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I run a plot guide on Renjiroe's Petpage for Journey To The Lost Isle (great job on it so far, by the way!), and as a little extra there is a small section that has the Daily Puzzle answer listed. I was told on the Plot Boards that having the answer in my guide is against the rules because it's technically posting the answers to a game. I was wondering, is this true? It just seems a bit strange that we can have plot guides that lead to many people earning lots of Neopoints, yet we're not allowed to post Daily Puzzle answers (if it is against the rules, this section will be removed immediately). Thank You! ^^; ~headlined
While we'd like Neopians to figure out the answers themselves and earn their prizes, the Daily Puzzle is not a competition like the Lenny Conundrum or Mystery Pic, so sharing the answers is not an issue. (The winner slots are not limited, so you're not cheating anyone else out of a prize by sharing the answer with those who haven't figured it out on their own.) Posting the answers on the boards or a Pet page is fine.

That said, anyone maliciously posting the wrong answer in order to "protect" the value of their prize will find themselves warned and/or frozen!

Ohhh drama over little ol' me? I feel so special!

Is there a way to set furniture on the diagonal in a room? There has to be, as I have seen many Neohomes with their furniture on the diagonal. I have looked in the help section, but cannot find the answer to my question. I would like to start arranging furniture in my Neohome, but some pieces just don't look right up against a wall. Please help. I love Neopets and y'all are great. ~arbed44
To set furniture diagonally in your Neohome, hold down shift while you press the rotate button. This will allow you to adjust your furniture's direction in smaller degrees. We wish it were this easy in real life.

Hey guys! When are we going to be able to adopt from the Pound again? It's been down for maintenance for quite a while now. ~vons_dragonfly
Soon. :) Because of Customisation, we're having to change some things about how the Pound works, so we've had to close it for now. As soon as we're done, we'll put a note in New Features and you can start adopting again.

Hi TNT! I just love Neopets. This is my third submission but I hope you still read it. Look, I bought a few books but now I can't remember which books my Neopets have read and which they haven't. I just spent 700 NP on a book that my Acara has already read. Are you planning to do something about it? I can't take my Acara shopping if she wont tell me if she's read a book already! Please can you think about that? ~funfunfun101
To check the list of what books your Neopet has read, go to the Quick Ref page (click on your Neopet in the sidebar) and click on their intelligence. This will take you to a page that shows every book your Neopet has read. If your Neopet has read a lot of books, you may want to use your browser's search function to check for a particular title (since the books are listed in the order read, and not alphabetical). When book shopping, you can keep the list open in another window as a reference. Hope this helps!

The book list page! Now with titles!

Hi TNT. *insert comment about rocking and such here* Anyway, let's cut to the chase: why am I unable to make my fonts all pretty-colored now? Does it have to do with the new layout? My highly scientific process of "it worked before the update" tells me that it does, and it's quite annoying because I don't know what colors will work. Could you either fix this problem or publish a list of "approved" colors, please? ~2276709_against
It is because of the new layout, but only because the new layout is very strict when it comes to code. :) We've added what is called a "doctype declaration" to the template, which lets your browser know what type of code we're using, allowing it to render the web pages more efficiently. As such, any code you do yourself on User Lookups, Pet pages, and even NeoHTML, must be compliant or it won't render properly. In the case of fonts, most people were not using the correct syntax to save on space, which didn't matter in the old template with no doctype, but matters now that one is set.

It's a simple fix, though. :) You need to a "pound sign" symbol before your colour codes for them to work. For example, "color=FF0000" needs to be changed to "color=#FF0000" for your font to show up as red. Easy peasy!

The problem is the top ad is overlaying the menu bar at the top of the screen on all Neopets pages. Sometimes the ads are "transparent" and I can still use the menus (see the first screenie on my Kacheek's Pet page). Some of the ads block the menu entirely and even mousing over it is not giving me the menu's options (picture 2 on my Kacheek's Pet page). In both cases, I cannot click on the Neopets logo on the left to go to, or click on the NP or Logout links. This started around 5/8/07. I am using Mozilla on a Windows 2000 PC. It is only happening in Mozilla; IE is displaying the Neopets page correctly. ~zarantha
First off, thankyouthankyouthankyou for all the information you provided! It's honestly quite rare for us to get incredibly useful feedback like this. We're often alerted to problems, but only the fact that there IS one, and generally no information that can help us solve the issue. You, zarantha, are the man... or woman, in this case.

In response to your actual question, we're having the same issue we were a bit ago where, because the ads are at the top of the page, the rest of the content is having to wait for the ad to load. This slows your surfing down, which is pretty annoying. We're currently working on a fix where we load the ad at the bottom of the page and let everything else load first, and then use CSS to move the ad to the top where it belongs. Apparently, this isn't working as intended. ;) We'll forward your information to the ad guys and they'll get on it right away.

Dear TNT, you've done a great job on Neopets customisation... but why can't lucky_bunni wear his bionic Cybunny costume parts? ~x_love_poison_x
The truth is that, currently, you can place things into your closet (meaning that they'll show up in the Customisation application to be wearable) but you can't take them out. That's why we don't want to activate their wearable bits just yet -- to prevent anyone from having items get stuck in their closet. This should be done either today (which means that, by the time you read this, you'll be able to put them on your Neopet) or early next week, though, so your Neopet will be able to wear them soon. (We also wanted to get the dressing room set up first so that you could try on items before you buy, but this won't be done for a while, so we won't wait on it.)

