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Retired item galley owner here! I am curious why all Advent Calendar items are labelled as retired...~~myqame_myrules
Most Advent Calendar items are specifically made for the Advent Calendar so once that day has passed they would technically be retired since there would be no way to get them except to buy them from other players.

Why would someone be silenced for creating a board to warn other players about a dishonest user? As long as the claim can be prove it should not be considered harassment as it is just truth telling, and if the user in question didn't want the negative attention that comes along with their actions they shouldn't have behaved in that manner. Silencing users for trying to prevent other people from being taken advantage of is not a good precedent to set. It also leaves the predatory user free to find more victims. It's disheartening to see this happen to good people and drives people away from the game. - Name Removed
We respectfully request if you find any users who you feel are being dishonest, please do not post it on the boards. Simply send us an abuse report and we will be happy to look into it straight away. We can fully look into these situations and determine exactly what happened. This is obviously not possible from a user’s perspective. Some things to consider! Could there be a misunderstanding? Could the account in question be compromised? Might the user have not logged in or seen a particular message? And something we have to look into: could this be a false warning made in an attempt to frame the other user? All of these possibilities are considered when we look into these situations.

Is there any way we can flag a Neopian that may need to have some in real life assistance? Social media websites have tools to direct you to contact sources outside of Neopets for help and I think with a larger adult base, it would be nice to have an option when you report a post to have a message sent to the Neopian to gently nudge them to reach out to some real life sources.~~invaderzimgrl777
This is something we do behind the scenes. Each situation is treated with the absolute highest priority and treated as unique. There is NOTHING we take more seriously than the situations you’re alluding to.

Is the Support ticket system ever going to come back? It's been a really long time :( ~~kimchica
Hi, The support system is alive and well, there is just no form anymore like there was with the system. With the new system, it is all done by email. All you need to do is send an email to and include your username and basic information about your account or issue. If they need more information they will email you back and let you know.
Just a side note here, you will immediately be issued a ticket number when you send in your ticket. If you don't get this automated email, that would mean that we have not received your ticket. In that case, try using a different email and re-send your email ticket in.

Two random questions: 1) Are collaborative efforts allowed for the Art Gallery? For example: as long as both of us are credited, would I be allowed to sketch something and then have a friend color it? 2) Do we have an ETA on getting Defenders of Neopia back online? I'd sure like to get back to kicking some bad-guy booty in the name of justice! ~~4zure
Hi, No, for the Art Gallery all work must be by a single member. We cannot allow collaborations. We love the defenders so we hope to improve that system one day, not sure when but thanks for the reminder, maybe i can keep bringing it up randomly in meetings to see what happens....

Hi, I know stuff like this has been addressed/fixed in the editorial before, so I thought I'd bring this to your attention if possible: I put together a cute Meridell-themed customization for my eyrie, but when I went to put it on him, I found that the Regulation Meridellian Chainmail, instead of just restricting his neck fluff, restricts the whole collar zone, so he can't wear a scarf or anything! Is this an error? It creates a gap where his wing should be attached to his body, which can't be covered without a collar item. I'd love if this could be fixed, so he can wear his chainmail without his wings falling off! ;) Thanks so much!~~jaudaran
Woah you're so right, I've informed Donny and he is on it. Should be good to go by the time you see this.

Hi TNT! Before I begin, I love Neo. There are thousands of us who put our heart and soul into this site. We have grown up with the site and it is engrained in our adolescence. However, we are no longer children. The audience on the site are adults. We are grown. We have matured into functioning adults (go us!) with careers, children. Has TNT taken their audience age into account as it moves forward? We love you Neo. Please grow up with us.~~ sessduh
We totally see what you're saying and we wish we could. But there are those above watching closely over us...cough know who, so we must comply with the rules set before us. We try to have some fun every once in a while but we must keep our language/actions appropriate for all ages.

Thank-you to everyone involved with bringing us the Neopian Times each week! I recently submitted a comic, intending to poke fun at the pandemonium surrounding the curation of the 900th edition. The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me what a thankless job that really must have been. I can't unsubmit my comic, but I CAN make sure I voice my appreciation now. Y'all take the time to read so many user-created works each week, and really help make the backbone of the Neopian community. Thank-you for the work you do to make the Neopian Times the most entertaining virtual pet site newspaper out there!!
Thank you so much! This means a lot <3

Giving Donny a heads up -- the new Hissi, Lupe, and Cybunny clothes seem to be glitching.~~mollyscribbles
Yes we are aware of this issue and we are working on fixing these. Sorry about that!

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