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Hey TNT, I was wondering: if you had enough Neopoints for a baby pb at the Hidden Tower, but your account was too young to visit it, would you be allowed to send 600k through trades to a side account which is old enough and have the side buy the paint brush and then send it to your main? I just needed this cleared up. Thanks! ~bunbunlicious
No, please only purchase items from the Hidden Tower from your main account. If your account is too young to visit, you can purchase the item you need from the Auction House or Trading Post.

Recently a screenie was taken of someone getting a pirate paint brush from the underwater fishing cavern. About 20 minutes later, another user posted a screenie of them getting a Maraquan paint brush from the cavern. Did you just start making paint brushes available from fishing, or have we just discovered it for the first time? Also, please leave my name out. ~[username removed]
Yes, it is possible to win paint brushes from the Underwater Fishing activity. We cannot, however, express how terrifyingly low the odds of this happening are, so don't hold your breath waiting for one. You're more likely to reel in a paint brush from out of the ocean in real life.

In pointless related trivia, 17.7 million rusty old cans have been fished up though!

Did you ever come out with a non-site game called Neopets Codestone Quest last August? I do not remember hearing anything about it, but it is on a lot of websites and has some free trials (one of which I downloaded). The game itself is fun, but the artwork doesn't look Neopet-y and it doesn't say "Neopets.com" anywhere in the entire game! Help! I am so confused! ~angiebeaudion
Neopets Codestone Quest was an outsourced game released a while back. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

Dear TNT, I have always heard players talking about plots, but I don't actually know what they are! Do you just read them or do you interact and play with them?!? If that is the case, then how do you play? Do you get trophies or Neopoints or some other prize? Essentially, what is a plot and what do you do with one? Thanks! I really need this answered. :) ~greenfluteplayer1994
These days most plots are a series of comics that can be read and are linked to through the New Features page. However, while these comics are going on we also offer interactive puzzles for players to solve, often related to the comics. These activities are generally more hidden and require some exercising of the brain. At the end of the plot, depending on how much you participated, you will earn a trophy and prizes.

^ Some trophies from past plots. ^

I found two accounts that were around 6 or 7 months old and hadn't been accessed for over 200 days each. One of them had a Key Quest token and the other had two! How is this possible? ~distaint
It was just a minor glitch we had. The accounts don't actually have the tokens. This is fixed now.

Are quest help boards allowed? You know, where someone makes a board offering Shop Wiz or SSW searches for free? Is that not cheating? ~jan_nata95
It isn't cheating at all. We have a whole board dedicated to those wanting/giving help with quests. ;)

I have heard about the beta game you guys are creating, called Key Quest. Now, I've heard and read that one must earn the tokens by purchasing Neopets merchandise and redeeming the code online. Here is my important question: what if I redeemed several codes in the past? Will I get tokens for those? ~sheyda_sheyda
No, the codes for Key Quest are from merchandise that was placed in stores on the 3rd.

Scamming is taking advantage of another player's lack of knowledge for your own profit; malling is also taking advantage of another players lack of knowledge for your own profit. So why is malling not only allowed, but actually encouraged? You are just encouraging people to scam other people... but, because they pay 4 mil for a Neoboard ad and 30 mil for a big shop, that makes it okay? ~[username removed]
The distinction is like the difference between someone selling you a fake diamond ring while telling you it's real and another walking into an overpriced convenience store. One situation involves malicious trickery, while the other is just advertising and higher prices. Unless the shop owner or mall is attempting to trick players it's just fine and is not considered scamming by us.

I'm selling "real" diamonds for $50 because I'm nice. Really. Hurry up and buy before the cops come.

Is there anyone (apart from TNT) who has had the same account since the very beginning of Neopets? ~me_likes_jelly
Yup! The oldest (still active) non-staff account was created on November 17th, 1999. That's just two days after the site went live!

Great job on the new plushies, guys. I love every single one of them :) so much so that I went out and bought each one! However, I was terribly disappointed when, after redeeming all my codes, I was not awarded the "bonus token" that claims to be given out when all fourteen plushies are purchased. Could you please resolve this? Thanks ~aquaking17
We have forwarded your issue to a programmer who is looking into it now. Do not fear, you will be granted your well-deserved bonus token. We're very happy you like the plushies and thank you for your support. ^_^

I was wondering... why do you take the account and Neopet names off of the PPL winners table, but we're allowed to see the accounts of those who have won millions of NP from games like Brucey B Slots? At the top of the PPL page it says that you do this to avoid scamming, but wouldn't someone winning 7 million NP catch a scammer's eye more than someone winning 10k? I'd love to be able to take a look at the Neopets who have the oldest Petpets of their kind! Thanks for your help. ~bofugmatancy
The reason we don't display account names and Neopet names for PPL is because it is a contest that you don't enter yourself. Because of this some users that win may not want their account name displayed to keep their privacy. We also don't want to make it something that you need to enter because then many well deserving Petpets wouldn't win because their owner doesn't want their name shown.

Guess what time it is! It's...


Please remember that using programs to play Neopets for you is not allowed and is considered cheating. Following links to off-site programs can be dangerous. Such links can lead to malicious programs that are capable of stealing your account information. While not all programs are harmful, we cannot allow them to be linked to regardless.

To clear up any confusion with the latest plot, yes, it's perfectly fine to use guides, charts, and the help of your fellow Neopians to solve activities. We must draw the line at going off-site or using programs, though.

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