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Oookay. I've been coming to Neopets for like... okay, well, for a really long time, and I've noticed that in Faerieland, there's this purple mountain thingy northwest of the city on the page you first come to when you get to Faerieland. What's this supposed to be? Also, what's with the empty cloud to its right? Was something once there, or were you intending to make it into something? Thanks a kaboodle! ~ferocioustoast
The mountain used to be the home of the old Faerie Caves game featuring Garon the Lupe. As for the puff of cloud to the right of it... we're drawing a blank here. It's not present on an older map we found, so we're not sure what was on it for a while, if anything. Sorry... that wasn't very helpful, was it? :(

Can we display our real life pets on the site? I know Lawyerbot doesn't want humans, but are pets ok? ~vulchu
Yes, pictures of your real-life pets are fine as long as we can't see any people in the picture. :)

Show off your cute pets!

Hiya TNT! I recently made a side account and a few new Neopets, and I'd really like to know if it's okay to go fishing with all of my Neopets, or if it's like the other dailies and should only be used on my main account. I figured that, since you can go fishing with more than one Neopet anyway, it wouldn't matter. But then I thought that, just like the other dailies, you get stuff for free when you go fishing, and the more Neopets you go with the more stuff you get (like in Tombola or Coltzan's Shrine). And THEN I thought that Neopets actually have fishing skill levels, just like Battledome stats and things, and that raising stats and things are fine on sides, as long as you get the NP from your main. So fishing would be like that, except free... and now I'm just confused. ^^" Thanks! ~starshineadrienne
We're glad you though it out on your own before asking us. Most people just try and take the easy way out. :P

Whenever you hit the "you get free stuff" part of your internal monologue when trying to decide if an activity is allowed on side accounts, it's time to stop. :) That alone means it's not allowed. Training (which is okay on side accounts, as you mentioned) doesn't yield any items, so that's why it's okay to raise your Neopets' stats on side accounts. Also, we'll note that the Healing Springs is the only exception to this rule. It will occasionally give away a healing potion, but since it's necessary to keep Neopets healthy and happy, we allow visits to her even on side accounts. This Fishing Hole question gets asked so often to the Editorial that we think we may put a notice at the top that it's not allowed on multiple accounts!

Will a guild neighborhood ever actually explode or sink out of the sky or something if it gets too full? A lot of the neighborhoods are starting to say "very crowded" and "overloaded!" What does it really mean? ~iluv2talk033
LOL, OMG we should totally blow the faerie cloud out of the sky.

I've been looking to buy a Petpetpet for my Petpet. I really want to buy an Aboogala. These are the little spider-like Petpetpets that were supposedly released a long time ago. There are Petpet items (like Petpet beds) and lollypops with them in them. But I have not been able to find one Aboogala. Was this item never activated? If it is activated, how rare is this Petpetpet? Thank you. ~shakinheadtotoe
Hrmm... it looks like it was activated, but at a higher rarity than the others (being r100 compared to the r99 of nearly all the Petpetpets). The Itchi was also r100. It turns out the Random Event that gives them out was capped at r99. Doh! Since all the others were r99, we decided to lower the rarity of the Aboogala and Itchi to r99 (instead of raise the Random Event to r100). Expect them to be popping up in Random Events soon! (Though they will probably remain high in price for a while until the market becomes more saturated with them.)

Aaaa... BOOOgalalalala!

Is giving your full name out a violation of giving too much information? Is it a freezable or suspendable offense? ~cutebabyeyes
Please do not EVER give out your full name or those of your family members. Depending on the situation, it will merit either a non-warning message, a warning, or in extreme cases where the player will simply not stop giving out personal information, a freezing. Please do not give out information such as the name of your parents, maiden names, or grandparent names that are often used as security questions all over the internet. There is no reason to give this information to strangers, and can only endanger the security of your account.

(A non-warning message has the warning event icon, but the subject will say "Message from The Neopets Team" instead of "Official Warning from The Neopets Team.")

My first question is regarding NP. Neopoints, the currency of Neopia, can be gained by several means. In this question, however, I would like to focus specifically on the NP harvested from games. Are these Neopoints simply "created" the moment the player submits his/her score, or is this the same NP that circulates from, let's say, the Neopia Central shops? Is it generally the same NP that circulates all the time or are there new Neopoints created every day? My second question regards Bobblehead Day. You opened the New Features page with the words "La la la la." To which catchy tune are these words supposed to be sung? ~toastinlimbo
Neopoints aren't circulated. They are created and destroyed when spent on the site and gained from games and whatnot. Freakishly, you could also think of your real-life bank account this way -- all numbers stored on computers. When you deposit a check, your electronic total goes up, but no one places a few hundred bucks into a little vault just for you. FREAKY, isn't it? /gasp

Also, we have no idea what song that was. Actually, it was more likely insane babblings than a song.

