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Thank you spending so much time to figure out what everyone did for the LDP. The wait was long but it now seems worth the wait to me. I wanted to send out my thanks because I am sure a lot of hours were put into figuring out the points for every person who took part in the plot. Of course I would have liked more points to spend on things but as far as war/plot prizes go I felt this was the most fair way I have seen them done since I have started to participate in the wartime/plot activities. Again My heartfelt thanks for a puzzle plot and individualized plot points! ;) ~bitfantastic
What's that strange noise? Is it... praise?!? It's so warm and fuzzy!! Thank you! ^_^ We do really apologise for the wait, but we wanted to check and re-check everything quite a few times to make sure it was as fair as possible! (Not to mention making sure the prizes themselves were just right. Anubis Toxicology Reports, anyone?) We can't really express how happy we are that everyone enjoyed themselves! It was a LOT of work, but we hope to make the next plot even better.

Work? Did someone say work!?

Hello! I was playing Whack-A-Staff-Member and whacked a staff member (shock). I heard a voice saying something like, "I'm gonna get your socks!" I was afraid for my socks. I was just wondering, who was that person? They sounded cool and I wanted to protect my socks D= Thank you. ~ baby_gelert7
That would be our resident sock-eating dragon, Dragona. The actual quote is: "I'm gonna eat your socks!" She typically hides under her cubicle, waiting for others to pass before jumping out, tackling them, and running off with their socks. She does a lot of weird work that no one else wants to do, so we just let her have the socks. It's best that way.

Hoya! +waves+ On the game Turmac Roll, is it a possibility that you could make a 'sound off' button? It is very hard to listen to music on your computer and play the game at the same time because of that, so I was wondering if you could fix that. Thanks!! ~.^ ~jadedsoulx
We mentioned it to TPOSG, and he implemented it immediately! Enjoy!

How long will the shop for the lost desert plot prizes be open? I want to wait a while, but I didn't want to come back in a few weeks to see that all my points had disappeared. ~ lukeneedsatrim
Though there are always unforeseen events, at the moment we have no intention of ever taking it down so feel free to take your time in choosing your well-deserved rewards. :)

I didn't get anything (trophy nor points) and i did at least a third of the plot... I even still have the pictures I saved from making a map so i could get around my tomb better so I was just wondering if there was any specific reason I didn't get anything. Thank you. ~ greeningshade
As a general note to everyone, you need to go to the Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards to pick up your plot points, trophy, and sidebar. If you have done this, are logged into the same account on which you participated in the puzzle, and you are absolutely positive you participated (and didn't just wander around your temple and leave) and still don't see a score, please feel free to contact us and we will check our records.

Ho-hum. I wish I had some real customers.

May i know how did TNT calculate the scores for the plot? I have completed all the puzzles but have less points compared to others who have not done so. Why is this so? ~deboyz84
Well, we won't give away all the secrets. ;) However, we can say that the faster you completed portions of the puzzle, the more points you got. We wanted to make sure that anyone who was brave enough to map their temple and trudge their way through the Scroll Repository was properly rewarded, but those that were with us the whole way and figured things out before anyone else got more points for their extra effort.

Has the Maraquan Buzz Avatar been retired? The link no longer is working in [deleted avatar spoiler!]. :( ~jadenewt
Sorry! There was a bit of a glitch when the the page moved. It should be fixed now.

Sometimes people create really cool fonts that look great on the Neoboards but then don’t show up well on the guild boards. Is there any possibility of us being able to have 2 font sets, one for neoboards and one for use in our guilds? ~sheepishgrin24
We've noticed that as well. We have tied a programmer with rope to the vending machine, and are currently demanding him to tell us if this is possible.

I can't find the most recent april fools joke pets. I really want to see them, so where are they? ~ suerae42
They are right here. After the initial prank, Neopians were able to vote on which of these top choices were their favourite! The "Lamameeah" was chosen, and eventually became what is now known as the Gnorbu after some tweaking to give it a bit of a personality and make it a bit more Neopian.

Is there a day in Neopia that is dedicated just to socks? If not, then why? I think we should be celebrating them, and not just the magical ones, all sorts of socks! There's nothing more exciting that the little rubber anti-skid patches on the bottoms of them, or the crazy pictures you can get on some! *Socks are great* ~lalita1985
What is the deal with sock questions today?! Dragona would be happy to hear that someone else is as obsessed with socks as she is. We'll see what we can do. If not a whole day, we can at least make some more sock items!

Bow before SOCKS!

I roleplay on neopets but I have a friend that Rps with me. She killed my characters and played them with out asking. Is that reportable? ~jayceejr
Among the role-playing community (on Neopets and off) this is called "godmoding" (making your character completely invincible and killing off other characters who aren't able to defend themselves, etc.) and is considered extremely rude. However, while godmoding is rather lame, it is not against Neopets' rules and should not be reported. They'll get shunned from the role-playing community soon enough for their actions. However, if the person begins to stalk your boards, doing this repeatedly after you have asked them to stop, or spams your boards to annoy you, this is harassment, and is reportable. Please use your best judgment in this situation. Making you angry is not harassment, but repeatedly trying to torment you so as to greatly hinder your enjoyment of the site is.

I am very proud! I got the maximum amount of points on the Lost Desert Plot! And I love my prizes! So I feel pretty bad complaining, but I noticed that I don't have the ultimate trophy... Simply because I skipped the false prophecy. I'm glad to see that it wasn't worth any points, but I'm really disappointed to have a not-quite-as-spiffy trophy because I skipped the unnecessary step. Do you have any comfort for me on that? Thanks! ~matchu1993
Congratulations on completing the plot! We hate to be the one to tell you this though... 179,300 is not the top score. The trophy you possess is the second rank down though, which isn't too shabby. :) As stated in an earlier question, some people who finished faster than you were given more points. The top scorers were revealed on the New Features for February 1st if you'd like to see how you compare!

And it should be noted that whether or not you completed the false prophecy had nothing to do with your final score or trophy! No points were awarded for completing these two parts of the puzzle, since it was fake and all that. It was just a fun thing to list in the stats. :)

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