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Where did the Kadaotery go? It's not in Neopia Central anymore! ~trisshamster
No need to panic. :) It's simply been relocated to the Neopian Plaza, along with a few other things.

Last week in The Neopian Times, you had several questions about the Random Contest. What exactly is it and where can I find it? From what TNT replied, it sounds fun and interesting; however, when I searched the site, it came up with nothing. I then searched in the "help" section and nothing came up again. Where is it?!? ~innocence07746
Links to all the contests on the site can be found in Pet Central. :) We also announce when each new contest starts on the New Features page, which is updated daily.

I noticed that you can win millions of neopoints from various luck games like the lottery, but when you enter contests that focus on actual skill, like spotlights and writing in the NT, you only get a trophy. That's nice and all, but if I work for hours on an article, I would be disappointed when I didn't get any neopoints for it. Is there something you can do to resolve this problem and not raise inflation, like putting a tax on luck game profits? ~the_copy_machine
Actually, several of the creative contests do have Neopoint prizes, or items worth a million or more NP randomly given out to winners. You could win a codestone, or a rare paint brush... you never know. Read the rules for the various contests and see what you can win!

Not to hurry you but I was wondering... when can we expect a new Defenders of Neopia 2 mission? ~tomboybrat2009
DoN isn't on any standard schedule. They answer the call when the need arises. ;) But not to worry. Neopia will be in peril once again very soon.

*sigh* I should have been an accountant.

At the Darigan Citadel you can see a moon. It doesn't look like Kreludor and it doesn't do anything (aka no link). Is it Kreludor or is it an unexplored moon? thx! : ) ~jaybirdpeg
Nope, that's Kreludor all right. The sun is just reflecting off it, and it's hard to see the detail from within the atmosphere of Neopia. *nod*

When you report a board topic on the neoboards, the reporting page only fills in what the person has written in their topic message. It doesn't include the topic title, which is often worse than the message itself. For instance, a person will have a topic with a title that has bad word in it, but the topic's message will only say "hi" or something. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here... It's really been bugging me! ~taxidermy2
Not to worry! The topic title is automatically sent with your report, along with a slew of other information. You just can't see it. ;)

Also, it should be noted that no matter what is in that textbox, another copy of the original post is also sent. So, contrary to popular belief, no one can change the post portion of the textbox message to try and "frame" another user. It is made quite obvious to the monitors that the two are different and that someone is lying to try and get another user frozen, and the shady user winds up being frozen instead. The post provided in the textbox is simply there so that the person reporting can comment on portions if they wish. (For example, a user reporting harassment might wish to add additional bits of information before sending the report.)

Hi, I managed to sneak a Red Xweetok Plushie from the Snowager earlier, but when my pets tried to play with it, they couldn't! Any particular reason why, or is this plushie for Xweetoks only?? Thanx!! ~pidh
It's not just that plushie. All plushies are affected. To reduce the crazy number of items that the Toy Shop has to stock, we split off plushies into their own group and their own store in which to stock. Of course, when we did this, we forgot to mention to our database that they should still be capable of being played with. Oopsy! We have fixed this now, though! Your Neopet should be able to play with their favourite plushie again.

Hey TNT, you know that *really* old Usurper plot you guys ran a while back? Well, King Coltzan III was killed before I had even heard of Neopets, so naturally I have no idea who killed him. Could you guys be so kind as to let us less-than-50-or-so-month old Neopians know whodunit? Thanks! ~edm160177
The vile murderer was...

Princess Sankara! It was announced waaaaay back on July 16, 2001.

Could a face like this commit such a terrible crime?!
Of course not. *hrmph*

When a petpet species is entered in the PPL does that just include that color, or all the colors of that petpet? ~branmb05
Only the specific colour announced wins the trophy. So, for example, if you have a Black Spardel and a regular, unpainted Spardel wins the PPL, you do not get a prize. There is always a chance the Black Spardel will be chosen in the future, though!

Often, when I post on the boards with a question, people respond, "Oh, there was an editorial about that in issue blahblahblah and TNT said blahblahblah." However, I can't find a way to do a search on the editorials you have, just the articles, stories, comics, etc. Am I just a n00b who can't find anything??? If I'm not, would you please consider making an editorial search engine??? Thanx ~*deladele
We've recently been looking into making the editorial searchable. When the NT was redesigned, it was completely rebuilt from scratch, but it wasn't made to handle this sort of functionality. We're currently working on the best way to go about adding it in so that in includes previous editorials as well as future ones.

The new layout of the shops is cool but the plaza and baazar picture is a bit too small and cuts out half of some shops if not all of them so you cannot access them. Is this a fault on my computer or to do with the layout of the webpage?? ~cowgirl_36
Eep! Our bad. We made these new maps slightly larger than the old ones, so they were a bit off to begin with. This is fixed now, though. :)

What is the Max size you can make your gallery and shop? ~durenity
There is no max size, but it does get very, VERY, VERY expensive as you upgrade to really large sizes.

How come on Hissi Day there isn't free training like there is on other species days? I don't think that's fair and it makes my Hissi sad :'( ~lord_of_smeg
Every Neopet gets free training on their pet day, but only on their pet day unless otherwise stated. So be sure to check the date! Hissi Day is on the 4th of May, but New Features was updated on the evening of the 3rd here in the United States so that everyone around the world gets their news on time. As such, Hissi Day didn't officially begin until Midnight, and that's when Cap'n Threelegs made his free training available.

Stand there any longer and you'll get barnacles!

If fire neopets are protected from getting singed by fireballs, etc. why can't ice pets be protected from being blasted by the snowager and so forth? It's only fair :p ~velveteen
That makes sense to us! We'll see what we can manage. :)

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