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Hey TNT, I have a question that I don't think has been covered here. I know you have the maximum side account number set at five. However, here's what I've been thinking about. What if I don't like the usernames I thought up? Would it be okay if I were to create five new side accounts and move the Neopets from my originals to these new ones and then self-freeze the other accounts that I no longer wanted? ~ ashluvscats2
You are more than welcome to create new accounts and transfer your Neopets to those accounts as long as you deactivate your old accounts to remain at or under the maximum.

Hey, TNT! *throws some mind control device stuff* I saw a guide that said that, in order to get a Neopian Times avatar, you need to have any kind of submission published in a hundredth edition of The Neopian Times. Does this include Editorial questions? ~ xdjocas
Sorry. :( Editorial questions do not count toward either of the Neopian Times avatars.

Hello, TNT! I was talking to one of my Neofriends and she showed me an off-site page with cheats -- real cheats (not, say, code words for games or avatar guides). I refused to use any, but she said that they work and that lots of people use them. Is it okay to use these so-called tricks or should I report them to you? Please leave out my username. I like to keep my Inbox empty. ~ username removed
Any site or player claiming that there are easy tricks to gain Neopoints faster and by questionable means should be reported. Cheating in any form is not allowed and will get your account warned and possibly frozen. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I've noticed that, in a lot of your games, there are fish bonuses. Many of those fish bonuses are the most valuable bonus in the game that they're in. My question is this: what's with this fish obsession?!? ~ alovethatburns
It all started with the Fish Negg and the hilarity of it, so the fish just kept popping up. :) Who doesn't love fish!

I'm such a trendsetter!

Hey, TNT! I have a question concerning Daily Dare. If someone challenges Abigail, but then (oddly enough) gets a score that beats AAA, will they get credit for a win against AAA or Abigail? ~ prawnt
If you challenge Abigail, but end up beating AAA, you will still only be credited with an Abigail win. Be careful when deciding who you want to challenge, as this cannot be changed.

So, I was wondering: is it okay to have the lab map on your side account? Like, say someone I know who plays Neopets says that, if you can manage to afford the lab map on both your main account and a side account, then it's okay to use them both. Is it? ~ esthernorma
Yes, you are allowed to have and use a lab map on all your accounts. Remember, though, that you are not allowed to earn the Neopoints on your side accounts to buy the lab map pieces.

Hi, TNT! *hands over a tray of muffins* I'm just wondering how it is that they still make things like Starberry Pizza and Starberry Satay when the Starberry itself was retired in one of the Gadgadsbogen festivals ages ago. Surely, even if there was a huge stockpile of starberries, they would have gone bad by now? ~ jenstarr
Starberries are wonderful fruits that last for a long time. Therefore, you and fellow Neopians will be able to enjoy their rare deliciousness in food items for many years to come. *nods*

Yum... starberries.

Can you please add a PIN option for removing Petpets from Neopets? I'd be very sad if my Kau accidentally lost her retired Petpet. ~ terragainsborough
Thanks for the suggestion! We'll ask our programmers if it's possible to get that added to the PIN options.

Oh TNT, I have a question for you. Many Neopians (such as myself) have spent hundreds of thousands of hard-earned Neopoints trying to get the Lever of Doom avatar. My question is this: where do all those Neopoints go? I mean, if Dr. Sloth somehow has control of all those Neopoints, should we really be spending so much on the lever? Or, on the other hand, should we spend more to help him dominate Neopia?!? *shifty eyes* ~ minceandcheesepies
Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your side), Dr. Sloth does not receive the Neopoints from the Lever of Doom. As we stated in Issue 221 of the Editorial, the Neopoints don't go anywhere. It's quite like buying from the site shops or the Hidden Tower. No one gets those Neopoints. They just disappear. However, currency leaving the economy is helpful, so do your part to stem inflation and destroy your Neopoints today!

Hi, TNT. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but if it has then I can't find it in previous issues. If your (let's say, Spyder) was zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray into a Snowbunny of some sort (or any other sort of avatar Petpet,) would you be able to collect the avatar once the Petpet fulfilled the age requirements for that avatar, or is the avatar only for the Petpets that were originally members of that avatar Petpet's species? Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion. ~ idril_teenelf
If your Petpet is zapped by the Lab Ray into an avatar Petpet, it will be eligible for that Petpet's avatar, providing it has met the age requirements. We hopes this clears up your confusion. :)

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