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Ok, so I looked at the latest picture at your neocam's "Random Pictures" page, and it looks mighty suspicious... it looks like Mr. Insane had his T-shirt symbol done in paint!!! Why didn't he get a nifty Zazzle one like the rest of you? Poor guy. ~pherenika
*shifty eyes* Erm, we don't know what you're talking about...

This is a perfectly legitimate shirt!

Why can't you (The TNT) give out neopoints based on our scores from the yooyuball flash game? ~ducksontsai
Normal Flash games have a daily limit of sending your score three times. Since we want people to participate more than that in the Altador Cup, we have made it so you can send scores endlessly; you just aren't given a Neopoint reward. Don't fret -- you will be rewarded for your efforts...

My friend and I are fighting about neopian games. Is or was there ever a limit to how many points you could earn? Example: You could never have more than 50,000,000 neopoints in all the time you played? I think you could, if you went crazy with games and restocking, went on neopets 24/7, and was generally very lucky (e.g. Random events and quests happened very often) and my friend thinks you can only obtain a certain amount of points before games do absolutely nothing except entertain you shortly. ~thebest594
There is no limit to how many Neopoints you can earn. Be sure to keep your extra NPs in the bank though so you can earn interest and protect them from Random Events.

Hey, TNT! I just noticed that in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament, with the "Snarkie VS Mr. Insane" match, they were both 10/0/0, but Snarkie won! Is there a reason Mr. Insane wan't chosen? Or did you do the popular "Pull names out of a hat" technique? Thanks! ~ samuelboll999
We weren't going to answer this, because it clearly states it on the staff tournament page, but since SO many people asked we'll just say it here. (It actually got asked more often than "Where and when did Bruce Lenny die?" this week!) If the score is tied, then we count how many goals the player made. Whomever had the best record got the win. Huzzah.


Hi TNT. I saw someone on the boards who said that making applications for pets is against the rules because it's basically begging for the pet. If the pet is up for adoption, is it really against the rules? After all, some people put a LOT of effort into those apps. Thanks! ~ bananas_and_cream
Agh! No, applications are fine, as long as the player understands that the Neopet is NOT guaranteed to them, even if they are chosen. Anything can happen in the pound. Begging is more along the lines of making boards such as, "IZ NE1 ABANDONING A CYBUNY? can i have it plzzzzzzzzzz?" If a person posts, "I am abandoning a Cybunny, please post here with the reasons you think you should get him/her," and someone responds with reasons, it falls more into the area of asking than begging. Of course, if the person responding degenerates into spamming: "PICK ME PLZZZZZ! PLZZZZZZZ! PLZZZZZZZZ!" well, that's another story. What we're saying is, please just use common sense.

To anyone that would like to adopt a Neopet, take a moment to think things out before posting or Neomailing someone. If *you* were looking for someone to care for your Neopet, would you give it to the person that says:

"I think I'd be a wonderful owner. My Neopets are always well fed and happy. I'm looking forward to decorating her Petpage, and entering her in the Beauty Contest! Please consider me as her new owner. Thank you."


"OMGGGGGGGGG!!! I ALWAYS WANTED A LIMITED EDITION NEOPET!!!!!11 can i have her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? i dont have ne neopoints *CRY* can i have a codestone?"

Lately, a certain user has been sending all of the Roo Island supporters Blumaroo Steaks and Headless Von Roo plushies. Are we allowed to report for harassment, or do we just have to keep on living with the Steaks clogging up our inventory? ~clare1008
If you block a player, he or she can no longer send you items, bid on your Trading Post lots, or contact you. You can also report the player for harassment if you ask them to stop and they continue.

Add insult to injury why don't you?!?

The mural behind you guys in the neocam picture is phenomenal! are there more? I'd love to see it in person... and more importantly, where can I get one? ;) ~skippy263
Hehe! Actually the mural runs almost completely around the content half of the office. It's quite gigantic! We (very) roughly estimate it to be 250 feet long! (That's about 76.2 meters.) And sorry, it's exclusive to our office ;)

Can petpets zapped by the Petpet Lab be entered in the petpet spotlight? ~martyring
Yes, this is just fine. They are just not eligible for PPL awards.


One day I was looking at some of the first few caption competitions, and I decided to search for their usernames in the search box. When I clicked on them, it said that user was only a few months old. I retried it a few more times, and the same user came up! Why did this happen? ~unifriend348
Though it *very* rarely happens, we will occasionally purge the database of extremely old accounts and Neopets that have basically been unquestionably abandoned. After this happens, these usernames and pet names are free to be created by someone else. However, please note that frozen account names (and those of the Neopets contained in them) will never become available again.

In the editorial last week, you said we could belong to two guilds. Now, say I'm in two different guilds and the one my side belongs to has a giveaway/contest, is it against the rules for me to enter the contest on my side? Because I might be making a profit. Thanks ~icenum123
Since guild contests aren't allowed anyway, it really shouldn't be an issue...

Hi! :) I was wondering, if you pound a pet with a starter Petpet that was zapped by the lab ray and changed species, will you be allowed to pound the pet or will it say, "You must unattach the no trade petpet"? ~ledraik
It will say: "ERROR: Sorry, but you must unattach the Betatest or No Trade or No Sell item attached to your Neopet before disowning it."

You can't get rid of me that easily!

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