I have a bobblehead gallery. I was quite dismayed to see that the animated toy entry was selected today as I was under the impression that a gallery had to be complete before it would be considered for the spotlight. (A friend of mine was Neomailed previously that her gallery of 350+ items was "not complete enough" leading me to this assumption.) I would have submitted my gallery weeks ago if I had known this was not the case. So, my question is this: what specific criteria are the judges looking for when it comes to completeness/number of related items? There is no specific mention in the current contest rules, but there also seems to be a conflicting standard with regard to this contest. Thank you for your time. ~mxpxgirliegirl
Completeness is a relative term when it comes to galleries. For example, a bobblehead gallery is limited to very few items, since there aren't that many in existence, so missing one or two is pretty complete. However, if you collect something crazy like yellow items, 350 items is not nearly enough items to come even close to complete. Again, it's all relative.

When judging and looking for something specific to match, say, a Neopet birthday or theme day, we look for several things: how complete it is (compared to both total number of items and relative to other entries), how well designed it is, and extra points for creativity regarding the items you chose to collect. (While "Yellow Things" would be a HUGE gallery, collecting things like "Toys My Neopet Has Broken" is much more creative and different.) Things that may harm your chances of your gallery being chosen are: items not associated with the gallery theme floating around in it, sloppiness with the layout, and blaring colour combinations that make our judges want to claw their eyes out. (Psst... that last one goes for most spotlights! Bright pink backgrounds with bright green text = slightly blinded and irritated judge. Just FYI! ;)

*watches fixated o.o*

What exactly IS a warning? Is that like when someone might come to a page that says to not give offsite links or something? Is it when someone has reported you? I'm confused and I would REALLY like you to answer this. Again, PLEASE ANSWER! I BEG YOU! ~ rayquaza_lover
No, those pages you encounter while posting are just our little notice to you that you shouldn't be posting what you're attempting to post. An actual warning comes to you in the form of a Neomail. Warnings will be delivered to your account regardless of whether you are over the 100 mail limit, under 13, blocking Neomails from anyone other than Neofriends, etc. Also, a player reporting you does not give you a warning; it simply alerts the monitors that someone thinks something you have said or done was inappropriate. It's then up to the monitor to look into the situation and see if any action should be taken.

I was wondering... people lend for Hidden Tower items all the time. They lend 565k for you to buy a Baby Paint Brush, then you give the PB to the lender. But you don't get the 35k back. The lender then sells the PB and makes a 10-15k profit. I was wondering, in this case, is the lender being tipped or scamming? I've seen people do this all the time and someone made a scammer alert board about a lender, and the person who made the board got iced in seconds. ~sponge_harry
That's definitely a tip. The lendee is paying 35k to be lent the NP for the avatar. Just because it's passed along via an item doesn't mean it's okay.

Every time I try to name one of my Neopets' bedrooms (i.e. Kimba's Room), I get this error message that says, "Error 1: Sorry, but & characters are not allowed!" What's that supposed to mean? Is it a glitch? ~starclan4
That's because the Neohome naming programathingamajigger doesn't like apostrophes. If you name the room "Kimbas Room" there will be no problem.

It's a harsh life for us bedrooms that deplore improper grammar. /cry

Ok, skipping all the "you rock." You hear that enough, and your heads are going to get big. Anyway, I was wondering... could you guys think about making an option where, if you use the Lab Ray and your Neopet turns mutant, could there be a button to reverse it back to its original color? Or are the guessing and chances just part of the fun? (please leave the username out) ~[username removed]
Noooope. Sorry, the most fun thing about the Lab Ray is that it is so unpredictable and can't be undone. Besides, mutants are cute! :(

Go TNT!!! Yeah, I was wondering who came up with the names on Neopets: The Darkest Faerie? Did TNT or Idol Minds, or maybe even someone else? ~faerie_warrior_zx
We usually supply most of the creative material for our outsourced things such as the magazine, TCG cards, and video games. We don't trust anyone else. :P

Why do paint brushes hum? (And don't tell me they don't know the words!) ~dragon10044
We suspect their lack of vocal cords makes it difficult to recite the lyrics that we're certain they know! (Ha!)

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