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Hello Neopians, Aesop here! As you may have already heard the Neopian Times will now be a biweekly paper. We made this decision in order to best utilize our resources, and with the Neopian Times now being released every other week, we will now have more time and energy to focus on making Neopia the very best it can be!

Since this change will impact how often Anniversary editions occur, we have also decided to make every 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th issue of the Neopian Times an Anniversary Issue. This way writers and artists submitting to the Neopian Times won't have to wait twice as long for a chance at earning the Neopian Times Writer avatar!

You hiring?? :') ~~cyanidas
We sure are actually! Just head over to https://www.jumpstart.com/aboutus/careers and that will show the open positions, requirements for those positions and explain how to apply.

Good luck!! :)

Hi! Back in the Neopian Times #923 you made the welcome decision to allow LGBTQIA+ players & allies greater freedom of expression. Unfortunately, the neoboard chat rules still haven't been updated to reflect this change. This has led to confusion especially since the neoboard chat rules are much easier for the average player to find than an old NT editorial. Any chance you can update the chat rules? Thanks & please remove my username. ~~Anonymous
Hi, sorry this is leading to any confusion on the boards. The chat rules will be updated soon to reflect the new rules about this.

Hey TNT! So I just visited the create a pet page for the first time since it's been updated, and I noticed these little bandana options on the bottom of the screen. Are these new wearables that our newly created pets get to keep? ~~yoshisislandbandit
Yes, the bandanas are very cute :) And you are right! They will be something your newly created pet will wear after they are created.

Hello TNT, is there a chance we would be getting a Transparent Ruki for Ruki Day please? I have wanted this for the longest time! Thank you!
Sorry but Pet Day outfits and paint brushes are actually chosen at least a few weeks before if not a full month in advance of that pet day.

However, we do take into account user feedback that we ask for on the Neoboards each month for upcoming Pet day outfits and paint brushes. Be sure to keep an eye out for the September Pet Day Suggestions neoboard posts!

Hi! When should people start submitting for the 950th edition of the Neopian Times? For the 850 edition, we were told via editorial that it should be after 840 and before 847, but I wasn't sure if that had changed, since it's been awhile! Please let us know!
Great question! Since the Neopian Times is now being publishing on a biweekly schedule, I would suggest starting to send in submissions intended for the 950th edition between the 944th and 948th edition!


The Toy Peophin is so beautiful, I love how you based it on the Swedish Dalahorse! It looks gorgeous and very unique amongst the Toy Neopets. The Marak outfit looks fantastic as well, the cosplay outfits are awesome, so please keep them coming! ~~aleu1986

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