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Hello everyone, Aesop here. Just wanted to give out a friendly reminder that The Cosmic Collab edition of the Neopian Times will be released next week. We have already received a stellar assortment of submissions so I am sure this collab will be out of this world! If you are still working on a piece intended for The Cosmic collab, please send it in by Tuesday September 29th so that I have enough time to review and edit any last-minute entries. The collab edition only comes by once in a blue moon so don’t miss out on your chance to submit!

I also wanted to let everyone know we will be having a mobile edition editorial in issue 916. So please be sure to start submitting any mobile questions you may have as gutterfoot will be answering as many as she can!

Hi, this is a huge thing that I feel needs to be addressed: Are users allowed to offer quest help (providing shop wizard links) with a beauty contest or caption contest link in their signatures? It feels like they are offering a service in place of votes and it’s not fair for those who are unable to do the same. Thanks.~~winner19955
Hi! This can be concerning, however, if they are actually helping by giving links and being active then having a link in their NeoSig for either contest is fine. But they cannot create the topic for the sole purpose of advertising and not actually offer any help.

Hello, TNT! Royal is one of the most iconic colors on the website and I assume it is a favorite of many Neopians, just like me. The same way I love the Royal color, I've shared this passion with Jetsams for the past 10 years, when I created my first one. Since then, I've been looking forward to seeing Royal Jetsams being announced on their day. The last Neopet to receive a Royal color was Meerca in 2013! Could you please release a Royal Jetsam on their day? It would be great to see a new Royal pet after 7 years. Thank you so much!~~ givilato
I saw your question a few weeks ago and totally agreed it’s been too long. So spoiler alert we will be doing royal pets for Jetsam day! Stay tuned to see how they turn out :)

The Ancient Dacardite Necklace is fully hidden on an Ogrin. Can the ruff get removed to be able to see it, please? :)~~mystere_
Oops so sorry about that, sure!

Hey there! 1. Can't wait to see the mobile site develop more and more. 2. Thanks to Aesop for all of the killer work with the NT. 3. Had a question about the caption contest. It used to be pretty regularly updated with the captions to vote on the last Tuesday of the month but over the last 2 months it has been irregular on the Thursday and Wednesday. As well the days at which the voting extends to has been irregular. Is it possible to go back to the regular schedule so it can be anticipated when to check to see if our captions made it and be prepared for the length of voting. Keep up the good work! - andypopo
1. Me too! 2. Thanks so much I really appreciate the support! 3. Glad you brought this up! The caption contest voting schedule has definitely been a bit erratic lately. From now on we will make sure there are at least 7 days of voting time before a new contest starts. This way everyone will have a full week to vote and can have a better idea of when voting will begin.

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