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Some time ago you guys said you were updating the prize pool of the art gallery so people wouldn't get items that have become basically worthless with the pass of time. But I still see people saying they got a codestone, or a dubloon and personally I lost count of how many cheap petpets I've got (acko, apis, etc). Did this update actually happened? I don't expect to win stuff worth millions or anything, but it feels kinda underwhelming to spend a lot of time in a piece, getting picked and getting a prize worth what, 10k? Please remove my username, thanks.
Hi, yes the prize pool for some creative contests (Art Gallery, Caption Contest, Poetry Gallery, and Storytelling Contest) were updated in the Fall of 2018. This does not mean prizes were removed so there is still a chance to get codestones, dubloons and petpets but newer items were added.

Hey TNT! Had a question about relationships between characters. Is it still not allowed? I understand there have been important characters that I came accross in the Neopedia that mention romance and love interest (example - King Jazan and Nabile). Is it okay to have our characters be moms and dads for story or maybe a tragic Romeo and Juliet story? Im 100% behind you on characters "dating" between players because that could go so wrong so fast. Please remove my username if you could please.
Sorry to say this but none of those rules have changed. You would not be able to have any romance or love interests, however you can say they are related to one another (just no overly graphic details). So no a tragic love story wouldn’t really work within those rules.

Hey. Noticed Meat and fruit Kebab doesn't capitalize the word Fruit in the item name. ~~sixlets1
Good catch! Should be fixed now.

Hi TNT! My Neopets and I absolutely loved the Usukicon event and the new items that came out this year!! All my neopets want a turn wearing the Usuki Doll Packaging Foreground. :D My question though is, how long will the Y22 Usukicon Goodie Bag (neopoint item) be available for? This owner here needs that Caffeine Overload Usuki Bobblehead very badly, as it totally encapsulates my life (and probably someone else's at TNT!). It's probably one of the funniest items I've ever seen. Thanks!! ~~Neopian experiencing caffeine overload
So happy to hear you enjoyed the new items! :) And The Y22 Usukicon Goodie Bag (NP) will be available from now up until the next Usukicon!


Today I bought a Flotsam Beach Ball from another users shop. I have been collecting these little round things that bounce in my Gallery. When I put it in to my Gallery, I noticed I had another one with exactly the same name, though they look different. Is this just an oversight? .. or have the meepits been up to mischief. Hope you can sort it. Both items are in my Gallery under "Bounce " ... Hope you all have a great day. Thanks. ~~maxina__53 Flotsam Beach Ball
Those meepits are at it again. Thanks for letting us know we will come up with a different name!


The Usukicon NC cap absolutely blew me away. I loved every single item in it! I sincerely hope these caps become annual releases because the items were so fun, and I loved having a little taste of a convention in a time where they aren't happening. Big bravo to the artists that worked on it! It turned out incredible and I know I'm going to have a blast customizing with the new items! ~~mindy_rocks_socks

Hey TNT, I have been playing Neopets off and on for about 16 years now and I just wanted to give my continued thanks for all you do! Neo has always been a safe space for me and I'm glad it's remained that way for so long. I went premium again this year for the bday sale and I just want to send as much positive energy y'alls way for the upcoming ending of Flash as I can. Thanks for keeping a site that acts as a retreat for so many of us active for long! Sites like this are a rarity anymore and I really appreciate it! ~~fizzobob

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