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Is there a problem with the Stamp Collector High Score Table? I have 398 stamps but my high score is listed as only 25. With this stuck, I can never win a trophy for it. ~litlangeltoo
To register your score for the Stamp Collector High Score Table you need to visit your overview page via your stamp album or the Neopian Post Office. Once you visit that page your score will appear on the table. Also, please note that the Stamp Collector High Score Table resets each month, so you'll need to visit your overview page monthly to register your score.

Hey TNT! *throws jelly at you so it doesn't hurt* I was wondering if you could possibly send one more score after you challenge either AAA or Abigail in the Daily Dare? This is because I sent three scores for Volcano Run and, after challenging Abigail, I wasn't able to beat her because I had already sent three scores. This upset me a lot because I knew I now wasn't eligible for the "Uberiffic" prize. ~simply_gummy
D'oh! :( To avoid having this happen in the future, please be sure to check the Daily Dare each day before sending your score three times on a Flash game while the event is going on.

'Sup TNT, I have a question. Why do some slushies move and others don't? It's always bugged me. ~cheeselovers7891234
Some just prefer more active lifestyles, we guess...

Hmm... where are my leg warmers?

I personally have to say that I love seeing the chosen UL spotlight each week. I also love to enter. It seems, though, that the ones chosen all appear to be similarly built. The new layout allows so much freedom for revamping the ULs, but I have yet to see a UL chosen that HAS been revamped totally. :( My favorite way to make ULs is to completely rearrange them... but it seems as if my hopes of winning a UL spotlight is destined to fail if this trend continues. *sigh* Why do the judges not like revamps? ~ickle_pengu
By all means, please be as creative as possible! We can only spotlight what we're sent, and if all we get sent is a lot of what's popular... well, then that's what gets put up. :-/ Keep in mind, though, that there's often thousand of entries to look through, so sometimes it's difficult to find one as unique as you describe.

Hey TNT, just wondering: does each member of TNT have their own account? If so, do they play games and own a shop like other normal accounts? *Holds supreme pizza in front of TNT* Better than a cookie! (: ~nicaus
Each member of TNT has a staff account that they use for official site business. A good number of us also have playing accounts, which we use to enjoy the site just like you guys do. This means that, if we want a plot trophy, we need to do the plot just like everyone else. Those of us that got through the 3mods of the Sloth plot are now working right beside you (and using your guides!) to test Space Faerie Tokens. Remember, though, staff will NEVER ask you for account info or claim they are employees on an account that is not clearly marked as a staff account.

Is it okay to make money on my main and my side account by playing games, as long as no money is transferred? Thank you. (And look! I didn't give you anything! :D) ~1_1_2_3_5_8_13_21_34
No, please only make Neopoints on your main account.

Whenever I have a question to submit for the Editorial I'm always left staring at the options for what subject my submission falls under. The options seem insufficient for most of my questions and I always choose "random stuff." Do you have any plans for adding more options in the future? ~sq1432
Considering the fact that your question actually just reminded us that we have the ability to sort by subject matter, you really shouldn't fret about it at all. x_X

Hey TNT, what happen? Someone set up us the bomb! ~kingturkey
We get signal.

How are you gentlemen !!

Are you allowed to get the concert avatars on your side accounts? ~lhunar
We don't see why not. Just buy the ticket on your main account blah blah blah. (You know the drill!)

Wouldn't it be sad if this got me in the Editorial but an actual question didn't? ~muffinhead777
Yeah, that would really stink. :(

Why is there a newbie board? I thought it made sense when I looked at it, but once I clicked on it it was all useless junk. Nothing was related to newbies at all! Is this just to get people away from spamming the help board or what? ~muffinhead777
Haha, tricked you with that last question, didn't we? Sorry muffinhead777, we couldn't resist! Anyway, yeah... the Newbie board is erm... special. The last time a board got that bad (General Chat) Sloth blew it up, but then it just infected the other boards (hence, the reason why the newbie board is in the state that it is). :-/ We'll continue to discuss amongst ourselves the best solution for boards such as that.

I know it's been a while since the LDP, but during the revamp of the Lost Desert, did the Lost Desert Calculator disappear? If so, could you bring it back? I could then have an excuse for being on Neopets when my maths aren't done! =) ~lapstop
Yes, the Lost Desert Calculator was removed from the map during the revamp, despite several of us whining about it.

*shifty eyes* Shhhh... don't tell anyone

Hello TNT. I'm an intermediate Neopets member with a lot of goals. One of my first goals is getting enough NP to buy a paint brush. What I've noticed is that, comparing now to the times that my older, more experienced guild members can recall, there are almost none in circulation, or the demand for them in the market is so high that players have raised their prices a few hundred thousand NP. Now, releasing more PB's for the sake of the whining masses is wrong, but with the ever-growing number of Neopets members and the fact that painting one's Neopet is still a very staple goal of the site, I worry about the newbies and players like myself who haven't a clue as to how they're going to catch up to Neopia's ever-rising prices. Please help or advise, and thank you for your consideration. ~vulpes_fulva
We were just discussing inflation a bit this morning, actually! We, too, are concerned with the skyrocketing prices of paint brushes and codestones. While we don't want to make PBs easy to get, we do think they are getting quite ridiculously overpriced. We're currently discussing ways to help bring a bit more balance to the economy.

**Special Notice**
We had to delete our current database of poem submissions, so if you have written some quality Neopets-themed poetry, or haven't received a rejection/accepted notice, please resubmit! Also, please note that "quality" poetry does not typically start with, "Roses are red, violets are blue..." This message has been brought to you by your friendly Neopian-poetry-reader-judge-type-person.

Further useless rambling: Wait what...? Violets are blue. That makes no sense. Wouldn't they be considered, you know, violet coloured? Also, hey Viola! It seems you're a plant genus in addition to a musical instrument!

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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