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So, TNT, be honest... how surprised were you by the "Put Something In McGill's Hand" game, and how amused or annoyed by it were you? ~tepoen321
Haha, we were surprised and very amused. A few of our staff members even sent in their own images to add to the meme fun. :)

Hey TNT, I was wondering: could you make a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie smiley? I'm sure it would be a big hit. :D Thanks! ~devie_100
Oh, MSPP and Super Attack Pea smilies probably would be quite useful on the Neoboards. We'll keep that in mind for future smilies.

So... my Flotsam, Shafinshi, was turned into a baby quite unexpectedly a couple of months ago. I was baffled but alright with it, since I thought he looked okay, so I didn't try to investigate it... until I saw a player's comic where it said that Boochi zapped a Neopet with his ray gun and turned them into a baby! I was like, "Oh my, is this what happened to Shafinshi?" I don't know for sure, though, because I thought the Wishing Well had turned Shafinshi into a baby, since I had wished for a Baby Paint Brush there a few days prior to Shafinshi's becoming a baby... so, did Shafinshi get zapped by Boochi (without me noticing), or... what? ~pixflix
We imagine that it was Boochi striking you with an unnoticed Random Event. :) The Wishing Well grants items, not automatic paint jobs. But hey, it looks like you got your wish just the same. :)

Hi there, TNT! :) Since most people give you food, I shall be special and therefore... *hands over brand new clock* I hope that helps you keep track of time in the office! Now, on with the question! I was wondering: do TNT members have accounts on Neopets? If so, can they get whatever they want? :O Are their accounts just for fun, or for testing out items (like for an avatar, machine, event, etc.)? Can the staff members sell their items in the Neopian markets so that additional items are released around Neopia? Also, for no reason, could you please remove my username if this gets published? :) Thank you so much! ~username removed
Only a very limited number of our staff members have the ability to grant items, and it can only be done for official purposes, such as testing items or returning items to players. Such tested items are deleted afterward and may not be sold. Any staff found doing that would find themselves in serious trouble. The only exception is for approved events like dr_sloth's stamp sales or trillionftw's auctions. In these cases, any Neopoints earned by the account are deleted. Our staffers are also encouraged to play the site on their personal accounts, but they may not grant themselves items or Neopoints. These personal accounts are the same as player accounts, and their owners must earn items / Neopoints the same way any other player does.

Hi, TNT! *hugs* I've seen a LOT of people misspell inappropriate words on Neoboards, in Neomails, etc. Is misspelling a word that would be against the rules itself against the rules? ~cute_agata
Yes, attempting to circumvent the filters by intentionally misspelling words that are not allowed will net you a warning.

I saw your Haters Gonna Hate image in the last Editorial; I love you guys a little more now. What other memes do you guys know, and do you use them often? ~rasberryseed
We daresay their use is only exceeded by the number of puns we make.

And we make a lot of puns.

Hi, TNT! I've really been enjoying the puzzles that we have to do in order to tow island fragments back to where Krawk Island was. I've never been good at regular Sudoku because all of the numbers just run together for me. Can we please have a game like this after this event is over? It's so much more fun to arrange little characters or symbols without having to deal with numbers. :P ~rottenangel_82
We agree that it's much more fun to arrange the characters. We're considering making it a site game, but will need to make it dynamic and all that, so it's going to take some time.

What sort of Neopet is the Quarter Master in the "Krawk Island is missing!" event? ~the_ashes__2005
It's a... *sticks nose really close to the screen for a better look* Xweetok!

The Mossy Rock is now wearable!!! I cannot contain my excitement! I collect them, and now they're even better! Who is the moss-lover in The Neopets Team that decided to update these lovely rocks? ~_mee
You can thank Dragona for that one. She really loves moss. No, really. She took pictures of moss that she found on some rocks... during her wedding day. We can't make this stuff up.

Have any of you ever spelled cow as "Kau" outside of Neopets? ~ccctoshiba
Goodness, yes. One of us also accidentally called a poodle a Poogle, as well.

Uhh, TNT? There's a Storytelling Competition? It said so in a poll on the Pet Central page. I've been looking for some kind of link, though, and haven't seen a thing. So, is there a Storytelling Competition? ~ilive4music10933
Yes, if you check our Contest page it's listed under the Art and Poetry area. We suggest checking back on Monday, when a new Storytelling Competition begins.

Okay, so my Neopet has an odd problem... he hates Petpets. I don't usually go out buying Petpets, so when I stumble across one I give them to my Neopets. My Ogrin has refused three different Petpets already, though: a Quetzal, a Gruslen, and a Blibble. Is there something about his stats or temperament that causes this?!? Thanks! ~coffee_rat
It's usually an issue with the Petpet. Perhaps he wants something more fancy with a longer name, or maybe even something more simple with a shorter name?

How many questions did you get asking about the Wishing Well avatar this week? ~doglover1245
Well over fifty. x_X *sobs quietly in corner*

Dear TNT,
My Neohome was on Krawk island. Will my Neohome insurance cover the disappearance if it cannot be retrieved? ~nea290490

We hope you weren't foolish enough to insure your Neohome with one of the companies on Krawk Island! Aside from being plain ol' scoundrels, we imagine their companies have... *puts on sunglasses* GONE UNDER.


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