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In the new game... you know, the one with the princess... okay, this is driving me insane! What kind of Neopet is she? Her face says Kyrii, her ears and coloring say Gnorbu, and the chest fur says Ogrin... WHAT IS SHE?!? ~kitty_cat_rat
The princess is a Gnorbu. She's just highly stylised. Or, perhaps she was raised by a band of wild Ogrin who were then attacked and taken over by Kyrii pirates, whom she later joined as Chief Pillager #4 until finally making a return to Shenkuu... but that's pretty far-fetched.

TNT! How could you? How could you do this to us again? You got rid of the plot board! Every time this happens all of the chatgroups get displaced. We have to move to other boards, where people can be slightly ROOde (couldn't resist). Is there any chance of a chatgroup board? Please don't use my username. ~[removed]
[Removed]! How could you and your friends not expect to be displaced when you know the board will be deleted once the plot is over? ;) We are sorry you have to migrate, but we'll continue to delete these boards once the plots are over so they're not filled with spam while waiting for the next plot to start. If your group is discussing some other Neopets topic, feel free to move to the proper board for that topic. If you're not talking about Neopets, well... you really shouldn't be posting in the first place, right? :)

If you just want to talk about your favourite plots from the past, there's always the Fan Clubs board. Or just wait for the plot board to come back with the next plot called – oops! We almost said too much!

Someone wrote on his lookup that he would draw your Neopet if you give him something nice. Is this reportable? ~spinach23567
Offering any services, such as art, coding, or "secrets" in exchange for "something nice," be it Neopoints or items, is not allowed at all and is certainly reportable.

*waves* Hi y'all! I was randomly refreshing the Welcome to Neopets page and giggling at the funny phrases that replace "...and much much more." in the greeting message. One of the phrases that came up was "...and of course, pirate eating contests." Is this referring to eating contests that pirates participate in or contests that involve EATING pirates? D: Because that wouldn't be very fun for the pirates. ~ohgreatloopy1o_o
It's referring to the event where pirates participate in an eating contest, but we think we like your idea better. :O

I don't like the direction this is heading...

Hello, oh mighty Neopets team! Ok, my question is this: if you challenge Abigail, but end up getting a score that beats AAA's by some odd stroke of luck, whose prize would you qualify for? ♥ ~grammyp62354
You would still only qualify for Abigail's prize, since that is the sibling you challenged.

Something has been on my mind for a while. Everybody (or most everybody) knows you can't adopt a limited edition Neopet from the pound if your account isn't old enough. But can you create one on their respective day, even if you are under four months? It seems to me like a silly question but I had to ask, since my Neofriend would really like to get a Cybunny next month and I didn't know what to tell her. ~uzumaki22
Yes, younger accounts can create LE Neopets when they are released. The restriction was mostly to stop people who would troll the pound looking for expensive Neopets and use programs to adopt them before any human ever could. They'd be frozen and then quickly return on a new account to repeat the offence. We also had the problem of new users adopting rare and painted Neopets and then never returning to the site, meaning the Neopets were stuck in the account and no one else could adopt them. We wanted to make sure these Neopets went to established users and not someone who would never return.

*throws rock at TNT* MWAHAHAHA! You rock! Well anyway, I would just like to know how you would pronounce AAA? This is very confusing to me... it could be aay, or ah-ah-ah, or many other things I do not wish to list. Could you please clear this up, as I am very confused. @-@ ~mylesiepoo
Oww! Ouch! *dodges* Since those are his initials, it would be pronounced as three "A's" in a row. However, we do call him "Aah" or "triple-A" for short around the office.

In the Igloo Garage Sale game, it says you need to move Mika back and forth and collect the items that Carassa throws down. So in the game Mika is the blue Chia and Carassa is the yellow Chia. But the Mika and Carassa gnomes are different. The Mika gnome is yellow and the Carassa is blue... which one is really which? Is Mika the blue or yellow Chia and is Carassa the blue or yellow Chia? ~buffy_fan714
Mika is the blue Chia and Carassa is the yellow Chia. Looks like we got a bit mixed up with their gnomes. It's been fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

It's about time someone noticed! Sheesh!

Dear TNT, on the boards, I see some people that have main accounts that they do not spam on, but then they go and create a side account and spam on there. I was wondering, is that okay or not? I mean, it's not fair that they get to spam on their side account and their main account is unaffected and not frozen also. Just a question that's been bugging me for quite some time. And, also, could you please leave my username out? Thanks. :)
Good question! It takes a bit of explaining up front and brings up another thing we'd like to clear up, so please bear with us. :)

First off, there are different types of offences. Some offences result in an immediate freeze because of the seriousness of the offence, regardless of how many warnings the account may or may not have. A good chunk of these will then also trigger the freezing of all accounts belonging to this person. For less serious offences, a warning or suspension will usually precede a freezing in order to give the user a chance to comply with the rules before losing their account (although, everyone should remember that they agreed to the Terms & Conditions when they signed up. ;) Freezing is the punishment for breaking those rules and the monitor does not have to warn first before freezing.)

Now, if someone misbehaves on a side account and the offence is not very serious (like spamming, for example), we may simply warn that account and leave their main untouched. However, if it's repeated behaviour and the person is totally out of line because they think they are "safe" on their side account, they will soon find out they're wrong when ALL of their accounts are frozen.

Users with frozen accounts often write to us and say things like, "You froze this account but I only cheated on my other account!" Or, "I only had one warning. Why did you freeze me?!" when they, in fact, had two of the same warnings on another account. Or, "My account was frozen unfairly. I never scammed!" when they have eight previous accounts frozen for doing just that. None of this will fly with us, of course. That user is one person (regardless of how many accounts they have) so if they repeatedly break the rules, they will end up with all of their current and future accounts frozen. We do not tolerate repeat offenders, especially those who try to taunt our monitors and waste valuable time that could be used catching scammers and other major offenders (basically, these are the users you mention who seem to break the rules simply because they think it's "fun").

