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If your Petpet gets zapped into a pile of soot, and you send the pile of soot back to your inventory and will it turn back to its original form? If not, can piles of soot be sold as Petpets? - 12st3p
I am afraid if your Petpet gets turned into a pile of soot, it remains a pile of soot forever. This is one of the many reasons that the PPL do not support the use of the lab ray.

Where can we edit our hobbies? - cybunnylover101010
You can choose from a drop down of what interests you have if you go to your User preferences page. (Click 'Help' then 'User Prefs'). At one point there was a way to personalise these categories, but we have since removed that.

You guys have a Neopet, a PetPet, and a Petpetpet, but what if the Petpetpets get lonely? You guys should have Petpetpetpet's! - Depressed_life_saver
Haha, and we thought Petpetpets was going too far :D

Geraptiku Petpets - why is it that they never seem to restock! - Tigger7245
There are only eight species of Petpets currently on sale at the Geraptiku Petpet shop. These are all pretty rare too which is why you don't see many of them. We will add some more species in there shortly which should help.

I personally LOVE marshmallows and I think that marshmallows are really neglected in Neopia. There are hardly any marshmallow items! Is there any way you can make some more to satisfy us marshmallow lovers? - Tms_peepz
Haha! Have you checked new features today? You can now zap your Grundo into a Marshmallow Grundo. I will add some more marshmallow things onto our todo list though :)

I wasa wondering if you could make more Griefer themed items and more colours for it. I think this is a really cool petpet and it is not given enough attention. - Elfintiger1500
Griefers are a very new Petpet. While I agree they are pretty cool looking, there are many Petpets that have been around forever that deserve attention first.

I was told that the petpet lab ray can make your Petpet disappear. Why? It really dosen't seem fair to make someone's beloved Petpet just go poof and be gone forever. This seems really unfair given that if we remove a zapped Petpet it changer back to it's original form. Could you please remove the "disappear forever" option? Please? - ibis999
The Petpet Lab Ray has to have a down side, otherwise people would just use it as a way to change cheap Petpets into expensive rare ones. It is incredibly rare to have your Petpet turned into a pile of soot. If it happens it is very unfortunate and sad, but what did you expect? You are firing a very unstable and unsafe looking laser at your beloved Fluffy!

What are the individual peices of petpet map called? I want to collect it but don't have a clue where to start! - Zip_a_dee_doo_dah44
Wow, I had a lot of questions about the lab ray this week... Next week I won't answer any I promise. The map pieces are called 'Petpet Laboratory Map'.

Do you look at every person's age when deciding which articles, stories, and comics should be in the Neopian Times? - Sweetybonnie7
No, we just base it on how well the story is written, how creative and imaginitive it is etc.

A while back there was a link on the Soup Faerie page to 'Neopets Jr.'. What is this and why was it there? - Redfox32228
That was a simplified version of Neopets that was linked to from the McDonald's Happy Meals I believe. It was basically a toned down guide to get people familiar with the site without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do.

I just painted my usul the colour Usuki. If I use the lab on her and she changes gender, will her colour, too? Will she become a male Usuki? - Rohinii
Yes. That is what *should* happen. Of course, the lab ray will not neccessarily do that. It is very unpredictable...

Have you released pieces to the Petpet Labray yet? No one seems to have had any or heard of any with one single piece - Bowzer1110
There are quite a few of them on sale in the Trading Post. Search for 'Petpet Laboratory Map' and you should see them.

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