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So, while surfing the web and trying to discover [removed], I came across a site that sells Neopoints. What do you think of this, TNT? Is it a scam, or something legitimate? ~jeancgirl
Buying or selling Neopoints for real life money is NEVER legitimate. Any account discovered to be buying or selling items / Neopoints / Neopets for real life cash (outside of the NC Mall) will have all of their accounts frozen. These sites are often malicious, and could possibly endanger your account security. Also, the things that these sites sell are often stolen from other players like yourself. Please protect your account, Neopets, and credit card information by never clicking on such a site, even just to "check it out."

*waves to TNT* Let's get to the question. Say I am writing a game guide for submission to The Neopian Times and want to add a few screen shots. How would I go about adding them? Do I use an offsite image editing site or what? Ahhh Meepits, take me away... please remove my username. ~username removed
Yes, just upload the image elsewhere and then include links in your article where you want them. If your article is accepted, we'll upload the image to our own servers and place the images in the appropriate spots of your article.

*throws pile of snow mush* IT STOPPED SNOWING!!! Can we use #%!&@*$*$*)$!! to substitute for disallowed words? Thank you. OH, and please make it snow! ~dragonfuzz
Uh, no. That would fall under misspelling or using images and other ways of getting around the filters. You're still communicating the same completely inappropriate thing, just using different symbols.

Hello, so there are lots of rumors going around about Spring Snowbunnies -- like that only thirty have ever been released. Therefore, they are selling for upwards of 25 million Neopoints. A bunch of us decided that we should ask for clarification about where they come from, and why there are so few of them, and what makes them so much more expensive than normal Snowbunnies? ~beccabunnybear
Spring Snowbunnies are exclusively available as a possible prize for opening a Spring Gift Basket. Spring Gift Baskets are items that are given out through a Random Event, but only during the Spring months. So, more should be hitting Neopia a few months from now. :)

Keep an eye out for me come Spring!

Hello! I am a big fan of reading the trading Neoboards, for that matter generally on a daily basis. For a large amount of time now I have been puzzled by a certain term, "shell accounts." Messages will read something like: "ya, but it sold to a shell account" or "I don't sell to shell accounts." Is this the same thing as a side account? I sort of don't think so, but I would be very appreciative if you wouldn't mind clarifying. Please leave my username anonymous... ~username removed
"Shell accounts" are typically accounts whose lack of trophies, game scores, Neopets, and other evidence would indicate that the account has not been used until recently. The difference between these accounts and side accounts is that shell accounts are generally stolen or being accessed by someone other than the original owner, and / or typically used for cheating or other nefarious purposes. We also recommend not interacting with any accounts you find suspicious.

If you are under 13, are you allowed to be on the Neoboards? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
Nope, not without sending in a parental consent form. Otherwise it violates COPPA regulations, which we must abide by. It's a federal law, not a Neopets-specific rule.

Hello, TNT. *showers with delicious chocolate* I know that chocolate Petpets exist, and that you can get them from the Petpet Lab Ray. You can't see them at the Petpet Puddle, however. I think this is because you can't paint them chocolate, they have to be zapped. Could you please make chocolate Petpets available for viewing at the Petpet Puddle? Pretty please? *Puppyblew eyes* I'm sure that all of the chocolate fanatics (myself included) will thank you! Please remove my username. Thanks again! ~username removed
The Petpet Puddle doesn't work that way. It's a place where you go to paint your Petpets, not a place that lists every colour combination for Petpets.

Hey, TNT! I had a question about submitting articles, etc. Say you're bilingual and sometimes use the site in both languages. Are we allowed to submit an article to The Neopian Times in both languages? Thanks for your time. (: ~lavylovesyoulots
You're definitely welcome to submit to more than one language, but please don't just translate the same entry.

Hi, TNT. I'm very disappointed that you wrote in the last Editorial that we can't use airplanes in Neopian Times stories, because I was planning to write a story that involved a lot of air combat, and hot-air balloons (what you suggested in the last NT) wouldn't exactly do the trick. Also, I don't want futuristic spaceships or giant riding Eyries, either (it's supposed to take place in modern times, I guess). Could you suggest something to help my planned story? ~john3637881
Uhh... hang gliders mounted with lightweight cannons? o.o Or maybe they could "commandeer" the Cyodrake's Gaze?

Why do you always put irrelevant questions in the Editorial when I keep on asking relevant questions pertaining to actual questions that need proper answering and can't be searched up otherwise? ~rainfable
We can't decide whether answering this question will make you happy or not. D:

Hello, TNT! *throws NC Malls* So, if Eventide was created for another simple colour because the Aishas ran out of those, does that mean we can expect at least one other colourfill to be released between now and the next Aisha Day, and then every Aisha Day thenceforth? ~pharoah850
That's a good possibility -- at least until our brains explode trying to think of more colourfill ideas. (Please, though, don't try to help us do so. There's a good reason we encourage players not to post art of "possible" paint brushes.)

TNT, would you please end this Editorial with some invisible items? (: ~tigrismoon
Hmm... well, we also got the following request: "I DEMAND this Editorial have 100% more BACON in it!" So... here ya go!


**Happy Thoughts**

To our wonderful TNT: happy thoughts. Amazing. I've seen other people enjoy sharing their thoughts with you, and now it's my turn! I'd like to say thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful website. It has been a wonderful time for me to visit, and I've met so many people! Don't stop making cool new colors, because THEY ARE JUST. TOO. AWESOME. I've always enjoyed how social Neopets is, and I can promise that my writing skills have GREATLY increased. The best part is Neopets is absolutely free! You don't need to buy stuff to enjoy it to the fullest! Lastly, I'd like to thank you for all of the wonderful new colors you come out with. They're pretty AND customizable, unlike unconverted Neopets. Hey, thanks for keeping the cool UC's around, though! Bye! ~pinkgamegirl

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