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Hi, TNT! I've recently opened a side account (so I can adopt more Neopets -- yaaay!). Anyway, I clicked the button to claim the free 150 NC and, to my horror, I realised that I probably shouldn't have done that. O__O Could you please clear up whether claiming the free NC on the new side account is breaking the rules? I don't want my account to be frozen. :( *sobs* (Please remove my username, too.) Thank you! ~username removed
That's just fine, as long as you aren't creating multiple accounts just to get free Neocash. The newbie gift pack and the NC are like housewarming presents, but for accounts. Accountwarming presents, we suppose? *shrug*

Does the Tombola still give out fading bottled faeries, or does it give out the new ones? Thanks! ~superxwee123
It still gives out the old fading faeries. Random Events and games that give out the old faeries will continue to give them out until we have time to go through and update them all. They are retired from restocking in Kauvara's shop, though, and are now replaced with the weak bottled faeries.

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering: are we allowed to submit a picture to the Beauty Contest if it has already been published in the Art Gallery? If not, would we be allowed to adapt the image at all and enter it? Thanks. (: ~castiowl
Please, no cross-submitting art or adapted images between the Art Gallery, Beauty Contest, and Random Contest. Each competition should have different entries.

Will there ever be a Neoquest III? Oh please! Oh please! Oh please! And no, Neoquest 3-D does not count. *pout* ~zenokarasu
Awww, what's wrong with Neoquest 3-D? Just because it was slapped together by a couple of staff members in a few days doesn't mean it isn't qualit--sorry, we started laughing too hard to type. To answer your question, we think Mr. Insane got more insane after making NQ2. We shudder to think what would happen if he was told to make another.

Hello, TNT. I know you've released the new faeries for the Battledome, but are you planning to eventually get rid of / convert the rest of the "fading" bottled faeries, or are you going to keep them as a reminder of how things used to be? I personally hope that you keep the fading faeries as they are because they're really pretty and people appreciate them. ~starstruckheartsxo
We don't have the heart to get rid of them. They've been with us for so long. They will exist for as long as players keep them tucked away and don't hand them all over to Jhuidah.

Ummm, TNT, have you been tweaking the Festival of Neggs site theme? There seems to be a lot more bold text. It's not bad, but I found it a bit weird. ~ronir
We did a back end change to automatically bold links, and it seems to have gotten a little excitable in some areas. If you noticed areas that went crazy with bold, send us a report with specifics in it so we can correct the matter. :)

Hi, TNT! I have a question that's been nagging me for a long time: how do you guys feel about Minecraft? Also, do you have any staff that play the game? Thanks! ~michpoke1
Sorry, but it'd be utterly ridiculous for us to talk about another game in our own Edit-- HIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


I'm planning on making a site for the Site Spotlight. According to the "Spotlight Rules" page (, Site Spotlights are supposed to be 1,000 words maximum. Is this correct? I thought I saw sites that were much larger than this.~pichu_pikachu_raichu
The rule is more of a "does not exceed the reading attention span of the judge" thing rather than any certain amount of text. It's a very loose rule meant to discourage players from sending Pet Pages that are so long that our judges start sobbing into their coffee mugs.

I've noticed a lot of people get into the Art Gallery over and over. I, myself, have gotten in only once, but I saw one user in particular got in over 170 times. Don't you think you should... y'know... stop letting the same people in over and over and give someone else a chance? It just seems unfair that someone might spend hours on a drawing only to not get in, when the same users are getting in over and over and over again! ~lupeyloonylupin
We asked our current Art Gallery judge, who had this to say:

"Many of the players that you see win repeatedly literally send in so much art that we don't have enough days to display all of it. You may see one of their entries win, but what you don't see are the two pieces they sent in that didn't get in. Everyone that submits art to the Art Gallery spends time and effort in doing so, and that's why each and every art piece that is submitted to us is looked at in full size, and each piece is appreciated! I sincerely wish I could put up every bit of art we receive, but then it wouldn't be much of a competition. My best advice to you is to keep drawing and keep submitting. If you're a beginner, try a unique style, a touch of humour, or draw a current event to help your art stand out of the crowd! If you enjoy making art, then the only way to lose at Art Gallery is to not participate. Seriously; it took me years to realise this about my own art. Every drawing you create is getting you one step closer to being that artist that has a pile of Art Gallery trophies on their account. Don't be discouraged, and never be afraid to submit your art! I love seeing it all!"

