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Someone told me that the Draik Transmogrification was taken off the site. Is that true? P.S. How do you spell the trans... bit in Draik trans... potion?:)? ~oops513
It's spelled Draik Transmogrification Potion, and no, they have not been taken off the site. :) They are of retired rarity, but we think Sloth doesn't seem to care much since they keep popping up on the site.

Why can't anyone spell my name? *sobs*

I was looking through the Darkest Faerie TCG card checklist and, while looking at a card named "The Assassin," it said he was a Lupe but his ears are most definitely Gelert ears. ~secretshorse
Erm... yeah. We were hoping nobody would notice that. >_< We did notice it while proofreading, but we were slightly too late. The cards had *just* gone to the printer and there was nothing we could do. *sob* The Assassin will be mislabeled as a Lupe for all eternity!

If the Darkest Faerie is the darkest villain of all Neopia, shouldn't she be in the Gallery of Evil? I think that if Jhudora, an evil faerie that hasn't hurt a fly, is, then the Darkest Faerie deserves to be there! Please answer, oh great and powerful editor. :-) ~madneogirl
Though we beg to differ regarding the degree of Jhudora's evilness (she's just smart enough to have her minions do the dirty work for her!), you are quite right that the Darkest Faerie deserves a spot in the Gallery of Evil. We'll work on adding her. :)

Hi, TNT! First of all, I LOVE the plots. It's one of the things that keeps me playing Neopets. 2nd... I have a question. We retrieved items during the Lost Desert Plot that we are not able to do anything with. I was wondering if you were going to make those items sellable, or if we just have to keep them. I really don't want to discard it for the fact that we might be able to sell them. Do you have any plans for those items or are we just kinda stuck with them? I appreciate your answer, and all the hard work you all do with this site, and the plots. :) Thanks! ~ mindilb81
We don't have any plans to change their non-tradable status. Basically, they're for use only by those folks who got far enough along in the plot to obtain them. If you really don't want them, by all means, feel free to toss them. Or you could just keep them in your SDB or gallery as keepsakes. ;) We're quite glad you're enjoying the plots!

Don't you want me anymore? ;_;

What do you do when you're not working? Do you play Neopets yourself? I was curious because, at a theme park, I was on a twin-track rollercoaster when I saw a ride operator from another ride in the other train with no uniform on. So do you play on the site when you're not working on it? ~userplay6088
Some of us do, some of us don't. Many employees have been hired due to their pre-existing knowledge of Neopets and the spirit of the site, while others have been hired for their technical skills and learn about the site as they go. Several employees enjoy playing in their spare time, but we assure you, they too must conform to the same rules as everyone else, and are not given Neopoints or items (though we are definitely fighting to have that "no free Neopoints" thing changed). :P

Pirates or Ninjas? I've come to believe that you guys (and girls) happen to like Ninjas better. Now, on to my question. When editing your profile, under the Interests drop-down choices, why is there a choice for "Ninjas" but for the pirates of Neopia the only choice is "Wussy Pirates?" You're all living in denial; Pirates pwn Ninjas. Could you possibly give us the option of "Pirates," without the wussy part? As a pirate captain myself, I find it a tiny bit not-nice. Consider your answer carefully... savvy? ~ padfootpuppy04
Actually, most of us like both. (Although, Scottish ninjas who work in the medical field trump both pirates and regular ninjas by a wide margin.) But, you see, the person who asked that "pirates" be added as an interest wasn't very nice about it and so, just to spite him, the programmer added "wussy" and felt very clever about the whole thing. Unfortunately, programmers are very territorial so we can't change it until that particular programmer leaves Neopets or dies, whichever comes first.

I worked really hard to get enough NPs for the Lab Ray and Petpet Lab Ray. The problem I am running into is that the Petpet Lab Ray zapped my Petpet into something really cool but it doesn't match that Neopet. I don't want to sell this Petpet but I want to move it to another Neopet that I own (same account). I know when you remove a Petpet it reverts to original form. Is there a way to move it to my other Neopet without it reverting? If not, can we make this an option? ~jeannec1967
Sorry, we don't have any plans on changing what is allowed with the Petpet Lab Ray. Maybe you will get lucky with your other Neopet and his or her Petpet will be zapped into a suitable colour.