About six months ago I created a second side account because I decided I really wanted to get a Faerie Pteri and a Faerie Lenny. I created both a Pteri and a Lenny, and carefully picked Petpets for them (that would also one day be painted faerie). But, faerie paint brushes costing what they do, I hadn't yet made enough Neopoints to get the two faerie paint brushes I needed. Now the look of both Neopets has changed quite a bit from the way they used to look. If I were to still purchase those faerie paint brushes, would I still have the option to choose the old style of Faerie Pteri and Faerie Lenny, or am I now too late and is the new version my only option? ~alohatami
Any Neopets painted going forward will be in the Customised style and will not have the option to go "static."

Okay, first off, I love the new spiffy layout and I like how most of my Neopets look. However, when I went to change the background for one of my two Christmas Peophins I encountered a problem. It won't let me save changes while one is wearing an item that the other is also wearing (i.e. the holly behind their ears). Will this be changed, or will I just have to remove one's accessories completely? Thanks. ~tasloitika
Yup. This is definitely a glitch, and they're currently working on it. When working properly, you should have two Christmas Peophin holly items and you should be able to put one on each Peophin without receiving an error.


Please help end a debate. :-) Was Neopets created just for fun or with the intention of it being a viable business? (Please remove my username - I hate it coming up on Google searches. Thanks.)
Are you implying viable business ventures can't be fun?

When will you guys be updating the Neopets on the All Pet Colours page at the Rainbow Pool? I'm really interested in seeing what all the redraws look like. ~yaaya
Hopefully soon! The artists are a bit busy at the moment, but this is a high priority (including Create-A-Neopet and All Neopets images). If you'd like to see all the Neopets now, try asking around on the boards. There are quite a few really good Pet pages that have images of all the new Neopets.

I was wondering... can my Kougra have her eyes back? She keeps whacking into objects. ~moondust28346
Sorry about that! Our medical art team is working on the situation now before more Neohome lamps are knocked over!

This is no time for jokes! Eye need help!

I want to send a painted Pteri to my side, but at the same time don't want to risk losing it. So, if I buy the paint brush, can I send it to my side, followed by my Pteri, and then paint it while on the side? I really don't want to risk my painted Pteri, but at the same time don't want to risk getting frozen. ~ashleyt94
Yep! That's a perfect way to handle it! Quite clever to wait to paint it until it's on your side account, really. Just wait until the Pound is back up! Remember, everyone... you can send whatever you like to your sides, just finance it with your main!

I need to know about Rebecca Lupe, for personal reasons. She died a very long time ago, and I need to know her year of death and place of death. I need this answered in 40 to 45 minutes, please! Thank you! ~[removed]
Well, for years this has been the most commonly asked question to the Editorial (you wish we were kidding), so finally, we shall reveal the truth, and we shall start from the beginning:

Rebecca Lupe was no ordinary Lupe. You see, she loved Chias. Not for supper, mind you, but as friends. She loved that they were shaped kinda like a Negg, because she also liked Neggs (they were shaped like Chias, after all). Additionally, the fact that Chias had a cute little tuft of hair on the tops of their heads only made her love them even more. They were also full of joy, and who doesn't like joy? Seriously.

She loved them so much, she wanted to be a Chia. She'd thought about it long and hard, and could think of nothing she wanted more in all of Neopia. (Any colour Chia would do, really... as long as it wasn't Custard. *shudder*) Neopets change species all the time, and she was determined to do so herself. Unfortunately for Rebecca, she had no Neopoints with which to buy a morphing potion, or even visit the Lab Ray. Her family certainly wasn't going to pay for such a travesty! She would stay a Lupe forever, it seemed.

Until one day about two years ago, while wandering through Neopia Central eyeing all the shiny wares, she came upon a churro that had fallen on the floor. Normally, this wouldn't be cause to celebrate. For one, churros are tasty but not very filling. Secondly, it was ON THE FLOOR. Blech. Anyway, at that exact moment, a rather unintelligent Tyrannian Usul standing next to Rebecca had just been given her own Random Event: a Chia Transmogrification Potion. Now, Rebecca wasn't usually one to take advantage of a fellow Neopet, but seeing as how that Usul was eying her churro, she seized the opportunity and offered it in exchange for the potion. Being a very hungry Tyrannian Usul (did we mention the hungry part? She was pretty hungry.), the Usul gladly accepted and Rebecca found herself holding her very own Chia Transmogrification potion.

You would think, wanting to be a Chia so badly, that she'd drink it right away, but she hesitated. What would her family think? Would her friends recognise her? Would she continue to enjoy burying bones in the gardens of her Neohome? None of that mattered, though... she popped open the top and quickly drank every last drop of the potion. There was a slight delay, and for a minute she thought she'd traded away a perfectly good churro (5 second rule!) for a faulty Transmogrification Potion, but then she looked down at her hands... well, stubs. STUBS! Not paws. She felt the top of her head and instantly recognised that signature tuft of hair! She was a Chia, and she felt pretty darn awesome. I mean, come on. Chias are wicked.

Elated, she skipped all the way home to Meridell that day (which is pretty hard for a Chia, but she couldn't help it). She was happy and so full of Chia joy that when she got home, it didn't matter that her Lupe family didn't recognise her and summarily ate her for a tasty snack. She was finally a Chia. Well, a ghost Chia, but a Chia nonetheless.

And that is when and where Rebecca Lupe died.

This might have been asked before, but how many Neopoints do you have to have in the bank to get one million Neopoints of interest? ~__ultrastar__
Let's seeā€¦ thanks to that nifty computer desktop calculator and rudimentary maths skills, it seems you need roughly 2,920,000,000 Neopoints. You'd better start saving now :(

WARNING: Educational content

To find out the answer to any similar question, just take the sum you want daily, multiply that by 365 (days in a year), then take the interest rate (in this case, 12.5% for the Ultimate Riches bank account), move the decimal point two spaces to the left, and divide to find out how much NP you'd need to save to get that daily interest amount. Voila!

1,000,000 x 365 = 365,000,000 / .125 = 2,920,000,000 NP!

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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