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TNT, why it is that, when we submit a ticket, it sometimes asks us if we have purchased Neocash? Are you more unlikely to freeze or punish an account that has bought NC? ~shad0wofad0ubt
Nope; it's because NC purchases are well logged in your account and it's an easy way to verify that the account is yours.

Hullo! I can't seem to find if this has been asked before: are we allowed to play Deadly Dice on side accounts? ~badgerine
Yes, that's just fine. There are no Neopoint or item rewards.

Okay, say you already entered your submission for the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, but you get a really good offer on the Neopet as is and trade. What happens? (please remove my username) ~username removed
If the Neopet isn't on the account that was used to make the wish, then we'll just consider it disqualified from the Dream Giveaway.

Hiya! Longtime player, first time caller. Is the Super Attack Pea retired? I finally zapped a pea Chia (Hooray!) and found a WONDERFUL lender. I went to equip through the new, fancy Battledome and... no avatar. Pretty please, don't retire it yet! (please remove my username) ~username removed
Don't worry, we have no plans to retire it. However, it only works when you equip it from your inventory, which isn't working at the moment. We're going to fix this, but it may not be until after the holidays.

Dear TNT,
How does one obtain a chocolate Petpet? I really, really want one with a cherry on top. :D ~vantine_harlow

Chocolate Petpets are the result of a lucky zap with the Petpet Lab Ray. (You'll need access to the Neopet Secret Lab Ray first, though.)

You know what they say...
three cherries are better than one!
They... do say that, right?

Hey, TNT! When you publish the weekend news on Friday NST, why do you only have the next two days? When you publish news next, it's for Tuesday. Are Mondays just not important enough? ~zfernbaugh
Like many people, we'd just rather Mondays didn't exist at all.

Hi, TNT. I was wondering: if you transfer a Neopet to someone under the belief that they will return it later on, but then the other person decides not to uphold their promise and just lets the Neopet rot on a side account, is this reportable? Please remove my username, thank you. ~username removed
If there has been a verifiable agreement (Please use Neomail!) that the Neopet was supposed to be returned (within a reasonable amount of time) and the player refuses or does not return it, then it is considered theft and is reportable. If you quit and gave it to your friend to hold and left for a year, and then came back and demanded your Neopet back... well, that's far exceeded a reasonable amount of time, so please don't report. Our monitors or email support will make the call about each situation.

To my beloved TNT: I recently set out to gather all the Defenders of Neopia trophies. I defeated that pesky Chia Clown and the Pant Devil in the Battledome, only to see that I didn't receive the trophies. Will DoN be fixed so it is compatible with the new Battledome? Thanks. :) ~colomb
Yes, it will be fixed. :) The Battledome news page has a note explaining that DoN is down for now, but the page will be updated once we have it working again. :)

Hey there, TNT! Just wondering: how do you pick the "popular names" for the PPL award announcement? Sometimes there are names that are listed yet aren't actually on the list. For example, Lola in this week's PPL (Schnelly). ~flamoca
When we run the script that checks for the Petpet, we get a huge list of every single one of that Petpet / colour combo that's attached to a Neopet. It also tells us what the most common names are, but usually we just pick the names we like the best to mention on New Features. In this case, that name was pulled from the full list, and not the Top 200 that you guys see. :)

Dear Editorial,
Can we leave for break now? We've got a sleigh to catch. ~theneopetsteam

Stop whining! Just one more. Sheesh.

Please end this week's Editorial with mr.coconut wearing a Santa hat and shouting his customary "Good Night!" That would be awesome. Thanks! ~mariquita225
Well, we suppose, since it's a special occasion and all...

Happy Day of Giving to all, and to all a...


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