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I have a piece of Darigan Citadel Fencing in my Storage Shed. I wanted to sell it, but when I searched for this item on the Shop Wizard, there was just had a "..." under "Searching for:." I couldn't find my item in the Trading Post or the Auction House either, along with any other kind of fencing. Did it go *poof* from all of Neopia forever? ~eoink
The Darigan Citadel Fencing is an NC Mall item, and cannot be sold from accounts. This is the reason why you could not find this item in the areas you looked. However, you can send this item as a gift to another player using an NC Mall Gift Box!

Dearest TNT, y'all are doing a fabulous job on the Advent Calendar. I have a question that's due to a recent Neomail I got. I Neomailed to ask someone how much they would like for a plushie that was in their trades. They replied with a spaced offsite link that offered me "free" items. I decided to check the site to see what it was - not because I thought I would get "free" items, but because I wondered why they would send me such a thing. The site asked for your username, pin, and password! I was wondering if you can report spaced offsite links, especially those like the one I received. Thank you so much and happy holidays! ~wockygirl_13
If anyone Neomails you or posts a suspicious link, please report it immediately. Please do NOT under any circumstances "check out" the site first. There are many malicious sites out there that can be dangerous to your account security just by simply visiting it, even if you don't enter your account information. We're here to protect you guys, so please, just report it to us so we can take care of it. :)

Hey, TNT! *gives cookies with festive chips* While holiday-ing up my Kougra, Ochrys, I noticed that the Grarrl Nutcracker I placed in the corner was being covered up by the Yooyuball Snowglobe. I thought this was weird, since normally an item that was in the same spot as a newly applied item would be removed for the new item. When I looked to see what category the nutcracker was under it said "Upper Foreground." Should this be changed to "Lower Foreground," since that is where it sits on Neopets, or am I just looking at it wrong? Thanks. :D ~_kate_e_did_
Ack! Thanks for catching that. Yes, it should be catagorised as "Lower Foreground."

There are a good number of us that are still trying to figure out how the trophies for the AotA plot were distributed. Many people finished the complete plot (16 of 16 items) but only received the gold trophy rather than the magma. :( Could TNT please explain the divide to us and set our minds at ease? We really enjoyed the plot but don't understand why some were more rewarded than others. Thanks for your time and the great site. ~jadenewt
We don't like to get into the nitty gritty of how we award plot prizes, but to help clear up a lot of confusion we will explain that *when* you completed each step was important, not just simply completing them all. :)

Unfortunately, just getting 16/16 didn't guarantee the top trophy. D:

If I were to draw a comic featuring the Neopets on a side account, should I submit the comic on that side account or through my main account? ~hauntedbywonderland
Please submit the comic on your main account. :)

Dear TNT, I was wondering if making someone wait pointlessly is reportable? To explain further with an example (a situation that occurred to me a month ago), I was trading a Neopet for a baby custom. She kept telling me that she would create the Neopet day after day, however every time I reminded her, she would say that she'd create the Neopet first thing the next day whenever she could come on. She never did. Afterward, I continued to Neomail her but she started to get angry at me for reminding her numerous times so then she said that she would create the Neopet so that I would stop "telling her to create the Neopet." Once again, she didn't. Is this reportable? Also, if this gets in the Editorial, please remove my username. ~username removed
If you've already upheld your side of the bargain and initiated the trade by sending her your Neopet, then by all means report this player. If you've waited a reasonable amount of time (taking into account that some players don't log on every day and such) and you're starting to get a bad feeling you've been scammed, please let us know so that we can look into the situation. If the transaction hasn't begun yet and no Neopets have been exchanged then, while annoying, they haven't technically cheated you. If this is the case then there really isn't anything we can do, and we therefore suggest that you inform them the deal is over.

I have been wondering for a while about multiple languages in the Art Gallery. I am bilingual myself and sometimes think that a different language for the title of the picture would be better suited than English, yet I see no foreign titles anywhere in the Art Gallery. Is this not permitted at all, or do you translate the entries into English? I do not wish to be turned away because of submitting art with a foreign title. Thanks! :) ~secretdreamer
Nope, submitting an Art Gallery entry with a foreign title is just fine and will not harm your chances of winning in any way. :)

I was looking through the Trading Post and saw a White Aisha Collar. Shouldn't those be non-tradeable, since they are paint brush-related clothing? Is this a glitch or is there another buyable way to get them (i.e. Uni's Clothing Shop)? ~krisdaniel
We looked into it and found that the White Aisha Collar is actually an old item from a Limited Too promotion. While it is a clothing type of item, this collar is not wearable and is not associated with any Aisha paint brush sets. The white Aisha wears the standard red and gold collar that is simply named "Aisha Collar."

One is simply a white Aisha-collar, while the other is the white-Aisha collar.

Hey, TNT! WASSUP? *throws bombardment of cookies* Okay, let's get on to business: a Neofriend of mine has been complaining for a while that her sister has been getting on her account and basically messing everything up. Today, I received a Neomail from her account (that was actually from her sister) in which she said that she was going to take over the account. Is there anything you can do to help my friend? Oh, and please remove my username if this actually gets in. Thanks! ~username removed
Ack! This is precisely one of the reasons why we don't allow players to share their accounts, even with family members. Players just love to use the excuse, "It was my brother that scammed that person! Please return my account." Even though we're sure that it's possible for that to be the case sometimes, it's the Neopian equivalent of writing in to support saying that your dog ate your homework. Since there is no way to prove it was the actual owner of the account rather than a mischievous sibling that got the account in trouble, it's very much possible that your friend's sister's actions could result in the account being frozen. Please encourage your friend to change her password and be sure to log out of her account whenever she is away from the computer. If the sibling is especially internet-savvy, we suggest your friend adjusts her internet browser settings to not recall passwords for Neopets. There's only so much we can do to ensure account security from our side of the monitor. Be sure to do everything you can to keep your account secure on your side. :) If your friend has been locked out of her account by her sister, we suggest she report it as scammed.

Hey, TNT! *gives you pie* I have a question about submitting comics to The Neopian Times. Let's just say that you want to submit a series of comics (like, 3 parts or so). Would one have to submit them all at once or risk not getting one or all of the comics in by submitting at separate times? I'd just like to know because I wanted to do this for Christmas. Thanks! ~cameron_and_aspen
If you have a series of comics with one story arc, please submit all of the comics in the arc at the same time. :)

Hai, TNT! :D So, quick question: say someone submitted a question to the Editorial and it didn't get chosen - does it still have a chance of coming up in a later issue, or does that question just go poof and need to be sent in another time? I just wanted to get that out of my head. ^.^ ~bananasplitsprinkes
Very occasionally we'll hold on to a question we'd like to publish but couldn't track down the answer for before the cut-off time for releasing an issue. For the most part, though, questions that don't get answered one week are unlikely to be answered the next. This is because we get so many questions that the week-old ones are literally buried under the new ones. We typically don't go searching for old questions, as generally the recently submitted ones are more pertinent to what's currently happening on the site.

Why is the Meepit section in the Neopedia blocked off?!? ~fuzzylemons
*looks around carefully, then whispers* It's because-- *gets dragged off to the "reeducation center" again*

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