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Hi guys! You're the best! So, let's get to the point. On the 16th of October, Jetsam Day, there was a picture in the news of a Jetsam crying. Does this mean that Neopets have emotions now? Also, could you give us a clue when the Pound will open? ~florabell123
0:) Oh, you noticed our little teaser. Neopet emotions are coming up soon. :D Our artists have been quite busy drawing expressions for all the Neopets. We will happily give you a clue as to when the Pound is up as soon as we know ourselves.

Question #948,053,493,409 on this subject, but I have never seen it addressed: why are some items announced in the news, images created, etc., yet they never go active? Thanks! ~impishmars
Honestly, we're so incredibly backed up that we're still trying to catch up with releasing items. We're trying to hire more staff and shift things around a bit to get back on track. If we missed some items and the items in the surrounding weeks have been released please send in a report, though. That probably means we accidentally forgot a few things. Also, along the same lines, since we were already so backed up with shield art we decided to go ahead and redo them completely in a much more interactive manner, so please bear with those six year shields just a bit longer!

Okay, I want to know, like, if we automatically get entered in the PPL if we have the Petpet that they are doing. Also, I had a clay bridge. Some people were telling me that it's worth 10.7 million. Is this true? You know the "est value" of an item? What does "est" mean? Lastly, who is the oldest out of all the members of TNT? ~spongebobpikachu
Hey! You snuck in extra questions!

Yes you're automatically entered, no the clay bridge is not worth that much (probably less than a million, based on rarity), and yes, we know about "est value." It means estimated, but that's more for the Neopian shop stocking it, not the player resell market. Of the TNT members you are familiar with, Dom Dread is the oldest. Rumour has it that Dom Dread is actually older than time itself, as evinced by his repeated grumblings about "kids these days" and "when I was your age, age hadn't been invented yet" and so forth. There's also the fact that he invented the Interwebs. Also, in ancient times, dinosaur paleontologists dug up Dom Dread's bones. Little known fact!

(Don't worry, we've convinced ourselves that
he makes that sound when he's happy.)

What up, TNT! You rock! Can ya answer my question? Okay, here it goes: can Neopets have babies? I'm asking because you can only get baby Neopets by painting them. But what if people can't afford to buy one of those paint brushes? When I want to buy one, they're always so much money! I can't get that many Neopoints! I really think Neopets should be able to have babies. All you would need to do is to click on customise, and you would just have to click on "try for offspring" from there. But you would need to have a male and female Neopet. Later! TNT you rock!!!! ~luvgavin21
No. With a double helping of no on the side and some yummy no gravy on top. Why? Because that's a can of worms we don't have any intention of opening. If you want a baby Neopet, you'll need to earn the NP for the paint brush or get blasted by Boochi. Thanks to that Random Event, there is at least one way to get a baby Neopet for free. Besides, one of the things that makes Neopets fun is that it's not easy, and you need to learn to earn and invest your NP and how the economy works.

Hello, TNT. I am knitting you a scarf so you don't get too cold when you send people to iceland. (WHY CAN'T THEY JUST FOLLOW THE RULES? D:) Um, okay so my best friend Josh has figured out how to get the Bonju avatar, and I asked for him to tell me, and he said I needed to give him 20k. Isn't that a freezable offence? *needs to know before he does so on the boards*. WE LUFF YOU TNT! ~[username removed]
Umm... yah. Very freezable. In fact, you may want to reevaulate your best friend status with someone who is charging you for information, and ask him why he can't just follow the rules. Also, if anyone claims to have the Bonju avatar, please make sure they display it as their active avatar to confirm before you take their claim too seriously. If they haven't posted, you can see someone's active avatar when Neomailing them or looking up their username in the search bar.

Dear TNT... I was wondering if you could clarify something you've spoken about before. When you say no personal pictures on lookies/Petpages... does this include pictures of your children? I've recently spoken to someone who thinks that, while they can't put up images of themselves., it's perfectly fine to have pics of their kids up. I tend to disagree and would love if you could just state one way or the other how you feel about this. Thanks in advance for your time. ~witchisis
You would be right! There are no photos allowed, period. We want Neopets to be safe, and that means that no one should be able to be personally identified using information that's been posted on the site. So, that's why things like full names, phone numbers, and photos are not allowed.

Is it possible to get any kind of paint brush from a Random Event? I was just wondering because my friend said she got a Christmas paint brush up at Terror Mountain and I was wondering if she told the truth? ~hannahmiley96
Yep, plenty of paint brushes are released through Random Events. Actually, that's the main way they are released. Your friend just must have been very lucky! The events are pretty rare.

The paint brush was going to make some witty remark as usual,
but then we noticed it still has a gradient fill handle.
And we were all, DOH, we should redo those.
We pwned ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned that they fed their Neopet a glowing jelly and got a Random Event that turned the pet glowing. I would like to know if this would change a Neopet in any other way. I have a Neopet that played with a magic toy and turned from a Gelert into a Poogle. I want it to stay a Poogle. If I feed it a glowing jelly will it turn it back into a Gelert but make it glowing? I don't mind if it's glowing. Thanks if you can answer this. You are really the greatest! I LOVE Neopets! ~roseroar05448
We cannot confirm or deny the existence of such Neopet-changing foods. *cough* But IF such foods were to exist, they would merely change the colour of the Neopet and not the species, and it would happen quite randomly and very, very, very rarely.

