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Hi TNT, may you please let us know when the next Premium Sale is on? Thank you!~~bubbles150
Yes it is currently live as of today! This will be available till the 8th of September!

hey, just a quick lil question. if I accidentally submit a piece for the art gallery on my side, am I allowed to resubmit it on my main without getting in trouble? ~~calicotabbies101
Sure, you can submit the entry from your main account. If the wrong entry is accepted, please open a ticket and they can pass on any messages to the contest judge to get them changed. :)

Hi TNT! Thank you guys for clearing up the BC. Also loving this month's collectible. We have recently been seeing Unconverted pets being deleted, and their lookup says the pet's name has been deemed inappropriate. However, all of these pets were made at a time where their name WAS appropriate, and these pets were stated to be grandfathered in, as the rule was not in place then. Why are these pets being deleted now after so long? Thanks so much! ~~mindy_rocks_socks
Unfortunately our filtering system is not perfect. It’s a living filter that we have added to and removed from over the years. Some names have been created to circumvent our filters and have escaped our notice. Every once in a while one of these situations is brought to our attention and we then have to take some kind of action. This is due to the fact we are an all-ages site. If a name is deemed to be inappropriate, it must be removed. There’s no way around this. If it is in a grey area and can be grandfathered, that is of course always preferable!

Hello, around the years 2011-2012 we had NC cards available in Mexico, I was wondering if you plan on bring them back to that country, I think there's quite a lot of players that would benefit from it, I hope you do, thanks for being awesome :D~~principe
Yes we are actually working on restocking them so keep an eye out!

The new Garins Collectors Outfit eliminates all hand held items when you put the outfit on. Please add this to your to-do list. ~~only1bocelli
You're right poor zone choice, Donny is going to change it to belt, this change has to sync then it should be available!

Hey TNT! Do you think Donny could fix Maractite Dimensional Trap? Its estimated price is set to zero so it's a r99 item that doesn't stock. Thank you!~~acara_575
Woah weird, okay we have now priced this item!

Hi. I was surprised to see a "Random Poetry" round in the Poetry Contest. This hasn't been done in a very long time. Will there be more of these? I was only submitting for Neopian Holidays.
Yes we will definitely try to these more as we can!

Hello! Just letting you know the item "Yoooyuball Pen" has more than the recommended number of O's in it :)~~mopsihog
You're totally right Donny has gone ahead and fixed it!


Just wanted to send a little love your way to thank you all for everything you're doing for Neopia, Neopets, and the fanbase. It brings me (and I know for others too) tons of joy to be able to log in each day, do my dailies and see my pets. I've been here for 13 years, and Neopets is certainly ingrained in my day-to-day.~~flare_baroshi

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