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Hi TNT. Okay, so I've noticed that Neohomes V.2 beta has been opened to everyone now. My question is, will I be able to keep my current house the way it is? I love my current house and I've spent a lot building it, and don't want to lose it when V.2 is released. So, could you please confirm what exactly is going to happen to "Classic" Neohomes when V.2 is officially live? (Oh yeah, and Key Quest rocks!) ~superpet389
Yes, you will be able to keep your current house, so no worries if you just love your current Neohome and can't imagine changing. :)

We can have new Neohomes on our side accounts, right? I noticed that the new floor tiles and wall tiles from the Neohomes Superstore are no-trade items. Will this change, or will we be permitted to send NP to our side accounts to buy these materials? ~geneviene_zandra
You may build a Neohome on your side account as long as all funding comes from your main account.

Hi TNT, I am getting a brand new puppy (in the real world) and was wondering if I could post her picture up on my Neopet's page. Is that ok? ~marshmallowlauncher
Yes, you're welcome to post pictures of your real pets as long as there is nothing in the picture that can identify you or your location (such as someone's face in the background, or a street address, etc).

I may get jealous though!

Alright, I want to get this cleared up. Are game codes allowed? I'm not talking about the ones you get off some virus-ridden Freewebs site, but the ones you get off the Wheel of Knowledge when you land on the question mark... I think, or was it the book? (It's been a while. :D) If they aren't allowed, then why are they on the Wheel of Knowledge? If they are allowed, then what do you make of all the people claiming they've been frozen for using them? ~supersalamandro
A "cheat code" that we've purposely programmed into a game is perfectly fine to use! The cheats that other people may have been frozen for are the ones that unscrupulous players use to try to mess with the game mechanics in order to get themselves a high-score, or whatever else their intention may be.

*Briefly wonders what to give you and then realises you own everything on the site* TNT, I have two questions for you! Say we didn't want one of our accounts and used the self-freeze option. If the account is inactive for two years, would you still purge it from the database or just keep it there frozen? Also, when an account is frozen or deleted, what happens to the items and Neopets? Thanks for reading!!! ~glitteringsilk
Yes, self-iced accounts are susceptible to purging, given a long enough time. When an account is frozen, that's basically what happens; everything is frozen in place -- all the items, Neopets, etc. When an account is purged, it is completely deleted from our system. This means that any items in the account are gone forever, and the Neopets disappear.

Say certain members of Guild A were on Guild B's recruiting Neoboard on the Avatar Chat. Guild A was constantly flaming Guild B and insulting various members in Guild B on all of Guild B's boards on the Avatar Chat. Would that be considered harassment, and if so, what could Guild B do about this? Unfortunately, it creates a very unpleasant atmosphere on the Neoboards, especially when all the "accusations" are not true. Please remove my username, and thanks so much =). ~[username removed]
The members of Guild B would be encouraged to report the offending members of Guild A so that monitors can look into the situation and warn/freeze any players that were participating in the harassment.

On one of my free trades, someone offered a codestone. The lot was worth about 200 NP. Should I Neomail them before I accept? ~annasunnydue
If you like. :) As long as you weren't trying to trick anyone with your trades, it's up to the buyer to decide the proper amount to offer. Maybe they were just being nice.

Dear TNT (whom I love), please, please, please do something about the sore losers who play Key Quest. You see, it's very irritating to play a game and be only a few spaces away from winning, only to have your opponent quit just because they're not in first place. When they quit we don't get our prizes, and basically they've wasted precious time that we could've spent feeding our Neopets, following the rules, and obeying TNT. LOL. 0:-) So anyway, I think it would be mega-cool if you could have some sort of reimbursement for us players who play the game until the end. I came prepared with a few options. *Clears throat and whips out an endless scroll* 1.) When the person ends the game they get no reward whatsoever, but the other player(s) can either continue playing or get their prizes. 2.) BAN PEOPLE FROM LEAVING, OR THEY'LL BE THROWN TO THE SNOWAGER. 3.) Split the Neopoints from the leaving player equally amongst their opponent(s). 4.) Block them from playing Key Quest for an hour. ~[username removed]
Remember that the game is in beta and we're testing the servers, so most players are not leaving the game on purpose. ;) Don't hold it against them! There probably are players who leave on purpose, though, and they're pretty silly for doing so. They would still receive Neopoints and keys even if they lost, so they're missing out by not staying. We realise this probably doesn't do much to console you, though.

Therefore, there is a feature planned that will help deter those who intentionally leave the game just because they're losing, but it won't be included until the game goes live. We don't want those players who are being booted from the game unintentionally to suffer any consequences. We're afraid you'll just have to bare with it until then.

Also, thank you very much for the ideas, but we can't award the remaining player(s) a prize should the other(s) leave. That would just entice people to cheat (by having other players leave intentionally so those remaining could earn more rewards) and we can't have that.

Good sportsmanship is the *key* to winning!

I have an 8 year old son who just loves to play Neopets. Well, recently I left my name signed in and he decided to play. Alas, when I got on the next morning my beautiful Neopet was gone, and when I asked he said he had gotten me a new Neopet. AHHHH. I was so mad, and of course the person said, "Sorry, Pound is fair game." Knowing this is true, I said, "Ok thanks, congrats on the new Neopet..." Will you please add a PIN to the Pound area so that this cannot happen again? You have PINs to protect NPs and items, but not our most precious possesions -- our Neopets. Please TNT, add a PIN. PS: You guys do a great job on the site and we appreciate you. ~woolviegirl
Oof. That stinks. :( However, it may be a bit bittersweet to learn that there already is a PIN option for that area of the site. To check out all the PIN preferences, please go here.

I was just wondering... sometimes while shopping in player shops I notice someone with, say, 756 dubloons. How in Neopia does one get that many? I have never found a way to get dubloons broken down into smaller denominations, so how does one get that many? Yes, I actually found someone with that many dubloons. ~tinyhand1
Some Neopians make their Neopoints by buying items for less and then selling them for more to make a profit. They most likely simply bought all the dubloons over time from the shops of other players.

Recently, my Cybunny was featured as a Notable Neopet. Along with the typical Neomails and Neofriend requests, someone asked if I was willing to trade him. I have no interest in trading, so I politely Neomailed him back and said that I wasn't interested. However, he didn't want to take no for an answer, so I blocked him. When I talked about this on the Pound Boards, I was told that I should block my Neomails and I should put something on my User Lookup or Pet Lookup that said I wasn't interested in trading. However, shouldn't a person have to offer a Neopet for trade before people start asking for it? ~tj_wagner
We agree that it is amazingly rude to contact someone out of the blue and ask if their beloved Neopets are up for trade. Right now it isn't against the rules (unless you are being harassed). We think you dealt with the situation quite well. We don't think blocking your Neomails solely because of this incident is worth it, though... unless you think it is.

Hey TNT! First of all, nice job with Key Quest. It's great. I've got a question, though. Since I run my main on Firefox and people say that it's easier to play with Internet Explorer, can I play it on my side since they're using IE and transfer the rewards to my main and not play on my main at all anymore? This would mean that I'll have to use the free token on my side, too. Please answer and thank you. ~vedoc78
Remember that games awarding prizes or Neopoints are not allowed to be played on side accounts. That includes Key Quest! No, please do NOT play Key Quest on any account except your main account, even if you intend to transfer the prizes or not play on your main that day, etc, etc.

If you want to play Key Quest on IE, then please log into your main account on that browser to do so and then go back to Firefox when you're done playing.

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