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Hi, TNT! Do you plan on converting every old-style furniture item for Neohomes version 2.0, or just a few? Also, how do you choose the ones to convert? Lastly, how about the old clothes items? Are you going to make them wearable? ~ prisje
Yes, we are planning to convert more old items so that they are Neohome 2.0 compatible, as well turn old clothes items into wearables. Keep an eye on the news for old items we convert. As for how we choose which ones to convert, we place all of our items on a giant wheel and spin it to find out what will be converted next. At least, that's how we would like to decide… anyone have a giant wheel we can borrow? *nods*

Hi, TNT! *throws a jelly Meepit at you* Anyway, say you get a Faerie Quest on your main account. Are you allowed to go onto your side account and search for the item there? This would help a bunch. Thanks! ~ taco___cat
Going on your side account to search for Faerie Quests is perfectly fine. However, we do ask that you only use your side account to search and leave all buying of items to your main account.

Hi, TNT! *tosses socks* On the boards I see a bunch of players complaining about scammers or that they were frozen for possibly being scammed. Is this the work of evil Meepits or should I be concerned about my account safety? (Could you please remove my username? Thanks!) ~ username removed
There are a few things you can do to help us (and yourself) when evildoers are about trying to scam you. First, you should never share your email address with anyone you don't know. Second, you should try to make sure your email address and password do not match your username. This is an easy way for scammers to guess your info and get into your account.

Oh, hi TNT! Uh, yeah... quick question: HOW IN NEOPIA DO YOU PRONOUNCE XWEETOK?!? I was just wondering, because it isn't in the "Learn to Speak Neopian" section. ~ kitcat123_4
Oh dear, we will have to add it to the Pronunciations Guide. For all of our Xweetok fans, Xweetok is pronounced zwee-tock.

So that’s how you pronounce my name.

G'day, TNT! How's it goin'? I hope all is well. :) My question is about the referral reset mentioned in the news earlier this week. Is this in reference to PREMIUM referrals or just Neopets referrals? Thanks for clarifying. :) Have a good weekend! ~ runaway_ducky
The referral reset mentioned earlier this week will only effect regular Neopets referrals, not Premium.

I have accidentally sent a Neopet to a user that doesn't exist! I meant to send it to another person but typed in their username wrong! Please help! I don't want my Neopet floating in VirtuSpace! ~ sprinkla
Don't worry. Your Neopet will only be taking a brief vacation into VirtuSpace. If you accidentally send your Neopet to a player that doesn't exist, it will return to your account within four days.

We were all just wondering what's happening with Plushie Tycoon, since it hasn't started in nearly a week now. Is it going to the Game Graveyard, having updates done, or what? Many people are freaking about what's going on. ~ jellerbean
Yikes! *Loudspeaker: Please, remain calm* It does seem something is wrong with the current version of Plushie Tycoon. We'll ask our programmers to look into it and see if we can get it up and running again.

I was wondering: when you are surfing the Pound and adopt a Neopet, but then somebody Neomails you asking for the Neopet back, is it okay not to give it to them? I am just tired of finding really good Neopets and feeling guilty that they belonged to someone who loved them before, so instead of keeping them I end up sending them back! I mean, the Pound is fair game and if you lose your Neopet then you've lost it, right? (please remove my username) ~ username removed
As we have stated in the past, please understand that when you send your Neopets to the Pound, it's at your own risk. If someone adopts your Neopet during a Pound transfer, they do not have to return that Neopet to you. While politely Neomailing a person to ask for your Neopet back is not against the rules, it is not an act we encourage. Unfortunately, some of our less-trustworthy players will use this as an attempt to scam you out of your newly adopted Neopet, so we do ask you to use caution when returning a Neopet. Kudos to you for being a nice Neopian and returning lost Neopets!

Hi, TNT! *noms on moldy cookies from the Editorials over the years* Over the years I'm pretty sure there's been cookies that haven't been eaten, and instead shoved to the corner of the room. I'm wondering: how many mold-covered cookies are sitting in the corner of the room? ~ unnamedgraves
Here at the Editorial Desk, we feed all our day-old cookies, doughnuts, and socks to the Meepits. Hmm, maybe this is why they cause so much trouble and we end up blaming them for everything…

Day old socks… blech!

I was on my side account one day and I got a Transmogrification Potion from Dr. Sloth. Is it against the rules to take that Transmogrification Potion from your side account and sell it on your main account? ~ sandrasung123
Congrats on the visit from Dr. Sloth! You'll be happy to know that it is not against the rules to send any items you receive from Random Events on your side accounts to your main account to sell. You are also free to use them on any of your accounts if you decide to keep them, instead.

Dear TNT, *rains down cookies on staff* I have a few questions about the weather. First, where is the link? I cannot find it without using a search engine. Second, why is there no weather listing for Tyrannia? How am I supposed to know whether to bundle my Neopets up or not when going to visit the Giant Omelette? Lastly, is the weather completely random, or does someone post it every day (or is it generated unrandomly)? Thanks for answering! *rain of cookies turns into blizzard of ice cream* Mmmm... ~ absolutesurrender
*pulls out our Chia Clown Umbrella* You can find our nifty weather link here or at the top of the Explore page. As for the missing Tyrannian weather, it looks to be an oversight and we will add it soon. Thanks for pointing it out! Tyrannians will be glad to have their weather report back again. As to the weather, we'd prefer it was kept a mystery. :)

Hey, TNT! *throws some pickles* Well, I have a question to ask. What's up with all the Chombies, especially the yellow ones? They're all bald! :o I hope you're getting them out of their spikeless existence soon! ~ xhopesandfearsx
Haha, it does appear that all our yellow Chombies have lost their spikes. We passed this on to our artists and they should be donning their spikes again soon.

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