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Hello, TNT! (Great job on the site, by the way. It rocks! ^^) I have a question regarding mass donations of the same item to the Money Tree. Sometimes I see several useless items such as the Old Rotten Right Sandal being donated in huge quantities by the same users. Is this against the rules? It seems like it's taking up space that could be used for other, more useful items to be donated. Thank you for clarifying! *tosses plate of brownies* ~egyptgrl662
Beggars can't be choosers! ;D So no, this is not against the rules. Some people just have impressive quantities of junk stored up and occasionally they'll do a spring cleaning of their SDB by donating things to the Money Tree. If you're looking for high-quality items, the Money Tree probably isn't the best place to be hanging around anyway.

Hey! You guys said that wearing NC Mall clothes is a way of changing your Neopets back to their regular state from gears, but I tried feeding my Neopets and making them happier also changes them from gears back to their regular state. Is that true, or is it me losing my mind again? ~randumlee
First of all, we just said customising them fixed it; we didn't say anything about the items being used having to be NC Mall items. x_X Secondly, wahey! You're quite right. It appears as though feeding them or playing with your Neopets works too, as well as placing them in the Neolodge it seems. Thanks for the tip off!

Dear TNT, it seems a little unfair for Illusen to request an item that does not exist! She asked me "Where is my Kougra Flying Disc?" and then gave me 13 minutes to find one. It has not been released yet, however, and now my score has been reset. Can you explain why she has been so mean to me? Thanks. ~crispianc
Aww, sorry to hear that she was mean to you. Illusen can't ask for unreleased items, but as she did in your case, she can sometimes ask hapless questers for items that were released so recently that none have restocked yet. :(

Hiya, TNT! *hugs* I have an interesting question regarding the Neoboards. I recently saw a board that was locked because there were too many responses to it. I was therefore wondering what the maximum number of posts is for a board? I don't think that it said on the board. ~glidget
Our boards cap out at 500 responses. :O

Hiya, TNT! Okay, so I have noticed that the Snowager's been blasting away at our Neopets. I know that we should be ashamed of ourselves for continuing to take our Neopets to the Ice Caves but we cannot help ourselves. We want that avatar. However, it now seems that very, very few people are still getting this avatar anymore. My question is this: is the "Snowager - RAWR!" avatar still available? ~mrstaftlady
Yep, it sure is! More people may have it these days, so maybe there are less new people who are cropping up with it? *shrugs* Nothing about the avatar has been changed, so that's our stab-in-the-dark guess.

This means I have to get blasted more, right?

Hello, TNT! Ya'll know you're awesome! *hands out frozen yogurt* Anyway, I just wanted to bring something to your attention: being an avid Neoadventurer, I decided to delete my old adventure and (for the sake of Borri) create a new one. There's only one problem, though: I can't add any old images! For example, I wanted to add the image of the scratches on the back of the Brain Tree, but every time I do, an irritating little /ts.com is added at the end of it, so the picture doesn't show up. Not only that, but if I type in the image's URL, it apparently doesn't exist, which is crazy because it's right there on that page. This is true for a large number of pictures! Oh please fix the Neoadventures, TNT! (While you're at it, could you also remove my username?) Thankies! ~[username removed]
*headdesk* You know, this could explain why so many recent entries to the Neoadventure Spotlight have been imageless. D: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll ask a programmer to look into it.

Okay, TNT. I entered the past Random Contest and made sure that I followed the rules accurately. However, in your requirements it said that the title of the magazine had to be "DURP,", and ALMOST ALL of the prize winners changed the title. In your requirements, it did not say that you could. My magazine did not even place, when clearly it followed the rules and was halfway decent. Why is it that those people got first place? ~b_b51
The actual instructions were:

Please include in addition to the main image:
- Magazine Title (DURP!)
- Cover Stories (Every great magazine has cover stories)

We were just saying that it was obvious that the magazine title would have to be on the cover of the magazine. We didn't mean that the title was supposed to be "DURP!" XD Judging by the entries, you weren't the only one to interpret the instructions this way, so don't feel bad! We'll try to be a bit more clear in the future.

Okay TNT, I'm going to go crazy if I don't get the official verdict on this one. I have a Korbat that I'm going to be painting Royal, and I really want to change the coding on his Neopet lookup to show an unconverted Royalboy Korbat instead of a converted one. I will NOT be trading him or advertising him as UC; I just like the art much better. Is this allowed? Thanks so much for taking the time to read this question! ~azurill24
Sorry, this isn't allowed. You can't misrepresent your Neopet in this fashion.

