spirit. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to give a Quiggle item for my gallery. I already can't wait for next year's Advent Calendar. :D ~quiggleworld
We're glad to hear it! We hope you all enjoyed this year's Advent Calendar! :)

P.S.: We're sorry we didn't meet the Quiggle item quota.

Can Petpets in Grave Danger still win the Petpet Protection League award? I'm just randomly curious. ~lil_jen_aside
Yep! We tested it ourselves, so go throw your Petpet into mortal danger, assured that the PPL will still foolishly award you for being a good Petpet owner!

Hi, TNT. I was wondering if you could help me out. After checking the Petpet Puddle for all available Petpets and the colours they could be painted, I finally settled on a Ghost Gallion. I have just purchased a Gallion Petpet and a Ghost Petpet Paint Brush, and have attached it to my pet Ixi, but when I went back to the Petpet Puddle, not only would it not let me paint my Gallion, but my Gallion is not showing up in the list of equipped Petpets. I checked my Ixi and the Petpet is attached, so any help you can offer would be gratefully received. Thank you. ~xmas_house_elf
We checked and everything looks fine on our end. We tested painting a Gallion ghost and were unable to replicate your error. If this is still happening, please submit a bug report with information such as what browser you are using and any other specifics that you can remember.

Why was there no fruitcake on the Advent Calendar this year? D: ~extremeblueness
We assumed Neopians were still busy regifting theirs from last year.

Oh, a fruitcake! You shouldn't have.


Hey, TNT! *showers you all with muffins* I recently added a Yellow Acara Plushie to my plushie gallery, and couldn't help but noticing in the description that it called Acaras, "Everybody's favourite underwater Neopian. :)" I wasn't aware that Acaras were underwater Neopets! Was this a mistake, or do Acaras have underwater origins? Thanks so much! ~littleoldme123
Acaras are actually considered aquatic Neopets! They can live both underwater and on land in equal comfort. You can learn a bit more about them on this page.

Once again the poor Ogrins were overshadowed for Gallery Spotlight by the craziness of Stuffing Spectacular, Advent Calendar, and (of course) the Day of Giving... is there any chance that they will ever have their day? ~sarika_ambrielle
Poor Ogrins! They always get stuffed into the news before we run out on vacation. We'll see what we can do. :)

Dear TNT,
I've recently discovered the joys of crosspainting Neopets. Now, if I crosspaint a pirate Gnorbu, will the beads in its mane disappear, or will they go into my closet like his tattoo and the rest of his clothes? I love the pirate Gnorbu beads and don't want to crosspaint if he'd lose them. (If they aren't a wearable, could you make them one? Pretty please?) ~kylebob240

The beads are a part of the paint brush, so they will poof if you paint your Gnorbu a different colour. We appreciate that you like them (we think they're pretty awesome as well), but we don't currently have any intention of making the beads a wearable item. Some things are just special aspects of a particular paint brush, like the glowing blue eyes of the Stealthy Paint Brush, for example.

Dear TNT,
How many Kadoaties do I have to feed in order to get one as a Petpet? ~nostalegia

The Kadoatery does not award Kadoaties. Apparently it was intended to at some point, and was stated so in an Editorial response 10 years ago so the inaccurate belief persists.

Dearest TNT, could you please end this Editorial with a picture of a Dung Symol? I don't think they get nearly the amount of respect and admiration they deserve for their cuteness, being made of dung and all. ~yummy_misty

Ewww... here you go. We don't want it. We're totally dung with it!



So, it occurred to me that 13 years ago today I signed up for Neopets. How amazing is that?!? It was way different back then, but time has brought out the best. Cheers to the new year, and may we see many more great years in Neopia! ~meg_jazper

Dear TNT,
May the best hugger among you please give a tight hug for me to whoever designed the Furry Winter Hat and Wig. Let them know there is one Neopian who loves it more than any other Neopian ever will. Thank you. ~rampantbunyip

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