Hey TNT the other day I was at the auctions and this one user (who will remain nameless) had a baby pb with a neofriends only sign up for auction. So I went to their user lookup and the message said that if we wanted to become her Neofriend we would have to buy something from her shop, so I bought a bottle of black sand for 7,500 NP (which is a lot for sand). Well, in the message she said she'd Neomail the buyers and I haven't heard from her. It's been 4 weeks. Was I scammed? ~skyehalliday24
We're sorry, but you were scammed. Even if that player actually DID place you on their Neofriend list, they are still scamming! Asking you to pay or "donate" to them for a chance to win something (or be placed on their Neofriend list) is not allowed. If you still know the username, please report the scammer immediately so they can be frozen.

It seems that when you released this week's LC, you had a grammatical error. This caused the most likely answer ([removed]) to be eliminated, which led to my entering the only other likely answer, [removed]. Then, I heard on the boards that the LC was rewritten, and then [removed] really could be the correct answer. How are you going to figure out the prizes for this? It does not seem fair, because the people that answered [removed] to begin with were technically wrong at the time, since it said 'an,' a singular word. Please answer this! You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work TNT. :) ~abelincoln42
Erm, yeah. Sorry about that. The LC writer was beaten about the face with a wet trout for that one.

We did clear out the answers once the question was changed, so you are free to enter again. Also, don't take us removing the answers in your question as an indication of correctness. ;) People will copy and paste regardless and we'd rather they try to work it out themselves.

Dear TNT, one of my friends was abandoning a Neopet that she zapped from the Lab Ray when the "ERROR" page showed up and said that she must unattach all beta tests. What does that mean? ~luamy
This happens when an item is in beta testing or is a "no trade/no sell" item and it can't be transferred to another account, even through The Pound. Your friend probably has a cardboard Petpet that comes with the Newbie Pack attached to the Neopet. Since this item is not sellable or tradable, she will have to remove the Petpet if she wants to abandon the Neopet it's attached to.

Sorry, I can't be sent to another account!

Hi TNT!^^ I was wondering... is there a Shop Spotlight? I mean, there's a Gallery and Pet and Petpet one... I just wanted to know. :) Anyway, if there isn't one, could you please make it? Heh heh, thanks! :D ~ pepper_kitten44
Galleries used to exist in shops, so we guess you could call that a Shop Spotlight. :P But seriously, folks... we'll probably never create a spotlight for shops. If you sat down and thought about what makes a good shop, the first thing that would come to mind is how successful it is, and that's all about profit, right? There's really no way for us to judge a successful, profitable shop at a glance, or even in a whole day. :) And, really, we can't imagine how many people would try and take advantage of their shop being announced on the news page.

If you're thinking in terms of customising your shop's design and layout, try your hand at the User Lookup spotlight. :)

There is a Petpage where it sponsors a place for adopting and morphing rare painted pets into green Unis. Is this reportable? The boards are going crazy about it! The Petpage is called GUP: Green Uni Project. ~anticipating


Hallo thur TNT! =D I'm sure it has already been brought to your attention, but there is a new group of people who call themselves "GUP" (Green Uni Project). They have been causing quite a stir on the help chat, and when I went to investigate I was horrified to find out what they were doing! They are pound surfing for painted Neopets to morph into green Unis as they believe that people should work for their Neopets, instead of adopting them. I know that once a Neopet enters the Pound it is up to anyone what they do once they adopt it. But this is a bit far, no? x-x So, I was just wondering, is there anything you can do about this? Or are the "GUP" members going to be left to carry on with their green Uni-ifying? Thanks, TNT! ^^ Also, could you pretty please leave my name out?

And many, many more...

This is not reportable unless said users are breaking rules, such as using programs to adopt the Neopets, or outright lying or scamming to trick people into giving up their Neopets so they can nick them from the pound during a transfer. Under normal circumstances, though, once a Neopet is abandoned by its previous owner, the only person who has the right to decide how to take care of or alter the Neopet is the new owner. Some people like to adopt and cure the Neopet of any illness and feed them. Others zap them with the Lab Ray. Others… turn them into green Unis. It is the way of things. However, since we got an amazing number of questions regarding this, we'll expand our thoughts on it so you fully understand.

To be quite honest, our first reaction was, "ROFL!!" It's amusing to see all the different things players come up with to do on Neopets that we've never even imagined. ;) So we were actually more than a little amused at the true intentions of "GUP" or any group like them. In reality, begging for painted Neopets or surfing the pound looking for Neopets and only adopting them because of their colour, while perfectly legitimate, is, well... we'll just say it's not as rewarding an experience as creating a Neopet (or adopting one) and enhancing it yourself. While many players consider the practice of these "GUP" users "cruel," we find it no more cruel than people who only adopt Neopets for their use as a status symbol and dump them back in the pound as soon as a "better" colour comes along... or people who require outrageous "applications" for their Neopets only to use it to draw attention to themselves and hold other users in the balance while they decide. Why isn't any of that considered taking it "too far?" Of course we know not everyone is like this, but a lot of users are, and we don't blame anyone for taking a stand against it.

In any case, no matter which "side" you've chosen, no one has the right to spam or harass another person for ANY reason. You're welcome to disagree and debate the various points of view or express your opinions on the subject, but keep it civil. And remember... Neopets is a game. It's supposed to be fun, not taken so seriously that your head explodes from the stress.

These will inflate, anyway... eventually.

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