Uhh, our Art Gallery judge is... rather enthusiastic about art, as you may be able to tell.

Why can ANY mix of the fading faeries create ANY weak bottled faerie? In the past, the Cooking Pot was always specific about the outcome of mixing items. Not to mention that it seems very strange to mix three light faeries and get a dark faerie. One would expect that the dominant type of faerie put in would determine the outcome. ~scifi_crazy
We purposefully programmed it that way, so players couldn't corner the market by hoarding one type of fading faerie and, thus, making one type of weak faerie more rare than the others.

Do characters in plots age while we are not watching them? Would Jeran be 27 years old now, or is he still 18? While we're at it, will we ever get to see him again? ~ferretboy85
They don't. If we ever told another story with Jeran in it, and correspondingly updated his Neopedia, we'd update his age based on when that story takes place. :) For example, if we did a third Meridell plot, it might take place a year after the second plot, or 10 years later. So, if you see Jeran again, he could be 19 or he could be 28, depending on the setting.

Can animated logos (which are .gif files) be submitted with comics and used as a logo? In a comic collab I was in, my friend submitted a logo that was animated, but you guys changed the logo. ~funtime16543
Absolutely! Animated gifs are definitely acceptable. In that particular case, though, it's possible that the comic thumbnail was bigger than 30k, which is our system's size limit.

I have an unconverted MALE Kau. I really didn't think about his gender much... not a big deal, but since he has been painted faerie for so long, I would like to change his color and make him rough and tough for a while. If I do this, will it make him convert to the new status? I love that he is an original. Thanks. ~indybarb179
ANY colour or species change made to an unconverted Neopet will permanently convert that Neopet to the new style. Even if you repainted him faerie again, he would now be a converted faerie Kau. An alternative option would be to change your Neopet's gender rather than his colour by using a Strange Potion or challenging the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome.

Uh... I couldn't help but feel a little unsettled about the idea of "mixing" three faeries in the Cooking Pot to create one new faerie. It sounds a bit... unpleasant. :/ Could you please explain what is really happening to the poor fading faeries? I really hope they aren't dying. ~burning_shadows_79
Why are you leaving the faeries in the bottles before you mix them?!? Sickos.

Rawr Ima Grarrl. [Please insert Grarrl picture here.] ~
You know what? Sure. It's Friday. We'll be Grarrls, too. RAWR GRARRL STOMP!


Woops. Sorry, here you go.



I just wanted to say thank you for this last Lenny Conundrum. Not only did it make me feel proud to be an old-timer, but it really took me back to when I was a very young Neopian, venturing out past Tyrannia into a mysterious cave and braving every chance I had to turn back before it was too late... and then being scared senseless. XD So much fun! It makes me feel like I'm really a part of Neopia. To all newcomers, beware... beware the Beast in the Cave! ~bubbles_101

Dear TriNitroToluene,
I know you don't get a lot of thank-you mail for the little things, but I noticed! There is now a confirmation button for donating items, and the glitch with the listed number of items in the inventory has been fixed. When I noticed that, it made me smile. :) Congratulations on all your hard work for making the site run as smoothly as possible; not to mention all the great games and site events, which have kept me on Neopets for nearly seven years. You guys rule! :) ~burning_shadows_79

I've been playing Neopets since around the age of four. While I did not have an account, I ALWAYS loved playing with the weird and appealing pets on the pet creator. At the age of six, I got an account and played with it as often as possible. While I did not understand the entire concept, I loved it unconditionally. To this day, I still collect the retired plushies and action figures! Neo has helped shape who I am, and helped me get through those long months in the hospital in my youth. Thank you so much, TNT, for making this incredible web site so many generations can enjoy the amazing game. ~lethifoldattack

Dear TNT,
Neopets is the best web site ever! It's not only about the awesome games and plots that you guys come up with, but I've also met some really nice people and made a few close friends! I hope Neopets NEVER closes down! ~abbypurple1

(Yeah, we hope so, too! It'd be really awkward trying to get a job with things like, "Can name all 16 different codestones and recite all Neopet species in alphabetical order!" on our resumes.)

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