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TNT *plays with robo Hissi* How come there is a Robot Petpet Paint Brush but not one for Neopets? I love robots and I love Hissis, and I really want a robot Hissi Neopet, but the only way to get one is if I'm lucky enough when I zap it. I promise I won't use it to take over Neopia... I would need an army of them for that. ;) ~crazy_jack_17
Robot Neopets have always been exclusive to the Secret Lab Ray, with the exception of the top prize from the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig, and we're pretty happy with it being that way. It just makes them more special. As if you guys need to deal with one more overpriced paint brush! D:

Why can't each player have their own list of places where they can just pick the places that have their interest or need the most and go there by clicking on their quick list? This would be really useful for people who have access to the secret labs. Thanks. ~kristina_england
If you're on a PC, we suggest using the really nifty command of "ctrl+D" next time you're visiting the Secret Lab to see just that kind of functionality at work! :D

Hey, almighty workers of Neopets Editorial. Should you get a cookie, in true editorial tradition? Only if you answer this will you get your cookie. Have you ever considered making a sub-site of Neopets forums? The message boards that currently exist are horribly spam-filled and sometimes downright uncontrollable. If another Neopets-owned site was created for the purpose of more serious discussion, it could help curb the raging spam on the message boards. Or maybe not. But it would help angry users who are tired and fed up with the spam-prone boards. Okay, that's all. And please leave out my username. Plzthxkbye. And remember, that cookie is waiting for you. ~Name Withheld
Thanks for the cookie, but we're kinda failing to see how this would be beneficial. 'Cause you know, if we make more boards, people won't spam on them or anything.... It's a nice thought, but in practice we don't think it would work too well.

I really, really like Smug Bug Smite!!! Great game. My question is about the small insect pictured to the right, on a blade of grass, in the opening scene... is that a Petpetpet? If so, what is its name? Great job, ya'll... ~surfinann1936
That cute little bug is indeed a Petpetpet that is known as a Mozito. :)


Uh, TNT, you do know that pencils have graphite, not lead, right? ~bobtailgirl
That would explain some of the ill Neopets in Petpet Park. D: We'll, uh, start a recall right away...

Hey TNT - for the pathetic amount of effort I put into that Petpet Park plot, the 45,000 NP was well worth it. THANKS! Hey... since I started Neopets I have never turned down a Faerie Quest. Ever. Why don't we have a trophy for that? I know there are more of us, and Faerie Quests MUST be recorded like everything else on the site. Can a diligent worker get some recognition? ~jcurve98
We're glad you're happy about your reward for the Petpet Park plot, but the faeries already reward you for doing their quests. We hardly think you guys need trophies from them on top of that!

So, when Wrath of the Lich King is released... Level to 80, or roll a Death Knight? ;D ~sepkun
Ohhhh, good question. It seems the majority of us are planning on leveling our mains to 80 first, but that's not saying we haven't already saved our upcoming DK names and will fiddle with them a bit when we're not exploring Northrend.

Are ghost plushies the ghosts of plushies or plushies of ghosts? o.0 ~flighthouse
They are plushies of ghosts, but ghosts of plushies does sound way cooler! D: Man, we wish we had thought of that!

Wow! A recent article in the Neopian Times has really gotten me fired up about poisonous foods. So I have been taking the author's advice, and have been taking poisonous things off the Money Tree and discarding them. So I have two questions. My first question is, when you discard an item, where does it go? And my second question is, if I wanted to, could I buy as many poisonous items as possible and discard them for the Neopets' sake? ~sunnysushi
Nice of you to help safeguard unwary Neopets everywhere. If you discard the item, it simply vanishes and will not reappear elsewhere. And you're more than welcome to buy up and delete them if you so choose, but maybe you could consider donating them to a collector (there seems to be one for just about every odd item) who will keep them safely out of the hands of hungry Neopets.

One Neopian's festering pile of sickening food is another's treasure, it seems!

Hey, TNT!! *smiles nervously* I'm an artist. I've moved to a different country lately, and my new art teacher is way tough!! I have to come up with this amazing painting this month, and it has to be about my personality. So I thought, 'There's nothing I love more than my awesome Shoyru!' so I started painting, and then I had a thought: 'I hope I don't get sued for doing this!' So... I want to ask you a question: May I please paint a picture of my Shoyru? I promise I won't do anything evil!! Do I need to make references to you guys or anything? Thanks tons! ~sticker2111
As long as you don't attempt to sell the painting and make sure it's properly credited to Neopets, it's fine. You just can't copyright it or make a profit since Shoyrus are our property. :) It's nice we're inspiring fine art, though. Send us a picture when you're done! :D

Dear TNT, something most upsetting has happened to me. I spent a LONG time working on the Petpet Park plot, and yesterday I finally got my prize of 45,000 NP. However, the next day, today, it went down to 5,000! I don't have a bank account, and no Random Events came and took it. This has happened before -- I play a game and get 6,000 NP and it goes down to 5,000. Please help me! ~billybobjoe547
Oof, that stinks, but we know what the problem is. Your account isn't verified. This means we need you to give us an email address we can verify to fully instate your account. Usually this process takes place right after an account is made, unless you don't respond to our verification email. Any accounts that are 'unverified' in status will have the Neopoints in that account reduced to 5,000 daily. This is to stop cheaters from abusing the site by using fake email addresses and the like. Please either find the email we sent you after you signed up and respond to it, or contact support.

Hey TNT, are you trying to deflate the Neopian economy? With the prize for Petpet Park and the influx of codestones from double Key Quest prizes, it seems like it. ~katietook
Pssh, like we'd purposely hand out useful items in an attempt to help reduce the ever-climbing prices of things like codestones, paint brushes, and maps. Pshaw, we say. PSHAW.

Hello TNT, I was wondering out of curiosity, does a Neopet's defense matter when you enter the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku? Thanks in advance. ~darkwolfqueen1994
Interesting question, but nope!

What happens when I transfer a Neopet to another account while it is currently entered in the Customisation Spotlight? Will the pet be disqualified from the contest? If not, where will the trophy be awarded? Will the trophy go to the original account where the Neopet was entered? Or will it go to the account where the Neopet was transferred? ~hyperknuckles77_tail
The pet won't be disqualified from the contest, and the trophy will be awarded to the new account, as it is awarded to the Neopet, not the user.

What do you think would happen if there were to ever be a "No Rules" Day? xD ~sharecrow
*eye twitch* We think as much as players often complain that we do have a lot of rules (which we do, most of which are in place to keep you and your accounts safe), we think the majority of you guys would be *very* unhappy if we had a day where we just let anything go. D: We imagine it would be an absolute disaster of scamming, harassment, cheating, and huge whopping bundle of very inappropriate posts. No thank you!

Hey TNT!! *waves frantically* Mom, I'm on the TV! Joking! TNT, is it against the rules to ask for collateral when lending items? I have seen people doing it for free, and also people saying only for full collateral. If it was for full collateral, why couldn't you just buy it? I will be sooo happy if you advertise this in the NT. YOU ROCK!! ~natti_nat_nat
Collateral is just fine as long as it's all returned in the end. Basically offering collateral for an item is better than buying it for some if they 1.) Only need the item temporarily for an avatar or something; 2.) The items are considered 'hard to sell' and it would be difficult to find a buyer; or 3.) There are no current sellers of the wanted item. There are other reasons, sure, but those are the ones that come to mind first. Just remember that tips are not allowed in the lending process. Making a profit off lending is a big no-no.

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