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As soon as the news came out about the Altador Cup being released, the Altador Plot board was full of people creating theories around it and trying to find teams. The problem is, it has nothing to do with the actual plot and a lot of people on the boards who don't feel the need to tell everyone what team they'll cheer for consider it spamming. What is the apropriate board for Altador Cup boards? ~ huzzah_its_hug
The plot board is fine for both the current Altador Plot, and the upcoming Altador Cup event. That board, even though it is currenly labeled "Plot - Altador," is the board for discussion about any current plots/events.

A friend told me about this place called Jelly World. I had never heard of it, and she said it gives free jelly! Of course, she didn't give me the link. Is Jelly World real, or was she making it up? ~ trixskitt
Jelly World is just some bizarre myth. We don't know why we get so many questions about it. Ignore the hundreds of people who are going to neomail you telling you where to look for it. Everyone knows it doesn't really exist.

It makes you wonder where this comes from, then.

I bought a Puppyblew for one of my pets. But I want it to become a Popblew! How do you do that? ~ stanleyollie
We suggest you talk to Jhuidah on Mystery Island about that one. She can make some rather interesting things with that cooking pot of hers. Or you can just check the Shop Wizard.

OK. Lets say you go on the Neoboards and start to read people's neosignatures at the bottom of their posts and notice that none of them are that funny or ironic anymore. They're all things that you would find someone wearing on their T-shirt in Wal*Mart or something, you know? And then this great idea strikes you. What if you were to put Bible verses on there? Would it be against the rules? The Neorules aren't very specific on the Signatures. ty :) ~mandapanda200505
The same rules that apply to the chat boards also apply to NeoSignatures. Please refrain from mentioning anything political, religious, violent, harassing, or offensive in your signatures. If you are not sure if your signature is appropriate, please read over the Terms and Conditions. (And usually, if you have to second guess yourself, it's safer to just use something different.)

Hi TNT! You said in editorial 240 that we can't add odd symbols or spaces to the names of petpets. And that a krawk petpet would only be interested in eating the fungus if his or her name is an acceptable Neopet name. Well, I came up seeing "cotton candy the Pink Krawk" (And yes! It has a space!) I wonder if it was just a glitch at that time or whatever. Could you just clear this up for me? Thank you. ~nico_elayda
Many years ago for a brief time when you made a Grundo, it could have spaces or symbols in its name. Once in a while, you'll find one of these very old Grundos still floating around the site, and they are often completely different species thanks to the Lab Ray or morphing potions. You can tell it was originally a Grundo, because at the moment, Cotton Candy's intelligence is "dim witted", which is the starting intelligence of Grundos.

Who you calling dim witted?!

I use the lab on my pet, so it often lowers level. If I blessed my pet with an ability, say Burrow, and it needs to be level ten, then if my pet's level drops back down to 8 or so, will I lose the ability? ~carolin158
Nope! Once you learn an ability it stays, regardless if you drop in levels.

To avoid confusion, we would like to mention that Faerie abilities and level-earned abilities are not the same thing. For example, when your Neopet hits level 50, it automatically learns "berserk" attack with no Faerie blessing required. If you fall below 50, your Neopet will no longer be able to use this type of attack, but a Faerie ability is yours forever once you earn it.

I was looking on a user's userlookup, and I happened to see that they had a Shadow Kougra. I clicked on it and noticed that, on the userlookup, the Shadow Kougra has grey eyes, but on the petlookup, its eyes are a beige(sp?) color. (The fur surrounding the eye.) Is this a glitch? ~dragoon__empress
Woops! Our bad. We'll ask the artists to fix the circle pose. Thanks for alerting us!

If I use a Cybunny Transmogrification Potion on an Aisha, then painted the Mutant Cybunny White, would I still have a Cybunny? ~leriani
Yes, you would have a white Cybunny. :) Once a species is changed with a morphing potion of any kind, or by the Lab Ray, you can paint it whichever colour you like and it will not revert to the previous species.

Dear TNT, I heard having a fairie pet guarantees a prize from the Wheel of Exitment. Is this true? ~asia1243
Nope! That's just another odd little rumour someone must have made up, or perhaps they just got lucky with prizes and a faerie Neopet and jumped to conclusions.

But Faerie Neopets are still the best anyway!

I went to the Mystery Picture and the round was already judged. I went to see the answer and I got an error message that said, "Ooh you little cheat. You have been reported to the neopets team." Could you please take that out because I wasn't cheating! ~momo1234905
Don't worry! That's just a joke. No one is actually reported when they do that. :) And yes, we know we're evil. We blame our Meepit overlords.

Excuse me, but are kelp meals considered gourmet? ~thanx, jecruby
Nope. They are rarity 101, so they do not qualify as a gourmet food, which must rarity be 90-100.

What is Thyora's tear? Is it a item, a petpet, a mythical thing on neopets, or is it furniture? This is the question that haunts me. You'r friend, gardian_of_treasures
A Thyoras Tear is a beautiful (but very expensive) rarity 99 Battledome item that completely protects you from damage for a single round before disappearing for the remainder of the battle. It is an endless use item, which means that it never breaks. The Thick Smoke Bomb does the same thing as the Thyoras Tear, but it is a single-use item, meaning you can only use it once, and then it will disappear forever!

I'm better than you!


When you pound a pet that has battledome items equipped to them what happens to the items? Do they just disappear, or go with the pet? ~holly161719
A long time ago they used to go with the Neopet, but these days, if you pound your Neopet while it is still equipped, the items will place themselves in your inventory. The Petpet, however, will go with the Neopet.

Can the altador cup be played on side accounts? ~rudething131
No, as with all site-wide events, the Altador Cup can only be played on your main account.

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