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Hey, TNT. I'm a member of the OHWD board (a Haunted Woods group), and I recently designed a competition for us to participate in. I would *like* to give a paint brush to the winner. Obviously I am paying for the paint brush, and I'm not asking anybody to donate anything to me. I just literally want to give someone a prize for the competition I came up with. We're all confused as to whether or not I can do this, and I'd appreciate some clarification. I know guilds are allowed to do item prizes, but since we are not a guild, I am unsure as to whether I will get in trouble for offering an item prize for a competition among members of the board. Send my regards to the staff :) ~~cordis_die
I am sorry to be the one to say this but contests are not allowed on the boards, only in guilds. So as great as what you are doing sounds we would not be able to allow that.

Should Steam Defusing Goggles actually be called Steam DIFFUSING Goggles based on their item description, or is the current name correct? ~~isaac13579
Good catch! You are absolutely right this item should in fact be called "Steam Diffusing Goggles." Thanks for bringing that mixup to our attention. This item has now been updated with the correct spelling!

The Rainbow Moltenore you released for Petpet Appreciation Day still isn't activated. I'd love to show it my appreciation if you guys could activate it. ~~lacy861
Oh no! Thank you so much for letting us know. This must have gotten lost in the shuffle for Altador Cup. The Rainbow Moltenore has been activated!

Is Grarrl Saliva Soup made out of actual grarrl saliva or is it just a delicious soup served in a grarrl bowl made to LOOK like saliva? ~~isaac13579
Unfortunately I think we all know the answer to that one, even if we wish we didn't...

What's your favorite pet color? ~~traveltoromantis
I can only choose one? Oh wow, it is really hard to pick a favourite colour! Hmm, it's a tough decision but I would probably have to say Steampunk! ~~Aesop

Hi! I was browsing around the Neopian Gift Shop and noticed the item: Gingerbread Seasons Greatings Card. Shouldn't the spelling be Greetings instead? Let's get rid of the A and replace it with an E! Thanks! ~~ebere39
You are correct the spelling of this item should be "Gingerbread Seasons Greetings Card". Thanks so much for letting us know about this typo, we went ahead and fixed it!


I just want to say how awesome you guys still are! Ive been a very long time fan and I still enjoy this site to this day. Keep it up guys!! :) ~~carlyneliz

I would love to use this fine opportunity to come out. To everyone reading the Editorial, I am gay! Thank you for hearing me out :)

Months ago you would have gotten a warning for even mentioning any references to LGBTQIA+, and now Pride Month is canon in Neopia! Seeing TNT officially acknowledge Pride Month in the news post about the Rainbow Folding Fan brought the biggest smile to my face! Please remove my username and send along my gratitude to the entire team! ~~anonymous

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