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So a while back TNT stated that accounts that haven't been accessed for two years would be deleted. Does that mean that all the Neopets in those accounts would be deleted as well, putting their names up for grabs again? I'm asking because some of those old accounts have really nice Neopet names and it's a shame that they're not active. ~neonlily
Yes, when an account is purged due to extreme inactivity the names of the Neopets in that account become capable of being created again as well.

Okay, I recently shelled out 3.6 million for a Draik Transmogrification Potion -- only to discover that I could not use it! :o I tried to use it on four different Neopets (a Uni, Grundo, Gnorbu, and Blumaroo); each had a different name. What is going on? ~bowen_747
All Draik morphing potions can now only be used on a Draik. However, the transmogrification potions should actually work for all species, so that is fixed now!

Hello, almighty TNT. I was wondering, what exactly is the thing on the 6 years shield? ~neocrazefan_07
That is the Bringer plushie, one of the top rewards given out for the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

I'm not a very nice plushie. *growl*

I was a winner in the Chomby Plushie giveaway. WOOOOO HOOOO GO ME!!! Anyway, after a few more winners started redeeming their codes, I found out that all the Chombies were numbered 1 out of 1,000. Why were they not numbered right? ~shelleyy69
The plushies are 1 of 1,000, not #1 out of 1,000. It is very confusing and we apologise for the confusion.

Hey TNT. So, I've searched the help pages and the FAQ and I have not found the answer to my question. My one Neopet's Quick Ref says that its mood is content, yet it keeps hinting that I should paint it gray if I'm going to leave it that way. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get it out of its funk. Help! ~danier13
Well, while some may be fine with simply being content, we're afraid that Neopets want a little more out of their lives. There are several levels of happiness above content for Neopets, ending with the ultimate feeling of being delighted!

If a user asks you guys a question about account sharing, mirror-games, or any rule breaking in general, do you guys "mark" that user with some kind of red flag to let moderators know they should watch them? It'd be kinda fishy if someone asked me about my password and then next thing I know my account has been taken over, ya know? ~whulz
We very rarely take action against accounts that write in to the Editorial. After all, if everyone was too afraid to ask, then we wouldn't get very good questions. Usually, we will only look at it if it's a serious infraction, like that one person that was trying to justify scamming players out of lent items. -_- Lo and behold, they were doing what they were trying to justify. We were not pleased.

Hi there, I was wondering if we could sell other players pictures of their Neopets (hand-drawn) in exchange for Neopoints. I figure it would be fair, since they would be choosing to spend their Neopoints that way. What do you think? ~blondelightning
We know some other places allow it, but according to our rules players may not pay others in exchange for services (such as art, coding, etc.) especially if it's of Neopets art. It's probably not what you wanted to hear, but we honestly have our reasons for such rules.

That'll be 5000 NP please!
Uhhh... no.

Why are there two orange plushies? They both have different pics and descriptions, and both cost different amounts. Do you like oranges so much that just one wouldn't do them justice? ~arogance1
You're on to us! We just love good sources of Vitamin C. However, to avoid confusion for our players, we'll give the two items different names. *innocent whistle*

Trades can be very frustrating at times. One incident that really bothered me recently occured when I was trying to buy a newly retired and highly inflated item. Rather than just haggling over a price the user kept increasing the amount agreed upon, so I had to keep coming back with more and more each time. This was done a few different ways; one method was making me bid against other players (I am unsure that there was really another person bidding, but I got quite annoyed when they would post in trades "beat this offer," continually trying to make me outbid some unknown or nonexistent player). Is this against rules or considered the same as a live auction, even though it was carried out over a slow, painful week? ~mooshell252
Ugh, I think we've all had to deal with that at some point or another, so we know your pain. There's no particular rule against it, but it really isn't a wise way to do business with fellow players. Others will remember what a pain it was to trade with someone who does that, and make it a point not to deal with them in the future. It's only against the rules if the player is basically making up the other offers rather than actually having someone who's outbidding you.

Why is Von Kougra a Blumaroo? Von Roo is a Blumaroo too, so why isn't Von Kougra a Kougra?
That plushie is actually a decapitated purple Kougra plushie that has the head from the Von Roo plushie sewn on. It's just one of those messed up prizes you can get from the Wheel of Misfortune.

A misfortunate plushie from a misfortunate wheel...

Here's a stupid question, but it's gotten stuck in my mind and I really need you to dislodge it: many accounts are named after famous actors and such, which is all fine and good. But what happens when the actor decides to, say... run for president - then the account name is suddenly a very political statement. Is the owner allowed to rename the account, or do you just leave them alone? Please enlighten me, though there is absolutely no good reason why I need to know. (: ~aeshna
That's why it's best to avoid naming your account after celebrities or other public figures. In addition to the annoyingly large number of players that enjoy pretending to be young stars, and you possibly being mistaken for one of them, this very scenario could also happen. It'd really depend on the name of the account, and what the person is now known for to see if we'd grandfather it in or freeze the account.

Hi there, I was wondering if the new charms you released (Neopoint bag charm, Nerkmid charm, Codestone charm, and Dubloon charm) are collectible for our stamp album and just not activated to get into it or if they are just toys and not meant for going into the album? I spent a lot of Neopoints on one of those and found out it can not (yet?) go into the album and I do not want to spend more Neopoints if they are not intended for the album. Yes, I am one of your crazy stamp collectors. ;) Thank you in advance for your reply. :) ~marithdragon
No, the new charms are just toys. Sorry for the confusion! The charms that go in albums are called "collectible charms." Any others are not meant for the album.

*sniffles* I feel useless now...

I've been reading a lot of articles about rich Neopians lately, and I'm wondering: how much NP does the richest Neopian have? If this is classified information, I suppose I understand... but could you provide a rough estimate? Is it billions? Trillions? I can't even fathom it! Thanks! ~2kazoo
Wealth is measured in quite a few ways on Neopets. Someone can have very few Neopoints in their bank account but have billions of NP worth of items. If you're simply curious about who has the most NP in the bank, we'll tell you that there is currently someone with well over half a billion NP on hand. Now that's a lot of daily interest!

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