Do you choose the pictures used for the Neopian Times' articles / stories / series, or can people make requests? Also, do you draw them specifically to fit in with the story, or do you just find an already-made picture? Just wondering. Thx. =] ~botamius
Most articles use art that is already drawn, but we also usually do a few pieces of brand new art by request that fit a certain story each week. Consequently, these images go into the pool of NT art, so each week we have a greater variety of art to choose from to fit with articles.

I noticed that orange Kateils are now stocking at the Little Nippers shop. Why is this? I've never seen a painted Petpet restock in a shop before, so what makes the orange Kateil so special? Admit it, it has something to do with the Bonju avatar, doesn't it? Orange Blumaroo, orange Kateil... I'm on to something, right? ;) ~deranged_one_13
Hahaha! Alas, it wasn't a hint for the Bonju avatar. We just had a slight categorical mistake from the release of the item, which has now been corrected.

Darn it, TNT! I'm a special colour, not a restock Petpet!

Hi's! =) I heard somewhere that, if you save up lots of keys and use them all at once, then the prizes will be better. I have no idea if that's true, but if it is I'd like to pose a hypothetical question. Let's say two people, um.... Sandy and Nick, play 5-key 2-player Key Quest together a lot. If Nick lets Sandy win all the games to get all the gold keys so that the prizes will be better, and in return Sandy gives Nick half of the prizes, that's completely against the rules, right? It brings to mind the concept of item pooling, since Nick gave Sandy all the gold keys and Sandy could then easily refuse to give Nick his share of the prizes. The question of how much Key Quest players are allowed to plot together has been bugging me for some time, so thank you for considering my question. =) ~katofthekanto
Okay, first off: gathering a bunch of keys and turning them in at the same time does not affect your prizes at all. There's no difference between turning in one gold key at a time or turning in a dozen at once. Second, enough with the plotting guys! Just play the game, win if you win, lose if you lose. The hypothetical situation above is certainly not allowed.

Hiya, TNT! What is the process of choosing the questions that go into the Editorial? ~subtracting
First off, if the question is of a personal nature (such as "What did you warn me for?!?") and therefore it wouldn't benefit a lot of people, we'll probably skip over it. If it's been asked before and asked in a more clear fashion, then we'll probably skip it, as well. Some questions we simply don't have an answer for, so we can't really answer them here. Mostly we keep an eye out for questions that are generally unique, apply to a lot of other people, and are stated in a clear manner.

A quick question for you: a few Editorials ago, you explained that there are a few Neopets that were grandfathered. I know what grandfathered is, but someone on the boards said that this was no longer the case, because an unconverted Faerie Wocky got deleted for its name a week ago. So, my question is, are you starting to delete grandfathered Neopets now? ~kec36
The grandfathering wasn't a blanket thrown over all inappropriate Neopet names from some certain point forward. Old Neopet names that would have never been acceptable will still be deleted. The ones that are grandfathered in are ones that we probably wouldn't have deleted back in the day, but these days would not be welcome.

My 8 year old sister is developmentally challenged, and occasionally when I play Neopets I let her sit on my lap and give me directions. That's not to say that I let her play, but if I'm playing a game, she'll "help" by telling me to "go left." She also tells me what food to feed each Neopet. I know that younger children can use Neopets Jr., but she's crashed our computer before on Disney.com so she's not allowed to use it, even supervised. Is this considered sharing, and could I get in trouble for it? If so, I'll stop right away and try to get her a Neopets Jr. account, but I'm not sure if my mom would agree. I just don't want to lose my Neopets. ~skittlesrainbowpride
No, that's just fine. It's very sweet of you to play the site with your sister. If someone is too young or is challenged in a way that they can't play the site themselves, you are more than welcome to assist them, or let them enjoy the site with you.

I'm assuming that some of the questions that get answered in the Editorial are often asked later in time by someone else. However, you couldn't answer the same question over and over in every issue. At the same time, most people probably don't read every single past Editorial before asking a question. Therefore, how long do you generally wait before answering the same question twice? ~bananas04
We try to spread it out as best we can, because you're quite right; not everyone reads every issue, and there are some things that just bear repeating (such as avoiding scam sites, multiple account rules, and other common issues). We appreciate our regular readers who understand that not everyone is as dedicated a reader of the Editorial as they are and understand why we do have to repeat ourselves from time to time.

Dear TNT, I have heard many rumors on the boards that the I/S (ideas / suggestions) board is going to be deleted, along with other places, including Jelly World. Real or rumor? ~kaiwaii_chibi_
Well, we all know that the Jelly World board is just a rumour, but so is the the rest of this. If someone can't point to evidence that a Neopets employee stated this somewhere (and, really, why would they?), then just assume that it's a silly rumour.

That's as ridiculous a rumour as there being an entire world made of jelly!

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