Why are the items above me crying? It's kinda disturbing.
Oh wait, Petpets can't talk. *goes silent*

Why do you feel that it is necessary to "update" the games? There was nothing wrong with Igloo Garage Sale the game, and it played so much better than this "new" version that you have just released. Is there any way that people can opt to keep older versions of the games that you choose to update? ~ moonshine17
Aww, we're sorry you don't like the new version, but we think the majority of players like the update. If you prefer playing the old one, don't worry, we will be adding it to the Games Graveyard soon, and though you can't earn Neopoints from it, you can enjoy playing it all you like. :)

Do not fear change, young grasshopper.

Hajimemashite, TNT. First off I would like to say that I really enjoy being on this site and thank you for your eternal hard work here. I was taking a look at some of the previous plots and wars and happened to come by the "Curse of Maraqua" plot. I began reading it and I saw how amazingly interesting it is. It made curious as to why there are so many different color paint brushes but we have yet to see a paint brush created after one of our past Neopian heroes. I would like to know before Usul Day arrives if it is possible to have a Garin paint brush and, if it is not asking too much, a Hannah and a Gilly Usul paint brush, please? I know of many other users who would really like to see their Usul painted into one of Neopia's amazing war heroes. I would love to have a Garin Usul with the pirate clothing and all in my account. It would be very stylish. He was an awesome character with a great haircut as mentioned. It would be really cool. Thank you for your time. Dozo yoroshiku. ~ crimson_ninja482
Gomen nasai, but we've discussed it before and decided that we would not do paint brushes of this sort. For one thing, players that are inexperienced might be confused as to the distinction between site Neopets and plot Neopets and two, Garin is a unique Neopet and is not owned by anyone. We touched upon this issue a bit in the previous editorial. Plot Neopets, unlike the Neopets you can create, can die, fall in love, and don't have owners. We think that making a paint brush in their likeness would take away from their individuality.

I'm unique!

So am I!

Hi TNT. I was wondering... assuming that you always upgrade your bank account to the highest possible setting to get maximum interest, how many NP would you need in your bank account, at a given interest rate, to raise the interest per day by 1 NP each day - by only collecting interest and not making NP in any other fashion? Say, if I had so and so many NP in my account and an interest rate of something, and I collected my daily interest of, say, 2000 NP or whatever, and the next day the daily interest would be 2001, next day 2002. What is the "lowest" account where this can work, assuming that you always upgrade your account as soon as this is possible, and how much NP would you need in that bank account? Just (really) curious. ~scaladenmark
*blinks* Erm, we decided to pass this question onto the amazing TNT member that does the Lenny Conundrum since he does like, maths and stuffs.

"Since the maximum interest rate is 12.5% per year, in order for the interest rate to go up one Neopoint, you need to earn (1 NP/day)*(365 days/year)/(0.125 per year) = 2920 Neopoints per day. In order to earn this amount, you need to have (2920 NP/day)*(365 days/year)/(0.125 per year) = 8,526,000 Neopoints in the bank.

However, that's less than the minimum 10,000,000 Neopoints required for the Ultimate Riches interest rate. So, the next one down is Neopian Mega-Riches, at 12% per year. Using the same methodology, you’d need [(1 NP/day)*(365 days/year)/(0.120 per year)] * (365 days/year)/(0.120 per year) which works out to 9,251,736 Neopoints!"
Well, there you have it! We'd double check his math, but our brains already exploded just reading the question. Medic!

The rest of us are better suited using these.

Do you guys have the weekend off, or do you work the whole week? Because, when the database crashed the other weekend, people seemed to think that you guys weren't trying to fix it. Oh yeah, please don't include my name in this.
Normally, yes, the staff only works Monday - Friday. However, when a problem like that arises, those qualified will continue working until it's fixed, whether that be staying into the wee hours of the morning or working on weekends. Thankfully, those who aren't involved don't have to stand around and watch. They stay home and watch Saturday morning cartoons in their bathrobes and fuzzy Cybunny slippers.

I was just wondering, if I pound a Neopet with abilities, do they go with the Neopet or just *poof*? ~ stiky114
The faerie abilities your Neopet has learned will remain with them forever, regardless of whether they are placed in the pound. And, before everyone starts asking, faerie abilities are acquired by giving your Neopet bottled faeries. There are various level requirements, though, so be sure to check here first!

Maaaagic... PEBBLES! *whoosh*

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