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WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KRAWK ISLAND?! First it's surrounded by tentacles, then it disappears, then it reappears and is surrounded with tentacles again. So, I repeat, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH KRAWK ISLAND??!!! ~azienskieth
Pay no attention to whatever you think you saw that might have gone up a bit too early and has now reverted back to what it's supposed to be until such time as it may or may not change back to the thing you weren't supposed to see.

Dear TNT,
Say I wanted to write a story in The Neopian Times about my Neopet. Maybe my Neopet's name is Hannnah. It has three Ns instead of two, so it's not spelled correctly. Could I still use its name in my story, or should I use Hannah? ~fruits_berries

Yes, that's just fine, though do try to avoid using numbers in a Neopet's name unless it's important.

How many Editorial questions did you get related to Krawk Island being hugged by a giant squid? Just wondering. =) ~twizzlerfan4
Enough to make it difficult to find answerable questions for the rest of the Editorial. x_X

Does an interview count as a short story or an article? ~24turtle
Interviews are usually informative, so we tend to accept them as articles. If your interview is more about a plot than explaining something to your readers, it might work better as a story. It just depends on how you write it!

I've got a question about paperclip trades. How exactly are they NOT scamming for items? A person puts up, say, a Pile of Dung, wanting to turn it into a Faerie Queen Doll, and then does so by making people offer an item that's worth a little bit more than the dung, repeating until they finally get either the FQD or settle for a lower item. This therefore means that they've basically turned a Pile of Dung into a profit by stating that they're "going to turn it into another item." The whole thing reeks of scamming. ~ededdeddy12345226
The player is not tricking / deceiving / forcing anyone to offer on their lot. If anything, it does come close to begging, but by no means do we consider it scamming, unless there are some serious shenanigans going on.

I'm not sure if someone has asked this before, but I'm curious. Oh, mighty TNT, pray tell: how is Neopian art done? With ink, or via some computer program (silly me, what's a computer?), or a mix? I MUST KNOW. Thank you. :3 ~catlover6
It's mostly done using Flash, with occasional use of Photoshop in addition to that.

Just a quick question: do weak retired weapons (take the Rainbow Gun, for example) stay weak, or do they increase in power? There was once an FAQ which said that the rarer a weapon was, the stronger it was. I can't tell, however, if this also goes for retired weaponry. Thanks! ~sl0wp0w3r
No, the stats remain the same, even after the item has been retired. Rarer items aren't always more powerful, either.

This doesn't make them less awesome, though.

Hello, TNT! *gives platter of asparagus* I also brought some cookies for mr.coconut. I have a question about role-playing. Would it be considered impersonating staff if a user were to start a role-play guild in which members role-played as TNT staff members? Disclaimers would be posted in abundance, on both the guild homepage and webbie. Thank you! ~waxfinger
Even with disclaimers, impersonating staff is considered a very serious offense on the site and most often results in the player being immediately frozen. While we appreciate that you may want to explore our bizarre office antics via role-playing, we don't want you to put your accounts at risk or possibly confuse other players. So please, no TNT RP.

Okay, so I wanted to transfer my faerie Lenny to someone, and I was gonna trade a Neopet, but I forgot to click the "If you want to exchange [Neopet name removed] for that person's Neopet" button. They said they would give the Neopet to me, but they traded with someone else and didn't give me the Neopet. Is that scamming? If you reply, please leave out my username. ~username removed
You had a written agreement through Neomails, we assume? If they accepted your Neopet and neither completed the trade nor gave your Neopet back, then yes, we would consider that a scam (regardless of your error). Please report the other player so our monitors can look into the situation.

Many people are becoming frustrated because they believe unimportant questions are being answered in the Editorial while some of the great mysteries of Neopia go unanswered. Is there a particular reason you decide to answer certain questions over others? Thanks! ~9099xxdoomxx
We think the players that are asking these questions would beg to differ with the assessment that they are "unimportant." Also, some things are meant to be mysteries. We do our best to answer what we can, but some things we simply cannot, regardless of whether they are deemed "more important" by various players.

*tosses dusty rulebook* Can somebody get in trouble for customizing a Neopet in an inappropriate way? I'm asking because you guys make all the items, and all we can do is put them on our Neopets. Thanks! ~squirt5dad
We also allow you to type a wide range of words that are completely innocent until combined with other words. And people use cute Neoboard smilies inappropriately as well. The pieces are innocuous by themselves, but that doesn't mean we allow them to be put together in a way that's inappropriate. The same goes for customisation.

Hello, TNT! I have a very interesting question for all of you. You provide us with a fantastic world here and I want to know: what is the most surprising thing that the Neopian society has created or done? I think the most surprising thing is the community that we have created for the Altador Cup, with its many chat groups, abbreviations, and scoreboards. It's amazing what we can create with what you provide for us. Lastly, please remove my username! ~username removed
We've always been amazed by the dedication of our players, especially the efforts they put forth for Petpages and fansites. We think we agree with you that the communities that have sprung up are among the most impressive of all, though. We love watching you cheer for your favourite teams year after year. Also, hat tip to the OLDPDers for surpassing 5,000 boards!

Hi! I don't mean to be irrelevant, but I was wondering... how many Harry Potter fanatics are there working for TNT? ~7splat52
Enough to dress up as our favourite houses and close down the office early this Friday to go see the newest Harry Potter movie together. See you Monday! :D

We're travelling by Portkey.
Nothing can possibly go wrong!

*Warm Fuzzy of the Week*

TNT, I would just like to thank you guys for the site. My favourite part of it has got to be the graphics. I love contests like the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, and Lookup Spotlight. I also love that we can design our own User Lookups and Petpages; I've made many good friends on the boards who also love making Neopets graphics and drawings. Also, the huge Petpage site community is amazing: all kinds of different artists working together to help each other out! Knowing how long it takes to draw one Neopet has made me really appreciate all the stuff that goes into all of your graphics... for Neopets, items, world maps, and everything else! It wasn't until I got into Neopets that I realized my love of digital art, which I now plan to study at college. I know a lot of people don't appreciate Neopets much, but thank you guys, because without this site I may never have realized my dream of becoming an artist! *throws love and cupcakes your way* ~antzie

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