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On the Neoboards, I'd love to show my support for Team Mystery Island by using the smiley in my topics. However, the smiley is 15 characters long (no really, I checked)! Is there any way you can shorten it to *mi* or something, so we can make more room for bad puns about tikis? Thanks! ~emmilou123
Hmm... you're quite right. A few smiley names are just too darn long. We've gone ahead and fixed a few that were more than twelve characters long. You can now use:

*mystery* instead of *mysteryisland*
*terror* instead of *terrormountain*
*haunted* instead of *hauntedwoods*
*leafleft* instead of *greenleafleft*
*leafright* instead of *greenleafright*

Hey, Editorial staff! I usually hear back about my Neopian Times submissions relatively quickly, so I was wondering: if we don't hear back about an NT submission within a couple weeks, does that mean the submission was possibly lost, or are you guys simply flooded with submissions right now due to the 600th issue coming up? ~bittersweet52
Our NT Queen reports that there are seven times as many Issue 600-specific entries as entries for other issues at the moment, so there may be a little bit more of a wait than usual. Just hold tight. :)

Hey, TNT. *hands you a plate of cookies* I was looking at Round 495 of the Lenny Conundrum and noticed something. You say the answer to the conundrum was Kau, but how is that possible if there is an s at the end of the letter? Shouldn't the answer really be Kaus? I've heard that people who answered Kaus did not receive the reward, which I find rather unfair. If the last letter was an s, then why would the answer not have an s in it? I understand if you can't or won't do anything about it, but I don't think that the conundrum was very fair. ~korbattown
Kaus was intended to be an acceptable answer, but something went wrong in the LC judging process and did not properly award those who entered that response. Since the data is automatically purged after judging to prepare for the next round, we are unable to grant you credit for your answer. We're quite sorry, and are looking into what caused the issue.

Hello! :D *tosses socks* I was just wondering if there would ever be a Customisation Spotlight for Neopets who have entered with both Neocash wearables AND Neopoint wearables? I ask because I believe many Neopets have great looks created with both, yet some are outshone because they have to enter as Neocash contestants and get overlooked because of all of the shiny Neocash wearables on other Neopets. You're welcome to edit my question in any way GOSH I SURE LOVE YURBLES and remove my username, thank you! ~username removed
While we understand where you're coming from, such a thing would be very problematic, especially when it comes to deciding where the line would be drawn. We've seen quite a few wonderful customisations that have incorporated both NP and NC win the NC portion of the Customisation Spotlight, and wish you luck in the contest.

*greets awkwardly* So, can you tell us if there are two Sway avatars -- one for winning the war and another for the Sway winning a skirmish, or is there just one? ~stoicjohn
Faction avatars and site themes (and boons) are rewards for gaining access to the obelisk. The first group to do this was the Sway at the end of the Obelisk War, so they were awarded the first set. As we've since discovered, a mysterious oracle controls the obelisk and doesn't want the power to stay with one group for too long, hence the ongoing Battleground. One faction gains control for a limited period of time before a skirmish ensues to see who's next. If the Sway were to ever win control of the obelisk again via the Battleground, the Sway-themed rewards would also be given out again.

Hey, TNT. *throws chilli dogs* This question has been bothering me a while. What species is the Zombie Hooligan? He looks kinda like a Nimmo, but nothing like the Cunning Mastermind. So, what is he? ~818tessa
The Zombie Hooligan is indeed a Nimmo. Their character designs are just very different from each other.

Mr. Fancypants over there just looks good because he hasn't been dead yet.

Hi, TNT!!! I would like to thank you for all of the work that you do to keep Neopets running. *hands you tea and cookies* After I looked in my inventory, I realized that I could gain three avatars, which are Codestone, Drackonack, and Lawyerbot. I excitedly put all of the codestones together in my inventory, only to not get my avatar. I tried the same with the Laywerbot avatar and made sure 50 different Usukis were in there. Could you please fix the inventory so users can receive the avatars? Thanks!!! ~effervesentpanda
We are aware of this problem and are looking into fixing it.

Neopets is really old. Is there any staff still around from the very early days of Neopia? ~spirit_wind_11213105
Gee, thanks for making us feel old! Yes, there are plenty of members of the original / early staff still here. :) Some have never stepped into the Neopian limelight, so here are just the ones with staff names:

Y2 (2000)
Golden Child
Jimmy James
Subordinate Prime
Tiger Catcher
El Picklesaur
Mr. Insane

Y3 (2001)
DJ Skellington

Y4 (2002)
Animator Zim

Is it okay to mention other websites on Neopets, such as deviantART? I want to start a guild dedicated to gathering members with accounts there, and I'm really, really scared of having my account suspended (or worse) over it! ~emiemi345
No, the only sites that you may link to are the Recommended Fan Sites. You may discuss Certified Fan Sites or the Neopets Facebook page (specifically), but linking to them may result in a warning.