And just as a community notice, only magic plushies can transform your Neopets into the colour/species of said plushie. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise!

I love the Thrift Shoppe... it has allowed me to get some items I have been too slow to capture with my mighty mouse. TNT, can you lose your background or items of clothing if that Neopet is zapped in the Lab, or do they remain and only the Neopet changes? Thank you for clearing this up for me. Cheers from down under. ~anipops007
Nope, you can't lose clothing through the Lab. They will remain on your Neopet if zapped. Cheers from, umm... up above?

Is it allowed to have a banner about the Iraq war on my Petpage? I'm asking because I made one and I want to know if it's okay before I put it up. I haven't put it up yet, because my account is important to me. Please remove my username, thanks. ~[username removed]
No, the Iraq war falls under the subject of politics, which is not welcome or allowed on Neopets. We appreciate that you feel strongly about such things going on in the world, but Neopets isn't the place to discuss politics, religion, or other sensitive subject matter.

Mr. Angry Tax Beast just visited me! What a lucky gal I am! As a keen battler does this mean that the normal Tax Beast has been told that he has had enough of a rest and that he needs to get out there and start working for a living again? I also now have a "hi-score" that links through to a game that does not exist. You guys would truly rock even more if, having paid my dues now, I was in the running for a trophy! ~biggirl123_6_6
Yes, after such a long reprieve, the tax Random Events are back with a vengeance, it seems. :O Congratulations on your very shiny new trophy.

MY highscore table didn't disappear. MUAHAHAHA!

I have a question about avatars and I want to know if this is against the rules: say a person already has a certain avatar, but they want to get their friend lent the avatar item for said avatar. What if the person lends their friend some items to make up for collateral so the person's friend can get the avatar? Is that against the rules? This has been bothering me for quite a while. Please keep my username out of publication. ~[username removed]
Two or more people cannot combine collateral. This is considered pooling and is against the rules.

Will this get me in the editorial??? :) ~deege_neo

Wait... DANGIT. We fell for it! *headdesk*

With the price of one of the Secret Laboratory Map pieces hitting record highs of 350,000 or more I have noticed an increased supply of the other 8 pieces. This makes sense since they are worthless unless you can obtain the whole set. I predict a fall in prices of the 8 pieces, and an increase in price with the one, unless TNT corrects the problem. Setting up a shop where players could buy any piece for 100,000 NP would place a price cap on maps, ensuring affordability and keeping the more common pieces from becoming worthless. ~klondykekid
Yes, we think inflators and map sellers might have shot themselves in the foot with that one. Often players will try to go for the most expensive piece first before collecting the rest, and with map piece #9 so fervently hoarded, it's not surprising sales on the other pieces may have taken a dive.

However, the point behind the Neopian economy is just that - it's an economy. Supply and demand dictate prices, and we're not about to so directly influence the price of items like the Lab Ray map pieces within that economy. We'll think about increasing supply, but your solution means we cap lab map prices, and we're not going to do that.

Uh, TNT? I just morphed my Jetsam into an Ogrin for the avvie and I noticed that, on their Petpage, it has a photo of my Ogrin and underneath it (in BIG letters) it says Jetsam. Is there any way you can change the morphed Neopet's page into the one for the correct species? ~wrestler232323
Woops! We fixed it for you, but as future reference for everyone: to update the standard Petpage of a Neopet that has been morphed, you can click the default button on the edit page to reset it.

Hello TNT. I was wondering if there are any plans to introduce something to counter the inflation of most high-end retired Battledome items. It seems like some things are inflating faster than most people can make NPs and there is no end in sight. Going along with this is training costs... Negg tokens are through the roof at nearly 4,000 per token and rising. Codestones are going up faster than a newbie's click-it avatar count. Zed are UB again. :( Just wondering, and hoping that there are plans to do something. Thanks. :) ~dudeperson41
Such is the way of things, and it seems inflating is the "in" thing to do now, rather than more traditional investing. We'll do what we can to help inflation a bit come Advent Calendar time, but for now just try to hold on. :( We'll see if we can convince our queen of the Battledome to give the HT some love. Oh great, just by saying that, people are gonna flock to the HT thinking we're going to retire something. *siiigh* At least if they do they'll be getting rid of Neopoints from the economy so they have less NP to "invest" in other items. Woo.

I'm worth that much? Wow.
Hey, why don't I get a cut of the profits?!?

If one of my friends wanted a job on Neopets (hypothetically), would they still be able to even if they have a warning? ~cheops
It's well known that we prefer to hire people that are familiar with the site, and players with a flawless account go to the top of our list. It would really depend on the warning, and any negative past history. Basically, scammers and cheaters don't stand a chance, but we won't hold a grudge if the person has a lighter infraction.

Hey there, almighty but slightly slow TNT! I was just wondering, why can't I get into the Hidden Tower? I click on it and I just get redirected back to Faerie City! Is my account age waaay too low or something? Please answer, I'd like to hear from somebody alive once. ~tomoyoh_chan
Perhaps you're unable to perceive how fast we really are due to your dimension existing in a class-3 timestream. Sorry about that.

But we digress. Unfortunately, your account is too young to visit the Hidden Tower. Maybe in a few more months Fyora will see fit to welcome you to this elusive place.

(Also, we can't guarantee we were all once alive. There are quite a few of us who are robots, remember.)

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