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Once, in a Random Event, it said that a TCG card had found its way into my deck. How does it find its way? They don't have legs, do they? o_O ~costerboster
*Ponders* Perhaps they just kinda float down from the sky and land on top? Ahh, the mysteries of Neopia!

A few months ago I painted my little Nedler red. When I tried to look up a price for him (to put him in my shop) there were none listed on the Wiz, the Super Wiz, or the Trading Post. I thought, "Cool, I can price it what I want." :D However, when I tried to check out the price after putting it in my shop, it still didn't show up. I submitted a request to TNT to look into it but, after months of waiting, I still had no answer. I check the Wiz frequently, but it just comes up as a non-item. The other colors show, but not red. Why can't I get my little cutie on the Wiz? Is this color discrimination? Is red no longer deemed pretty? *sob* Can you help? *sniff* ~rainbowgranny
We checked these little chaps out, and it seems that two spaces were put between "red" and "Nedler." It's been fixed, so you should be able to search for these Petpets normally now. Thanks for spotting that!

If someone is quitting Neopets forever, are they allowed to send their Neopoints / items / Neopets, etc. to someone else (no, I'm not quitting; I love you all too much)? xD ~punkclown
Yes, if someone wishes to leave us forever, *sniff* they are more than welcome to send their Neopoints or items to their friends (or strangers) before leaving. However, if the person was a cheat and didn't get the items / NP honestly, those Neopoints or items will likely be removed from the account they get sent to. Therefore, don't accept items or Neopoints from shady characters. Also, be aware that lots on the Trading Post posted by people that are "quitting" are often tricks. That's why it's best to only accept items / NP from players you know and trust, or have a good reputation and ask nothing in return.

Dear TNT, recently there have been people on the shop boards posting that they will give items to people if they buy from their shop. They say they are not doing anything wrong because they actually do give people the items, which others have verified. However, there are Neopians who feel this is still against the rules. I'm sorry to ask you this, but could you please clarify? Also, please remove my username. Thank you. ~[username removed]
"Scamming people into buying your items / accepting your trades is not allowed! Neither is asking them for donations in exchange for items. Do NOT promise players things that they will not receive!" Is a word for word warning we give on the site. Since this is an issue, we have a blanket rule against people using this type of reward method to get people to buy from their shops. Even if the person actually IS giving the item, it's still against the rules just because so many people use this as a method of scamming.

Hi. I was wondering: let's say two people agree to trade Neopets -- an already made Neopet for a custom (as an example, we'll say it's a Plushie Chomby). If I've already bought the item, but not morphed yet, is the other person allowed to back out of our agreement? I wouldn't mind if the item was ETS (easy to sell), but I don't think Plushie Chomby morphing potions are ETS. D: Oh, and please remove my username. Thanks! ~[username removed]
By this stage it would be too late to cancel the deal. The other person has already invested Neopoints or altered their Neopet to fit the trade agreement.

Think carefully before you trade!

Hi TNT! I just found out about the Key Quest load test that you guys are doing again. I'm slightly upset because I'll be at school during that time :(. If you ever do something like this again, do you think you could use a more flexible time? It's kind of unfair that I'm missing out on the virtual prize. ~sapphirekira
Alas, there isn't a time we could offer that makes everyone happy all around the world (as well as a time when we could have employees here to oversee the load test). This is why we've been making the item rewards tradeable, instead of them being no-trade items. That way, even if you can't attend the stress test, you can still acquire the item. :)

I have recently come across a few shops that have a marquee scroll set on their shop items. This is not only annoying and aggravating to have to sit through until I find the item I came for, but it can also lead to mice slipping and items being accidentally purchased. I've come across many boards on the Help Chat that ask about the legality of this, and I would like to have it clarified once and for all: is this allowed, or is it not? ~pittyprettypup
Woah, woah, woah guys. Hold those items still. That is not allowed. Marqueeing your text -- while occasionally being slightly annoying -- is fine, but making it difficult to purchase items (as well as being a rather silly thing to do if you want people to shop at your store) is not allowed.

Konnichiwa, TNT-san! *Bows and then hands cookies* I was just wondering: if the Turmaculus eats your Petpet and they have a Petpetpet attached, what happens to it? ~injectable
Konnichiwa! Regrettably, the Petpetpet will share the same fate as the Petpet.

Hey, TNT... I've got to admit I'm a bit sad! :( As much as I love the NC Mall, I had to buy 19 Enchanted Valentine Mystery Capsules to get the bonus item. And here I thought that buying my 14 Rainbow Mystery Capsules was bad! Is receiving the bonus item completely random, or is there a set number where it guarantees it to you at a certain point? I think the chances of the bonus should be higher. Please address this - but withhold my username! Thanks for everything you do for us; the updates are always wonderful! :) ~[username removed]
D'oh! Don't worry, we ourselves have had run-ins with both poor and amazing luck buying capsules. It's really completely random, which is nice in that it provides your item with a bit more rarity (the downside, of course, is that it also makes your item a little rarer. x_X)

Ahh capsules, how we love and hate thee!

Hey TNT, love the site! :) I was just wondering if you could add a "Select All" or "Remove All" feature to the Safety Deposit Box? I'm sure that I'm not the only pack rat who finds emptying a SDB packed with over 1,000 items tedious work, and this feature could speed that process up a bit! Thanks for considering the option, and please leave my username out if this gets printed... er, typed... in the next issue of The Neopian Times! ~[username removed]
We're very happy to hear you enjoy the site! :D As far as your request, though, we'll have to say, "Oh goodness, no." D: We've had far too many people who have dumped SDBs full of thousands of items into their inventory, then have either been unable to even load their inventory page or other such disasters, often ending with us having to delete all their items. We think it's better to have slightly more controlled ways of removing items from your SDBs.

Hello TNT, I have been getting a little annoyed for a while now. I had an unfinished scratchcard in the Lost Desert, but I decided to buy another and finish the other one later. So then I got another card, but when I tried to scratch it my old one kept appearing. Therefore, I decided to finish my old one, and of course I got nothing. So I threw it away and then went to scratch my new one. It told me the same thing every time: "Oops! - You don't seem to be holding that card!!!" I went back to Neopia and then returned to the scratchcard stall, and as a result I got ripped off. This has happened to me twice already. Why? ~peace_heart
It really doesn't take that much time to scratch a card, and like real scratchcards, the results aren't going to change if you leave it and come back to it, so perhaps it's best to just finish scratching your card before buying a new one? :-/

Blah, blah, you rock, blah, blah, *chucks rocks.* Anyway... if someone submits a series into The Neopian Times and that story is accepted, then will the rest of the series entered be allowed? Like, if I submit a series and it is accepted, but then I write a HORRIBLE part for it, do you have to accept it because it is part of the series, or can you refuse it? ~my5cookies
All series submitted to The Neopian Times must be submitted in whole, to avoid this exact scenario. We simply hold on to the entire series and then publish the next section each week. If a series is submitted to us incomplete it will be rejected.

Hey, TNT! Analogy time! Illusen:Jhudora: TNT:_________? ~websterpup1

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