Hey, TNT! *fends off Meepits* So, I'm one of those people that started playing Neopets at about nine years old and am now a college student. Sometimes I get to reminiscing about how Neopets looked when I started playing -- not just before the big conversion. I think I remember how Koi and Moehogs used to look much different, among other things. However, I can't seem to find a place where I can view the super old Neopets anywhere, even off-site. Is there a secret stash of these pics anywhere, or could you at least end the Editorial with a couple of the super old pics for the sake of us Neopets veterans? *heart* ~pixiegirl800
There are quite a few pages dedicated to old Neopets art, both on fan sites and Petpages. Here are links to a few.

Hey TNT, there's a problem with the Billion Degree Sword -- it currently can't be equipped. Please fix this. :( ~lord_valrigard
Well, that's no good! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It's now equippable. :)

Hi, TNT! I can't seem to find the item The Guide to Facial Hair anywhere! It was released a couple of months ago, but I can't find it in user shops, the Trading Post, OR the auctions. I desperately need it for my facial hair Gallery. (: Is it restocking and I'm just missing it, or was it one of those items accidentally not put out there? Thanks in advance! ~frenchie_the_queen
It's active and available; it's just r94, so it doesn't restock often. A general tip to everyone: if you're looking for a specific item, enter it in the Neopets search bar. :) Unless it is an unreleased item or r99 or higher, it will display the rarity of the item and a link to the shop it restocks in, so you can rest assured it's available.

Hey, TNT. I am a longterm player whose old account was deleted, and I just used my Neocash for the first time (somehow I had amassed about 400 NC) and bought three Mystery Capsules: one stealthy and two random contacts ones. When I opened the first contact one everything was fine, and the stealthy one that was next was fine, but when I opened the last contacts capsule I was disappointed to get a Shenkuu Warrior Princess Skirt (the other items were Red Vampire Contacts and a Grey Silk Dress). Did I read the Mystery Capsule wrong? I figured a contacts capsule would guarantee contacts. ~sunafox
Capsules grant random items from the NC Mall. The bonus items that you may get when a capsule is opened are the themed items. So contact capsule bonus items are contacts, and the stealthy capsule bonus items are ninja-themed items, etc.

Hi, TNT! I recently collected all of the Petpet Lab Map pieces, and was shocked when I went to the treasure map page in the Games Room and saw that it claimed I had no map pieces for that specific map! Yes, the pieces are definitely NOT in my Safety Deposit Box. I am 100% sure they are in my inventory. I'm also sure that I have collected all nine. So, until I find out why the pieces aren't there, I will remain worried and in great need of a total Slorg make-over! :) ~angeldog3102
The Petpet Lab Ray resides inside the residence of the mad scientist Scorchio that runs the Secret Lab Ray. This means you first need access to that laboratory before you can turn in your pieces and get access to the Petpet one.

The Space Faerie recently dropped a Gummy Bow on my lap. This Candy item mentions that I won't know whether to wear it or chew on it. Oddly, however, my Neopets can do neither. Please advise. ~taipeiss
We actually don't recommend attempting to stick it on your Neopet's head. It's kind of sticky and getting it out of fur would be an awful mess. (Assuming they have fur. Your Shoyru would probably be fine!) The good news is that your Neopet can now devour it if they so desire!

Hi, TNT! I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the mutant Uni's face isn't centered in the Neoboard active pet box thingy. Can you fix this? It's driving me insane!!! ~jesterity
Argh, yes. That would drive us bonkers as well. Thankfully, it is now fixed (though it may take time for the new image to show up). Let us know if there are any other unaligned Neopets.

Hey TNT, can you put a picture of a Plumpy eating a cake at the end of the Editorial? *Plumpy with balloons picks person up* Thank you! ~tabascosoup
Erm, we tried.

Maybe if it was bacon flavoured?

Hello, TNT! *tosses cookies to the Meepits and brownies to the staff* I have recently started learning a bit of computer programming for theoretical chemistry, and I have an entirely new appreciation for the programmers on the staff! Shout out to you guys who always hear the complaints and never hear the compliments! You guys have seriously done some programming miracles on this site, and that's what's kept me around for nearly a decade! Keep it up and treat yourselves to some coffee; you'll surely need it. :p ~katalysis

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