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Since so many shops are getting made-over owners, will the Secret Laboratory get a revamp anytime soon? It looks really old... thanks, TNT! ~rebemwal
Oh, quite right. We'll schedule that for sometime during the upcoming months. :)

You just gave us the wonderful perk of the Almost Abandoned Attic for two-year-old accounts. Thank you, it's awesome!!! I have heard that Draik eggs may sometimes stock there; if you did that to help combat the insane inflation of Draiks that's great. What about Krawks, though? Their inflation is horrible, too. Can't you PLEASE have Krawk morphing potions stock there, too? You seem to be doing things to help Draik inflation, but not so for Krawks. Why is that? Please, please don't forget the Krawks -- help reduce their inflation, too! ~quoththeraven77
Apparently great minds think alike! This was already scheduled weeks ago. You might find next Thursday's news to be particularly pleasant. ;)

Is it possible to get rid of your Gallery? I'm asking because I don't want mine anymore, and it bothers me to see it on my User Lookup. ~connemara_pony_lover
Sorry, at this time there is no way to delete an unused Shop or Gallery. D:

Dear TNT, *offers you a sleeping cap with Meepit print for mr.coconut* I was wondering: did you plan to make the Wishing Well avatar the new Bonju? Do you want to see us suffer? *secretly hopes it's the new Bonju* Ow, and could you consider making a schoolboy outfit? My Bori is tired of having to wear a skirt and getting laughed at... ~bringerofjoy
Haha! Hopefully this one won't take you guys THAT long to figure out, and we doubt it will. We won't complain about all those shiny Neopoints being tossed in there while you're figuring it out, though. ;D Bori Day is still quite some time away to wait for new clothes, but we'll forward your request. :)

I accidentally made an account on Petpet Park called Ugresal. The name I chose appeared as a Neopets account with no Neopets on the exact date I made the account! Is it my Petpet Park account, and if it is, is it okay if I use it as a side account? ~lasergu
Your Petpet Park account and your new Neopets account are the same account. :) You're more than welcome to use the Neopets part of the account as a side account if you like. Additionally, we'd like to remind everyone that you can log into Petpet Park using your main Neopets account without creating a new Petpet Park account.

Why are there no Xweetok players in the Altador Cup? I was shocked when somebody posted a board with the number of players from each species in the Altador Cup and Xweetok was the only species that didn't have a player!!! Are Xweetoks too lazy to play in the Altador Cup? Does The Neopets Team secretly hate them? They are my favourite Neopet and I feel sad. :( ~lil_baby_kimi
We wouldn't forget Xweetoks! We love them, too. :) Head on over to the Virtupets team and meet Sela Pretore, Virtupets' left defender. :D

Hey, what's up?

Hey, TNT! *throws mr.coconut at 'cha* I was wondering about how to put up doodles I made about some Neopets. I scanned them onto my computer, and I know how to get the image's code, but it's from an offsite image hosting location and the code for the picture would have that site's URL in it. Is that still okay if I use it, or is there something I'm doing wrong? 0_O (please remove my username) ~username removed
That's fine. Players can't see the code unless they view source or right click the image and, well, the image has to be hosted somehow / somewhere.

Hello, TNT! Sorry I don't have any cookies, so instead I'll give you all big hugs! *gives big hugs* So, I was wondering where I could read stories or legends about Neopia. For example, I've had my eye on Hannah for a while. I would like to read all the stories about her. Please, please, please let me know where I can find that stuff! :D ~need_cookies_
Yay, hugs! They're much healthier than cookies. We're happy to direct you to several places where you can enjoy the lore of Neopia! For starters, may we direct your attention to: The Neopedia, where you can read stories about Hannah and other characters.

There are also past plots, which you can no longer participate in but can still read and enjoy, such as:

The Curse of Maraqua
The Tale of Woe
Return of Dr. Sloth
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Journey to the Lost Isle

just to name a few in no particular order. :)

Why were my Neopoints taken away? I had more than 3.5 million Neopoints and 20% were taken away. I want them back! I worked so hard at getting them. ~username removed
Youch! That had to hurt. Well, on the bright side of things, you got a cool trophy for Sloth's Invasion Tax. There are several Random Events that can steal NP, so if you want to keep your hard earned Neopoints safe, we suggest using the the National Neopian Bank.

Dearest TNT, instead of giving you a cookie, a cat, toast, or any other odd form of flattery i will simply give you a hug... in my mind. Now, on to the question: can you give an estimate of how many questions are sent to the Editorial? Is it 10, or more like 1,000? More? Less? I keep myself awake at night wondering... ~kidaria
There are currently... *drumroll* 176,456 questions in our database, sent in by curious users like yourself. Thankfully that's over the course of however long it's been since we hit the purge button, heh. This past week we've received roughly 1,100 questions. We generally get more questions during weeks when things go horribly, horribly wrong in some new and agonising way.

Hello, TNT. I read in the news that you're doing a poll to decide which "villain" we want to fight for Defenders of Neopia. Will you also release those who won't be chosen? I hope so... *gives Fire Muffin* :) ~neohugo1805
Sorry, we're only planning to use one of the characters from the poll. We already have a story drawn up for the next DoN after this upcoming one, though!

Which Altador Cup team does mr.coconut support? ~evanprofane
Oh, that's an easy question. He supports team:


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