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So, hey there. *chucks cookie* Let's get down to business. Since many of your staff members play Neopets on other accounts, to be just like anyone else, they will know (like me) the limits on the amount of Neopoints that can be sent through the Trading Post and auctions. They will also know that many items now cost hundreds of millions of Neopoints, and thousands go over 800,000 (which is the current limit on the Trading Post). I know you may say that this is to stop scammers, but it doesn't help sellers or buyers. I was trying to buy a full lab map for 990k but couldn't offer that because of the 800k limit. As far as auctions, say you have an Attack Pea, or Battle Faerie Doll -- you can't pay for these in full with pure Neopoints because of the limits. Will these limits ever be changed in response to the economy? Because the price of items is rising with rarity? ~htieki
We have discussed this recently (along with some other economy-related ideas) and just want to let you know we are completely aware of the circumstances, and are gathering information before deciding if we should up the limits (and, if we do, to what extent).

Okay, here's the brief explanation: a friend and I decided to enter the Random Contest, the one about Fyora Day and cupcakes, so we met at her home and baked cupcakes together. We were already close to the deadline (there were only a few minutes left) so we quickly put all of our photos onto a JPEG file and submitted it. After that, I realized that we didn't know if collaborations were allowed for the Random Conest; I mean, we both baked our own cupcakes, but the images were on one file, which she submitted very quickly due to the deadline. Is this allowed? If not, uh... we can still make two files: her cupcakes on her pic and the ones I made on mine. xD There was nothing about collaborations in the rules.... ~anna698
In this situation, it'd definitely be best to each submit your own. Since we would very much prefer that you did everything on your own (although baking Fyora cupcakes with a friend sounds awesomely fun), collaborations will be judged more harshly; it doesn't disqualify the entry, however.

Dear TNT, is the maximum word count for each part in a series for The Neopian Times (50,000) serious? Not that I don't take you guys seriously, of course! The thing is I'm writing rather... fanatically these days, and I'm worried that I may be rejected because a few parts of my story contain an insane amount of words. ~i_am_sherailin
We asked our wonderful NT Editor about this. After her eyes went wide and she sobbed quietly in a corner for a few minutes, she bravely gathered herself back up and offered this response: "I would recommend splitting up parts into more manageable size. You can always have multiple related series, as long as each one has some kind of conclusion."

Sometimes in the Editorial you say that you talked to the programmers, artists, etc. I am curious to know how you talk to them: is it by e-mail, or telephone? Do you get up from your desk and go speak to them in person, or do you use messenger Yooyus? ~ sirr1ch1
Occasionally we email, but mostly we use smoke signals and interpretive dance.

That probably explains a lot, huh?

Dear TNT, I could be boring and send you cookies, but I feel like (for the sake of originality) I will instead throw toast at you, because toast is yummy. Now, on to the question. It is quite clear that Moltara is not doing well in the Altador Cup, despite there being many dedicated Moltara players who are working their behinds off in order to support their team. Will these people get a trophy or something to show for their dedication and effort, even if their team bottoms out? It would be a shame to put in all of those hours of effort for nothing. ~mistyscooby
Don't worry, your active participation still merits you a medal, even if your team doesn't win. Additionally, the amount of effort you personally put forth will count toward the final rewards you can select from the Prize Shop.

Gwalla colors are still not available! Thanks very much for finally giving these cute little Petpets another color. The problem, though, is that the colors are STILL not available for painting them at the Petpet Puddle. Please tell me this will be corrected soon. Thanks. ~sq1432
It took a little while, but we figured out what was causing the issue and have corrected it. Yay!

Do windmills, in fact, work that way? ~azarlore

Hey guys! First of all: thanks for creating the attic! My dream of having a Draik one day is now closer than ever. :D There have been, however, many discussions about whether using the F5 key to refresh the site is allowed. No one knows, but there are rumours that you can get frozen for that. There's no other way to refresh, though, since there is no shopkeeper! We're confused. ^^ Aaah! *running around in circles* Hugs! ~ oomagicwitchoo
o___O That's a rather bizarre rumour. Using the F5 button to refresh is a perfectly fine thing to do. What you can't do is lay your cat or some other weight on the F5 button and refresh for Random Events. You need to push the button yourself.

Has anyone ever thought that they released something, gone about their daily lives thinking it was readily available, and then months later realized that they never pressed the final button to make it available? ~dottie27a
With 50,000+ items on the site, yeah, it has happened. Or rather, something was given the incorrect rarity as a typo and therefore never restocked. In completely unrelated news, the Cybunny Pumice item has been dropped several hundreds of points in rarity and is now available in the Grooming Parlour as intended. *cough*

Hey, TNT! *hands plate of cookies* Why do most Neopians hand you a plate of cookies, and do you select people who give you something more often than people who don't? Also, if this gets published please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Well, apparently it's not just cookies anymore, as we've had not only cookies but cats, toast, and goodness knows what else given / tossed at us this Editorial. We assure you, though, that it does not affect your chances of getting into the Editorial in any way. It's just something fun players like to add to their questions. :)

Hey TNT, love the new faerie Skeith! Give the Art Department my compliments. :) Anyway, there's a rumor going around that a new Random Event has popped up that changes your active Neopet's species. I have to know: is there any truth to this rumor? ~krystalkairi
We'll pass along your accolades. :) We're sure they'll be happy to hear it. As for the rumour, you can exhale now -- it's completely false.

Hey, TNT! (: *hands obligatory cookies* I went to my Inbox today and noticed that it was empty, yet I don't recall deleting any messages. Do you periodically delete messages that haven't been read for a while? Is it just a bug? Could it be me forgetting that I deleted my messages? xD Thanks! (: ~ _athenaa
After an amount of time Neomails are deleted to preserve space on our magical chariots of memory, more mundanely called our databases.

*tosses cat* Hey, TNT! I really think that you guys should close out every Editorial from now on with "GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut!" Really, honestly, and truly. I'm also going to need that cat back. ~honeyduchess
You can't have the kitty back *pets*, but you can have mr.coconut wish you a--


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