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So, if someone sent 509,430 submissions for the Editorial versus someone who only sent in one, would you choose the submission of the first person or that of the second? In other words, does submitting more than one question / comment raise your chances of getting chosen? Thanks! ~ginny_weasley575
Nope. Assuming that it's the same basic question, the person who asks in the most clear manner will have their question published, regardless of whether the person asked it once or 20 times. Assuming that they are different questions, then aside from the fact that it raises the odds of asking a question we can answer, it has no impact.

Hi, TNT! *throws Yooyus* What color is Sela Pretore (the Xweetok on the Virtupets Space Station Yooyuball team) supposed to be? She doesn't look like any of the Xweetok colors listed at the Rainbow Pool. ~mystie06
She is purple, but was designed pre-customisation, when purple had lots of orange in it for some reason.

*opens cage and releases the Meepits* Hey there, TNT! Anyway, I recently traded for my gorgeous new Neopet on my account! I also have a lab rat on this account, though, and I fear that I might accidentally zap him one day. D: Anyway, to make it short and simple... could you possibly make unconverted Neopets immune to Lab Ray zaps (meaning they can't be zapped by the lab at all)? Thanks TNT, I'm sure you got the point! *retrieves Meepits* Also, please remove my username. Thanks! :D ~username removed
Egads, goodness no. Unconverted Neopets don't need any more special treatment. We understand that you guys value them highly, but it's getting silly. Just be mindful when you're on the zapping page. If someone gets a UC Neopet with a nice name they like and want to zap it into a Tyrannian Nimmo, that's up to them, and we will not block someone from doing it.

On April 5th of this year you released the Spring Gift Basket to the public, with the possibility of giving out a rare item (the Spring Flowers Foreground) and a super rare item (the Spring Snowbunny). A Snowbunny has since surfaced, but the Spring Flowers Foreground is still nowhere to be seen. Did something go wrong? ~juney4
There was an issue with the Spring Gift Basket itself, as the Random Event stopped working for some reason. It was fixed, but as the Spring Gift Basket Random Event should hypothetically only occur during spring, no more will be released until next year. We meant for the two new items to be rare, but not quite that rare. We'll add some to our trillion page view auctions to help balance out how few were released during the time the Random Event was malfunctioning.

Hiya, TNT! What do you think would happen if I were to take Dragona to a store filled with socks? ~north_wind_suicune
We could only assume that you'd also leave in handcuffs and with a court order for the damaged goods.

Though Dragona would probably compliment
you on your terrific restaurant choice.

*hands Draik-shaped cookie* You have to do something, TNT. The price of Draik Morphing Potions is CRAZY. Are you planning to do something to help the price come down, or are you going to watch us scrimp and save until we find out that the price has gone up by another million? Please help! Could you remove my username? ~username removed


Oh dear, TNT. Could you guys please do something about the wildly inflating price of Krawks? Draiks seem to be at a nice balance, but Krawks are at 22 million NP and rising! This is very discouraging to me after years of trying to save. Is there anything you guys could do about this? (Side note: I love the new Yooyuball! =P) ~doeful


TNT, I was informed that the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie avatar was given out via an item from the TCG cards' codes. I was told that the codes used to get the item don't exist anymore. Is it possible to make new cards to create a few more MSPP codes? Avatar collectors would really appreciate it. Please and thank you. ~chanelxo

Normally no, but we hit one trillion page views this week, so we figured that with a number that big, we should celebrate big.

Hey TNT, just because I'm curious... who writes the answers for the Editorial?
We do. :) Hi! *friendly wave*

Hey, TNT! I've just noticed that you got your one trillionth page view! Congrats. :D Are you going to do anything to celebrate? Please remove my username, thanks. (: ~username removed
We're gonna go celebrate! YEAH!!!

Guys? Anyone? You... forgot to finish the Editorial.
*sigh* Great. Ummm... next question, I guess?

If Qasala really wanted to get rid of the scarabs, then why did they install tubes that lead back to where they started? ~tamagirlsfm
They didn't intend to, but they decided to cut costs buy hiring their workers off Cra-- *watches Lawyerbot zoom in, sirens blaring*


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