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No time for cookies or muffins, TNT! This is serious business! My life MIGHT just depend on you right now as you read this question - a question so vitally important that, when you read it, you'll stand up and announce to the world, "Hey guys! This is important!" Are you ready? Alright, well, here is the question... is the Lenny Swolthy and the Mynci Prigpants, or is it the other way around? Thanks, guys! 8D ~jrwacmaster
It's the other way around. Prigpants is the Lenny and Swolthy is the Mynci. Your life is now complete. :D

Hey TNT, I was wondering if we're allowed to use the Wishing Well on a side account as long as we type in random letters (*cough* or an avatar related phrase *cough*). I'm also wondering if there's any reason we'd need to do that. :) P.S.: I'm totally not trying to get a hint for the avatar. ~thesundims
Ahh, you are trying to determine if there is a limit to how many times per day you can effectively donate to the Wishing Well, eh? ;) Sorry, not giving any hints about that one. We will be nice and give you a hint if you keep reading this Editorial, though... :) 'cause we're nice like that. Though completely unrelated to the avatar, please only use the Wishing Well on your main account so we don't think you're up to shenanigans with multiple accounts.

Hey TNT, I was wondering: if you get, let's say, a silver trophy for a game and someone beats your score, which pushes you further down the High Scores list, do you lose your trophy or do you keep it forever (even if others beat your score)? ~rabbits_forever
Once a trophy is added to your User Lookup it's there to stay, regardless of whether your score is bested or not. :)

Person A recently got frozen for scamming after advertising Person B's Neopet for trade. B said that they hadn't given A permission to advertise, but A was sure that they had gotten permission. This situation aside, I'd like to know if there's been a rule change. Are we forbidden from advertising Neopets we don't actually own? Thanks for the clarification, and please leave out my name! ~username removed
Being allowed to advertise for other people just opens up way too much room for possible scams. Please only advertise for your own Neopets using your own main / side accounts.

Hello there, TNT. I recently purchased a Faellie for one of my Neopets, a grey Ixi. Upon trying to attach the Petpet to my Ixi, she rejected it. :( This has happened to me before with other Petpets, so it's not all that surprising. I had been planning to paint the Faellie grey to match my Ixi, though. My question: is there a chance that, after the Petpet is painted, my Ixi will accept it? Is there any other way to get her to accept the Petpet, or should I simply try again with a different Petpet? ~producers
Apparently some Neopets get startled by certain Petpets and won't accept them. A little paint job almost always fixes the situation, however. We recommend painting the Faellie and trying again. :) Good luck!

Hey, TNT! *throws Mutant Moehog Plushies* In your last Editorial, you said that if any Moehog items were offered, DJ Skellington would tell us how to wear black. In the event that this gets in and DJ sees this question, would you have him tell me how Peophins can wear black? Thanks! ~josefina1843
*puts on sunglasses*



Hi there, almighty, all-seeing TNT. So as I understand, it's strictly against the rules to purchase items, Neopoints, services, etc. with real life money. A user recently contacted me about selling an item that she had obtained by redeeming a Neocash card she'd purchased at a store with real life money. She wanted to sell it to me for 4 million Neopoints. How can this be allowed? Isn't this just a wrongly-justified way of purchasing Neopoints with real life money?!? Thanks for answering this, and please remove my username. ~username removed
Items received from Rare Item Codes, Trading Card Game codes, promotional giveaways, and Neocash redemption are just our way of saying "thank you" to those players who help support the site. Without you, we wouldn't be here. Please keep in mind that the rewards from all of these are random. As a result, most of the time they are worth only a little, but occasionally a user will win something really nice (Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie TCG card, anyone?). We're not giving away millions to players just for picking up a card -- sometimes they just get lucky, not unlike winning big at Coltzan's Shrine or having a Draik Transmogrification Potion land in their lap from a Random Event.

Just wondering, why was the last Editorial so very, very short? I bet that made mr.coconut sad. :( ~natverdi
:( Sorry, mr.coconut. It actually started out longer than usual! Sometimes we just can't get the answers we need from all the various departments in time, however, or sometimes we realise we're not too sure of the answer ourselves and need to remove such questions before it goes live. Last week just happened to have quite a few of those questions. Fear not; the ones we haven't gotten a response to in time are often added to the following week's Editorial. :)

*hands you the nonexistent Blue Elephant Plushie* I've been working on and off on my plushie-based Gallery, and I noticed that there is no Blue Elephant Plushie. Also, the other basic-colored Elephante plushies have improper names and ancient-looking art. What's up with that? ~neolikepets
Ahh... we see you're referring to the Elephante toys / dolls. Those should all be plushies, and do need an art update. We'll schedule it in for early next year to get that all sorted out. :)

*tosses some good ol' New England cranberry sauce* Happy Thanksgiving! Anyway, I was looking at the wearable backgrounds and noticed that there's a "Rubbish Dump Background" and a "Money Tree Background," but no background for the Second-Hand Shoppe. That hardly seems fair to the hard-working Ruki shopkeeper, who sees other Neopets sporting the Rubbish Dump and Money Tree looks but never gets any recognition himself. Don't you think he deserves a little attention? ~newenglandquizzer
Who would want a background of a shop filled with Piles of Dung? D:

Hi, TNT! I hope this question doesn't come across as unappreciative, because that's certainly not my intent - I'm just curious! I've been wondering why winners of the User Lookup Spotlight don't receive item prizes like Art Gallery winners? Graphics and coding (to me) are art forms, and I was just wondering why this spotlight does not also receive similar prizes? Thanks so much if you answer this! ~whitehouses
Right now we only give a trophy because all of you talented coders and graphic makers / artists are allowed to enter on your side accounts. :) Art Gallery entries may only be submitted from your main account since it gives items / Neopoints as a reward.

Hello there, TNT! I have a question. This hasn't actually happened to me or anyone I know, but the situation popped into my head and I wondered if you could clear it up for me. Let's say User A has this awesome font and goes on a font-rating board, where User B gives her a "perfect font" award. User A goes to User B's Petpage (where they keep their font awards), takes the "perfect ten" one, and puts it on her own page. User B then decides to be a meanie and changes the URL in the font award to something inappropriate. User A now has this inappropriate image on their Petpage. TNT finds out about it and freezes User A. Is there any way this situation can be resolved, whereby User A gets their account back, User B gets the rightful blame, plus any other desirable circumstances? Thank you for your time, and I hope this question isn't too long-winded. P.S.: you're awesome. ~harry_potter_fan4444
This is one reason why we always encourage players to host their own images. Things like this have happened before and it's very hard to sort out, as solid evidence can be hard to come by. To be clear, though, the player that replaced the image with something inappropriate is the one who has placed poor material on an all-ages site. If this happens to you, please contact support with as much detail and evidence as you can provide regarding the situation. Hopefully it will get sorted out.

I know you're being, erm, thrown every question possible about the Wishing Well avatar. T_T I have an actual question, though: after three years of figuring out the Chef Bonju avatar, only to find that it's seasonal, can you say whether the Wishing Well avatar is seasonal, too? ~haha_u_think_i_care
One of these statements is true:

~The Wishing Well avatar is not seasonal.
~To get the avatar, you need to rub your tummy clockwise while patting your head straight up and down with your other hand, and shout, "I am a happy fluffy Cybunny!" as you use your nose to enter a sum to donate to the Wishing Well. We suggest using your forehead to guide and click your mouse.
~mr.coconut knows the truth. The answer is...


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