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Why can't invisible Neopets be entered into the Customisation Spotlight? Some users are quite creative with dressing up their Neopets, so I don't understand if it's an issue with an invisible Neopet's ability to look great. ~x_quchi_qoo_x
We've seen some excellent customisations with invisible Neopets, too! We'll look into lifting this restriction.

Okay, I'm not 13 yet, but I love Neopets and I came up with a really good story that I'd love share. If my parents know, can I submit it, or will it be automatically rejected? Thanks. *HANDS, not throws, a giant piece of paper* Here, draw random things on it. ~gir_lover56
Players under 13 are welcome to submit to The Neopian Times. :) This is because the content is reviewed by staff and we can make sure there is no personally identifiable information before we put it up. (Assuming it is selected to win.)

Dear TNT family,
Thank you for the most adorkable Zomutt costume ever! How 'bout a Zomutt smiley?!? That would make my Halloween season! I love you guys, especially those of you in the TNT crew that don't get any / much love!!! ~star_chica08

Sounds good to us! We also created a new *pumpkin* smiley because several players made the point that it's a jack-o'-lantern, not a pumpkin, so we re-did the pumpkin and made *jackolantern* its own smiley. :)

Okay TNT, I have a small request for you. My request is that you make the first stealth Petpet a Meepit. Me and my friends owned an army of Ninja Meepits before the stealth style was released. Wouldn't Stealth Meepits be fun?!? Thank you!!! ~h_cappy_h
We totally agree. :) We'll ask the content schedulers if they can add this to upcoming content.

I'm awful at making Neopoints, but pretty good at trading Neopets! I was wondering if trading for a Lutari custom would ever be allowed. For example, Person A trades Neopet A to Person B. Person B exchanges Neopet B to Person A through a safe transfer, but then Person A sends Person B a Lutari morphing potion? I realize that's against the current rules, but I really feel like I'll never be able to afford a Lutari unless I get lucky with the lab ray. Thanks! ~running_fawn
No, morphing potions fall under items, which can't be traded for a Neopet. The bank Skeith can help you save up your Neopoints, so if the lab ray is unkind then perhaps you can still get a Lutari morphing potion one day. :)

Hey guys, do you think there's any possibility of making that gear image (the one that shows up when a Neopet image is glitched out for whatever reason) into a wearable background? I think it'd be cool. :P ~logic_fail
Eeeh... we think that might reduce our programmers to sobbing wrecks if it was paired with an invisible Neopet. D:

By any chance, would animated images (gifs, Flash, etc.) ever have a chance of being displayed in the Art Gallery? ~neo_coaster363
.Gifs, yes! We've already had a few animated winners in the past couple of months. Flash isn't a supported file for submissions though, as they can contain malicious hidden code.

Well, hi there! As an avid Ogrin collector, I was surprised at not being able to determine if my favorite species was, well... themselves or not! I won a copy of Extreme Shenkuu, but I can't figure out for the life of me who (or what, even) is on the cover. It's got what appears to be Ogrin ears and the right face, but a Bori-like tail. Any ideas who, or what, this might be? ~katpow89
*gets out magnifying glass* It's an... Aisha with blue hair, apparently!

We always keep fine optics around for just these kinds of special occasions!

Hey TNT, I have a bit of a quandary and I would like to know your stance. I know of a Neopets player who is selling a specific item for around 5,000 Neopoints in their shop while the market value / Shop Wizard value is around 30 Neopoints. On their shop, they advertise that the item in question, when bought, can provide an avatar -- which it does. My question is: is this scamming? Yes, they can set their own prices and advertise items, and yes it does provide an avatar, but it is a massive difference in price! ~onover
No, this isn't scamming. They are not trying to trick anyone into purchasing the item, nor are they providing false information about it.

I saw that a few sites have been added to the Certified Fan Sites, and I thought that you could talk about every site listed in the whole Fan Site stuff, but not only just the name, URLs too. For example, with regard to DTI, I put the link on a Petpage (it's not a clickable link, though) and I thought it would be okay since it's a Certified Fan Site. However, after reading the page again, it's only the Recommended Fan Sites that you can post a link to? Could you please clarify? ~alice_sadness
You're correct. Recommended Fan Sites can be linked to directly from Neopets, but Certified Fan Sites cannot. You're more than welcome to discuss the Certified Fan Sites, but they may not be linked.

