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Hi, TNT! I've never gotten a high score trophy, and I was wondering: When you reset the high scores for the month is your high score trophy taken away? ~pokeduder132
Nope, once you earn a trophy, it's yours to keep forever!

Sometimes I see things that say CLICK HERE FOR FREE AVATARS when I look some people up. Does it really work?? If so, how?? Thanks. ~rachaellowen
Generally, they're linking you to either a Petpage with links to "clickable" avatars, or directly to a place like a Neopet lookup that will give you the avatar just for visiting (assuming you don't have it already). Remember, though, these other players are kindly pointing out where you can get them, NOT awarding you themselves. Anyone who claims to do that is a scammer and should be reported.

I was going to buy a lab map with my main account and send it to my side account so I can adopt pets from the pound and zap them so they'll have a better chance of finding a home. I won't get frozen for this, will I? ~super_penguin_queen
Nope! Not at all! You're doing everything just right. :)

Is it against the rules to find people with lots on the trading post with no wish list, and just offer junk items in the hopes of getting the lot? Also, I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't show my username.
This is a tricky question. Just doing so in hopes that someone will legitimately accept your offer is not against the rules. It's just incredibly annoying, and certainly not encouraged, since most people want fair market value for their items. ;) However, doing so to intentionally trick someone into accepting the offer when they do not wish to is against the rules. That's scamming.

Either way, it's best to send a polite Neomail to someone who has offered junk to let them know that your item is worth more and that you'd like a fair offer. If they continue to offer junk to spam your lots despite your protests, that is now harassment and can be reported.

How could anyone NOT want 50 NP
and a bottle of sand for their Sword of Skardsen?!

I was just randomly refreshing at the Rubbish Dump and then I saw some Meridell Gravy. Well, that's not random, but I saw who donated it and it was ME! I didn't even donate any gravy! Is it a glitch? ~clearwire
Hehehe! Because no one can technically donate to the Rubbish Dump, it makes up names, or sometimes uses whoever is viewing the page to fill them in. :)

I got a warning for posting a chain letter on the boards. So my question is, what is a chain letter? ~corinne890
Chain letters are any of those messages that claim if you post it elsewhere X number of times, you will somehow be rewarded. NONE of these are true - even if they claim they are "approved by theneopetsteam." This is simply spamming, and will get you warned (and possibly frozen). Think about it for a second. If simply posting a message X number of times gives you XX number of paint brushes, wouldn't they be a lot cheaper? ;) If anyone thinks it would be amusing to start one of these chains, please consider the results of your actions. You may cause numerous younger players to be warned, suspended, or possibly even frozen. :(

Recently, I sold my snow Kookith because I want to get a regular one that I can paint. Somebody told me that Kookiths were retired, but that doesn't mean that you still can't find them, right? Because I can't find one other than snow anywhere! Can you please just clear this up for me, and tell me if regular Kookiths are still attainable as Petpets? ~kuketh2929
Yes, regular Kookiths are still rarity 96 Petpets and can be purchased from the Neopian Petpet shop. They can be a bit expensive because of their rarity, though, so you may need to visit the Trading Post or Auction House to purchase them. The snow Kookith, which was an Advent Calendar prize, is the only Kookith that is retired. The rest are not!

You won't find cuteness like this on the Shop Wizard!

Hi, Neopets Staff! I accidentally put in the wrong gender when I was signing in. I was wondering if I could change my gender. Also, if I delete my account and then create it again, can I use the same name if no one has taken it? ~zpmccollum
You can change your gender under Help –> User Prefs –> My Profile (or by clicking here) if you are 13 or older or have parental permission. Deactivating your account doesn't delete it, however. It's frozen and is not available to recreate.

I have seen some things called ice totems in many shops that say that they give access to the ice caverns in Happy Valley. What are the Ice Caverns, and do those totems really work? ~124456789xxzc
Long ago, to reach some areas of Neopia, you needed special "totems" to be granted access. This happened for the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain, Mystery Island, and Faerieland. Of course, these days, those areas are open to anyone so the totems are no longer needed. The totems are still around today, and can be found in player shops, but they are just collector's items.

*sniffles* I feel so useless now...

If you are under 13, can you win the Neohome Spotlight? ~kaitlynn365863
Yup. Anyone is eligible to participate and win the Neohome Spotlight. :)

I was wondering if there was a way you could make zapped Petpets a no sale/ no trade item once removed instead of them going back to their original form. This way we still would not be able to make profit from them but would be able to add them to galleries. ~twitchytreasures
Sorry, that really wouldn't be fair to the people that have spent millions of Neopoints collecting rare Petpets. The Petpet Lab Ray is basically for entertainment; not to enhance your gallery or bank account.

I'm having trouble with the Symol Hole. I'm trying to get the avatar, and I've been trying for months. I never got anything from there, and it seems impossible for me to get the avatar. Is there any special time where you have to get items or the avatar? ~xxrainydayxx
Alas, there is no secret to getting the Symol Hole to award you prizes. It's just plain luck. Some people may get it on their first visit, while others can visit hundreds of times and not get anything. Don't give up! Your persistence will eventually pay off.

The rumour that you need a Symol isn't true either.

I just found two of my old McDonald's Neopet Plushies deep, deep down in my cluttered closet, and they both had the codes still on them. Can I still enter the codes? If so, where? Thank you! You guys/girls are the best! ♥♥ ~crayola_babe90210
Why, thank you! *blush* You can still redeem your prize codes right here.

I've heard that on your birthday you can send your score 6 times. Is this true? ~_jimmy_bob_
Sorry, this is only a rumour, and is not true. :(

Why is it against the rules to cover up your shield on your user lookup? I understand the sidebar and overhead bar, but why the shield? ~wowlooktwhatsgone
Covering your shield with an image that goes along with your UL theme is fine. What we don't want anyone doing is using another Neopets shield to deceive other players into thinking an account is older or younger than it really is. Your shield can say things like "forever" or "eleventy billion years and still going strong" or something that is obviously fictitious, but please do not place a 56 month shield over your 2 week shield to make your account look older, or vice versa.

And it is perfectly acceptable to replace the top and side bars as well. :)

Ok, so it made me wonder... if the lab can change your Grundo to marshmallow, is there a marshmallow world? I have seen screenies that showed marshmallow world but I am wondering if people were faking them. I saw two screenies of marshmallow world from two different people. Is it real? ~ anonymous
Marshmallow world is a hoax created by players, and is NOT a place in Neopia. Neither are any other places that have been created on Petpages. If the url looks like name or even // name (please note the "~" after the ".com/") then it is player created. If you see any such worlds that do not clearly state they are ficticious, please report them.

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