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The featured games sometimes requires us to purchase additional software. Would you provide an alternative game for us poorer folks with kids? If not, is it because you get kickbacks to keep the rest of the site mostly free? ~wahkuna
None of our games should require you to purchase software. Everything needed to play games should be available free on the internet.

Hi, I was wanting to get Premium Neopets so I asked on the boards. Somebody sent me an unsolicited referral. I already had a friend who was going to refer me so I don't want to accept the referral from the person I don't know. Is there a way to cancel that referral so I can accept from my friend? Thank you. ~_melody_il
D'oh. In the future, it's best to get the referral given to you from your friend before expressing interest on the boards. Currently the only way to undo this is to kindly ask the player who referred you to remove the referral. They can only do this, though, if it has been 7 days since they referred you AND they have given out all 20 of their referrals. :-/ We will ask our resident Premium guru if we can tweak how this works to improve it. We liken doing this to flinging ourselves belly first onto an enraged porcupine. Wish us luck. ._.

I know that the NF sidebar only allows five friends to show at once, but if you have certain friends set to VIP, would they be shown in priority to those who aren't VIP? ~illuminatte
No, we're afraid VIP status doesn't work that way.

Hey TNT! I know there are items that are exclusive to the NC Mall and, therefore, can only be displayed in your NC Mall Album. Is it possible that, maybe in the future, you can make these items displayable in your gallery too? ~periodicage
We have no plans for such a thing. We added the NC Mall Album so you could show off the items, separate from Neopoint items, where they belong. :)

Am I not good enough for you? ;_;

I was visiting this person's lookup and decided to click on their guild. When I got there all five council spots were taken, but in the stats block, it said there was only one member in the guild! I then clicked each of the usernames in the council and all the pages came up saying, "This user does not exist in Neopia." Did the owner of the guild play with the coding so that it said that his guild had 5 members, or did all those people get frozen? O.o ~shekacheek
With questions such as this it is helpful to provide the username, guild name, or something to that effect so we may be able to check and tell you. This has been a public service message from your Editorial staff.

I'm confused. I just saw a chocolate Cybunny, but at the Rainbow Pool it says Cybunnies can't be painted chocolate. What's up what that? ~harucho
The Rainbow Pool is extremely out of date, as we still need to revamp it for the updated look Neopets now have. Since it is in desperate need of being redone, we haven't bothered to add stuff to it.

Where do all of those pictures in the Short Stories section of The Neopian Times come from? ~puffle_queen
After so many issues of The Neopian Times we've managed to build up quite a hefty number of images that we often reuse. There is also new art created for other stories, and occasionally players even send in their own images. We also use other existing site art as well, like images of Shopkeepers or from Neopedia entries, or an image of an existing Neopet. So, to answer your question, "Just about anywhere we can find them."

Why are villains listed before heroes on the Pronunciation page? Should we be scared? ~dragonmagemental
Yes, yes you should. *cackle*

The new plot is really awesome, but isn't it sort of unfair that those of us who are stuck on the decoding can't continue on with the plot? It's only the second step, and if I have to finish the decoding to do the rest of the plot, it will make me sad. *sad face* ~cheeseworld101
That step came out weeks ago. We try to make sure there is plenty of time for you to figure out the puzzles so that you can continue on with the plot. We understand that some steps are difficult, but we have to make sure there is something in the plots for all levels of people. We are sorry, but everyone must pass that plot step, though, to continue on with the plot.

I'm not a clue. But you won't believe me,
and it shall drive you all mad. *cackle*

Could you advise me and the rest of Neopia on something? If you have such a full schedule of things to work on, then what is the proper lead time to submit entries for spotlight competitions? I would think that sending something too late or too near a specific event would be tough on your decisions, and possibly cause the entry to be ignored if there is a "window of opportunity" that you observe. ~bristle_cone_one
Just about any time is a good time! If we are impressed by your efforts, we will often save entries for a special day relating to it. Absolute bare minimum, though, is the day prior to an event (to make sure we get a chance to see it!). Remember, however, that there is a better chance it will be spotted if it is sent to us plenty of time beforehand.

It seems that there's no way to complete level 9 of this game [Piper Panic]. Is that a bug, or are there some hidden secret baskets? ~dragon88pisces
All 10 levels of the game are solvable! Some are just more tricky than others. :)

*Throws my Lab Ray map at you* Hiya! Look, TNT, I know this may be a dumb question, but is it possible for the Lab Ray to become broken? I've been using the Lab Ray for a few years, but only in the last couple of days has my lab pet Bvru "not changed at all :(." I feel a little dismayed, I must admit, but I'm pretty sure the Ray is random... and yet it's happened, like, four days now. Please do answer (:D). Thanks! ~micaza
Nope, the Lab Ray never breaks. It seems you've just had a streak of bad luck. :(

Neopets has so many virtual items that I never cease to be surprised when I come across items I haven't seen before. Just how many items are there in all? And, if a person were to be rich enough to collect them, would they all fit in their SDB? ~bounderthewonderpet
At the moment this Editorial is being written, we have 39,200+ unique items in our database. Wow, that's a lot! O.O; Hypothetically, if all the items were to be put into an SDB, then yes, they would all fit. There are some items, however, that can't be put in that area (such as NC Mall stuff and paint brush clothing, for example). Also, some items can't be acquired at all as they are items only used by Battledome challengers, etc.

We think we should get pizza at 40,000. /nod

I noticed that some user pages have answer guides for the Shenkuu Lunar Temple. I was wondering: can somebody be frozen for using one of these answer guides? I think it's cool that they have guides w/answers but I don't want to be frozen for using it. Thanks for clearing this matter up. ~tigger7245
Guides on Petpages are almost always fine. It's programs that we want you guys to avoid. Do use your head, though. If a guide is telling you to do something you're pretty sure is more of an abusive cheat than an honest method, then we suggest avoiding it.

I received a Neomail that said my NC Mall items are going to expire, but the items don't say that they expire and I am confused. Do NC Mall items expire? ~username removed
Yikes! Yes, that Neomail was sent out by mistake. We apologise for any confusion it may have caused. None of the current NC Mall items expire.

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