I have a Neopet on my side account that I'm planning to enter into the Beauty Contest at some point. I want to take advantage of the traffic that comes through the shop on my main account, but I know I'm not allowed to directly advertise a submission from my side on my main. Would it be okay, though, to make a banner that links to the main Beauty Contest voting page -- NOT my submission -- that says something like "Have you voted for a [species name] this week?" This doesn't seem to break the spirit of the "no advertising on other accounts" rule, but I wanted to check before I do anything. Thanks in advance, and please remove my username. ~username removed
We'd rather avoid making micro exceptions as much as possible, so we're going to say no to this idea. Please feel free to take advantage of the transfer service to place your Neopet on your main account during the week it will be in the Beauty Contest. That way you can advertise from your main without worry.

Hi, TNT! Since I'd rather not identify who I'm talking about to my friends, please remove my username. I have a friend that routinely ignores the rules you've set in place to keep this site family-friendly. She's been silenced several times. We're all certain that, if she gets in trouble again, she will be silenced permanently. Now, she's been doing fairly well for at least two months, but lately she's been ignoring the rules again. I have reported her in the past, but I hesitate to do so now because I don't want to be the reason she has to switch accounts or talk on a side all the time. My question is this: has she been a model Neopian long enough that her next infraction will not permanently silence her account? ~username removed
This is a call that would be made by the site monitors. We can tell you, however, that it will most likely take a lot more than two months of good behaviour to be forgiven for enough past transgressions that the next infraction would result in permasilence. If your friend wishes to keep her ability to communicate on her account, then she may want to read up on the rules again. If she simply doesn't care to follow the rules, then nothing can really save her account. It's up to her.

There is a player-made rule that says you cannot go over the score of 1,800-2,000 in the Flower Frenzy mini-game. It has been forced on everyone, and those who do not adhere to it get reported for cheating. The players who enforce this rule on the boards justify it by claiming that getting anything over their predetermined score limit (which was set by them and based off of their skill level) is the result of abusing a glitch in the game. And yet, they tell people how to do this "glitch" while encouraging people to report those who get more than their score. Is this making up of rules and use of official ones to back up the rule you made up allowed? ~devidein
Whoa, whoa, whoa. NO player has the right to make up site rules and attempt to "punish" those who don't adhere to them. That is not okay. If a group of players wants to agree to a set of "house rules" they all play by together, then that's their prerogative, but they can't force those rules onto other players, and they especially can't abuse the reporting system to try and get those other players frozen. In this particular case, if anyone thinks there is a legitimate issue with a mini-game and an official rule should be created (or a glitch fixed), then they can contact us and let us know. That's as far as it should go. Please report anyone you know to be abusing the system in this way and we'll look into it.

While we're on the subject, this is part of a larger "backseat mod" trend we've been seeing lately. If you think someone is breaking the rules, report them and move on! Please do not post and egg them on, or claim that your reports carry any weight, etc. Let the monitors handle it and go about your Neopian day in peace!

Please, TNT... could you end the Editorial with a transparent Mynci? ~jusstice
In the words of the immortal game Kacheek Seek:

Easy peasy


Dear TNT,
I really enjoy reading the Editorial every week, but it got even better recently with the addition of ***HAPPY THOUGHTS***. What a great idea! There are a lot of questions that must come to you and are put in the Editorial that are negative, so thank you for bringing some excellent positive thoughts to my weekly indulgence. :) I did see this week that it has disappeared, though, so my question is: can you make it a regular thing? I am happy to provide a comment to fit into the section, and I am sure others would be, too, so just let us know. Thanks! ~wagstat

The Editorial is essentially user-generated content, as the questions (and comments) come from you guys. The number of positive comments we receive each week varies, so we can't guarantee ***HAPPY THOUGHTS*** each week. We do try to add them when we can, though! :)

I didn't know it three years ago, but being a programmer is my dream, and I wouldn't have figured it out without Neopets. When I found out that we could make our own pages on Neopets, I wanted to learn right away. I soon found that coding was my true passion, and that I could puzzle over some error for hours without feeling like I had wasted my time. I'm now a freshman in college and taking my first classes in Python, with many more languages ahead of me. Programming languages are a big jump from HTML and CSS, I know, but I love it just the same. I know I have a long way to go, but I also know that I would be stuck in a major I didn't love as much if it hadn't been for Neopets. So, thank you! ~darkassasinguild
Someone must be cutting onions in here. Our eyes are getting watery!

Dear TNT,
I just wanted to let you guys know that I've spent just over a third of my life here on Neopets, and I don't regret a thing! B) ~1_doglefox

Some of us have worked here for a third of our lives! No regrets, either. /highfive

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